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Meijer: $0.99 Cat’s Pride Cat Litter (reg $8.49)

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litterThere is a new $10.00 off 2 Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Litter mPerks digital coupon. It is also on sale this week for $5.99. You’ll pay ONLY $0.99 each after coupon. This is regular price $8.49.  I tested the deal tonight and the mPerks coupon worked.

At Meijer thru May 17:
$5.99 Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Litter, 10-15 lbs
-$10.00/2 Cat’s Pride mPerks digital coupon
$0.99 each after coupon

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  1. 1

    I can’t find it in my mperks

  2. 3
    RosieOh says:

    Thanks! Good for donation to my local animal shelter! They always have a lot of cats!

  3. 4
    April Morrison says:

    Store is OUT. No big surprise there. :( :(

  4. 5
    Jennifer Hill says:

    Will they do rain checks for this

  5. 6
    beverly says:

    I asked yesterday about the rain check. They will give you a rain check but you won’t be able to use your mperks after the 17th. Doesn’t seem right when all of the stores in the area are out (they looked at other stores for me).

  6. 7

    Beverly, what area did they look in for you? I’m hoping Fort Gratiot or Marysville has some for me……I know I shouldn’t have waited so long.

    • 8

      Marysville is out, I checked today. They said I could get a rain check but it’s not much good without the mperk. I wonder how much supply they actually started with.

  7. 9
    RosieOh says:

    Went to 2 different Meijer and they were both out.

  8. 10
    beverly says:

    I had them check the Lansing area.

  9. 11

    So tired of the stores putting these deals out just to get you in the store and they’re not on the shelves!!! Totally annoyed with Meijer. And to have deals/MPerks coupons good for 2-3 days is ridiculous!!!! Boo Meijer.

  10. 12

    My two stores have been out for days also :(.

  11. 13

    I have called my local 4 stores (Shelby Twp, Clinton Twp, Chesterfield and Washington Twp.) twice a day morning and afternoon and none of the stores EVER RECEIVED ANY. Clinton Twp. had 9 jugs on Sunday ( 3 of each variety scent ). Stores like Meijers do this False Advertising and stop shipments from going to the stores so they don’t have to honor their coupons (mperks). You watch, Come Sunday or Monday MYSTERIOUSLY the stores will have it on their shelves, but not before your mperks coupon expires. Meijers doesn’t care about “coupon using customers”. Meijer fails to realize that when a customer has a decent coupon, they will just pick up their other grocery needs as well so not inconvenienced to visit another competitor. The markup on other items purchase will make up for the “loss leader” item.

  12. 14

    The meijer in Canton had about 8 today!!!!!