Kroger Ends Double Coupons in ALL Stores

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UPDATE: Kroger has made the coupon policy change Facebook official:

We made the decision to accept coupons at face value beginning on May 14 in Michigan. We will continue to accept manufacturer coupons and other coupons at face value, including digital coupons, e-coupons, Catalina coupons and printable coupons.

When it comes to coupon policy changes, rumors get crazy. For a long time, many of you have heard Kroger cashiers insist that the end to double coupons in Michigan is coming soon. Today the rumors became stronger and more prevalent, so if you haven’t heard them yet, let me catch you up to date.

Kroger Coupon Policy Change

Here’s what we do know:

  1. On May 14, 2014, Kroger will change the weekly ad schedule to begin on Wednesdays (it currently begins on Mondays).
  2. Today (May 1), there was a Michigan division meeting that included department heads and managers.
  3. Kroger employees at various stores in Genessee County have been sharing that ALL Kroger stores will be ending double coupons effective May 14. Readers have also spotted signs in these locations. Employees insist this is a corporate decision announced at the meeting today. The new policy reads, “Effective May 14, 2014, we will accept manufacturer coupons at face value.”
  4. UPDATE: As of 7 pm on Friday, May 2, Kroger has announced on their Facebook page to make it official:
    kroger ends double coupons

In response, the Kroger Facebook does not confirm any of the double coupon rumors. The response to those who ask about the coupon policy is simply: “At this time, we have no information on plans to change the coupon policy in the Michigan area.”

We have known for a long time that the policy in Michigan has been threatened with change, especially as we have watched other Kroger divisions bring an end to double coupons:

The Bottom Line: Kroger will end double coupons in Michigan

I cannot find anything official in print anywhere regarding the coupon policy change at Michigan Kroger stores. There is no press release and customer service representatives are likely to respond with the same “we have no information on plans to change the coupon policy” statement.

However, based on a number of reader reports and responses from select store personnel, along with the fact that the ad format is already scheduled to change on May 14, I feel it is highly likely that Kroger will end all double coupons in remaining locations. We will not be able to confirm anything officially until May 14 (Kroger appears to want to keep the change quiet until it is in effect), but I want you to be prepared.

What have you heard from your Michigan Kroger store? Would the end of double coupons at Kroger change your shopping habits?

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  1. 1

    Cathleen says

    My stores and corporate told me that it’s false and they have no plans to stop doubling coupons at this time. When it happens yes it will surely change my shopping habits. I will shop A LOT less. I’m not someone who only coupons for “free items” but I do count on the double coupons to help me keep my total low enough to support my family. This is upsetting to me. I wish people weren’t so greedy.

    • 2

      Kam says

      I live near Flint, MI, and I called a Kroger store near me. The customer service person who answered confirmed that, as of May 14th, they will no longer double ANY coupons at all.

    • 3

      christina says

      Its not false ..Trust me its true . All Michigan Kroger stores are doing this .. Who here is a cashier ?? Well its a pain in the butt to deal with doubling , don’t double And not to mention a stack of coupons that wast our time and ours . i mean i use them too but i dont over do it either .Well i am a little sad that we will no longer be doubling but they are lowering prices and helping in many other ways. Well they are still taking coupons they just will not double . Some many people have abused this wonderful thing we had i know its not fare but we will live and move on.

      • 4

        Kristin says

        Being a cashier and taking coupons is part of your job, difficult or not. If u don’t like your job then quit. I’m sure there is someone out there wishing they had a job and would be happy doing yours. That’s the problem with this world, people just don’t want to work hard anymore. To many lazy people.

    • 5

      jenny says

      it was just posted on their facebook page effective may 14… this is official.

    • 6

      Theresa says

      See, you can’t trust anyone. Tell you one thing one day then something different the next. Not much Kroger shopping for me anymore.

    • 7

      mindy says

      my husband works at Kroger. He informed me that they are not doubling coupons anymore, only taking face value and they most likely will never do doubling again.

  2. 8

    Jessica says

    I will probably never shop at Kroger after the change. It is less convenient for me and the prices are higher. The fuel points are a plus, but I can usually earn that with my pharmacy rewards at Meijer. It is a bummer, but we all saw it coming!

    • 9

      tiff says

      I agree. I will never shop there after either, I currently drive way outta the way just for the double coupon deals. Wow, gotta love corporate America!

    • 11

      Amanda says

      That’s for Columbus-area. That went into effect today. Already knew about that one.

      • 12

        Cat says

        Amanda, apparently, you did NOT read the latest UPDATE concerning Kroger putting an END to dbl coupons in MICHIGAN, May 14th, they are STOPPING dbl q’s in Genesse County!!! and more to follow in Michigan!!! and I quote from Kroger ” Kroger employees at various stores in Genessee County have been sharing that ALL Kroger stores will be ending double coupons effective May 14. Readers have also spotted signs in these locations. Employees insist this is a corporate decision announced at the meeting today. The new policy reads, “Effective May 14, 2014, we will accept manufacturer coupons at face value.”

  3. 15

    jamie says

    I realize some people are greedy and hoard items. I go less than once a month to stock up on freebies. I keep an acceptable amount on hand and donate the extras to the Ronald McDonald house. I hope this rumor is false.

  4. 16

    Kelly says

    Not happy to see this news. If this does come to fruition, I will no longer be a loyal customer of Kroger. I will begin shopping at Walmart again. Shame on you, Kroger.

  5. 17

    Kasey says

    I live in the Livingston county area and just recently my store has changed their doubling policy but not gotten rid of it, Thank Goodness! They went from doubling any coupon up to 1$ (a 55 or 75cent coupon would turn into 1$ coupon) to only doubling 50 cent or less coupons. I don’t like it but Ill take it over getting rid of doubling completely. I’m crossing my fingers it stays.

    • 18

      Amie says

      I recently started shopping at the Howell krogers because they double up to a dollar. They have a max of 3 of the same coupon. I was fine with that, now I am bummed. Are there any other chains that double?

      • 19


        Right now, VG’s stores in Howell still double $1 coupons. That may change based on Kroger’s change.

  6. 20

    Kristine says

    My sister works at Kroger. Her manager said at first they were going to start today, then after a meeting he told her that they are trying to hold out until the end of the year. She works in the Genesee county area.

  7. 21

    rloving says

    I will shop a lot less there. I will only go for good deals like I do at meijers. I will shop more at aldi and my local stores.

  8. 22

    Michelle says

    YES it would change my shopping habits. I do not shop at Meijer because they don’t double coupons so if Kroger stops I will not be shopping there either.

  9. 23

    Mike says

    Has anyone seen any signs or talk at the Saginaw and Bay City stores? I have not seen anything or heard anything at the Saginaw stores.

    • 24

      Ashley says

      I shop at the Essexville store and have seen no signs or heard anything about this..I asked the employees and they said that they have not heard anything about a policy change. I went shopping last Friday and plan to go today as well. If I hear or see any change I will let you guys know!

      • 25

        jenny says

        it was just announced on their facebook page tonight… ending in all of Michigan.

    • 26

      Laura says

      I had called the Saginaw location a couple of weeks ago and they had not heard anything about this, but if it was just announced this week at a meeting It might have been unknown at that time. I plan on calling today to check on the current status.

  10. 27

    O says

    I would go on the Kroger website to see if this is true if it is shop Walmart and price match Hillers stopped doubles but I will still shop there for their neats

  11. 28

    Nena says

    I did speak with a family member yesterday that is an employee at Kroger and did confirm that it is true . Effective May 14th.

  12. 29

    Marianne says

    I figured once Meijer stopped there was not any reason for Kroger to continue it. I will still shop there for produce & manager specials & organic items. Their regular prices are higher for products I purchase. I have also made Aldi a regular stop for produce. I normally shop Meijer but now that they have redesigned the store they carry so fewer products (I do like the wider isles) but that means their selection is poorer. Very frustrating now that adds going to Home Depot and Lowes .

  13. 30

    Val says

    I was at Kroger in Saginaw today using coupons. While checking out the cashier told me that all of the stores will be done doubling on the 14.

  14. 31

    Jennifer says

    I was just in the Grand Blanc store and heard the same thing. Also they put up signs only 1 order per day. I will not shop at Kroger any longer when they stop doubling coupons. Is there anything we can do?

      • 33

        Tina D. says

        Imagine that! They are “Currently experiencing technical difficulties.”

      • 34

        Nichole B says

        This was my comments to them on the site: Utterly disgusted that you will stop doubling coupons .50 and under in Michigan. I’m not a crazy hoarder or shelf clearing couponer. I used to shop every week at Meijer but since they stopped doubling, I’m maybe there once a month. I also don’t spend as much $ as I did when I go now. I was shopping more with you since the change at Meijer. I guess I’ll be dropping you if the change goes through and be shopping more at my Spartan Store and Aldi store. Please rethink this change for us families who use coupons wisely to stretch our grocery money.

  15. 35

    Missy says

    If this happens, I will start shopping at my local family owned market. They double 50 cent coupons. That is better than nothing. I won’t shop at Kroger anymore at all. A total boycott would be the only thing that could possibly affect the coupon policy. I suggest we wait and see what happens and then all stop shopping there if it does. A large amount of people shop there and from what I have observed 2/3 of the people in the store at any given moment have their binders with them. A loss in 2/3 of their business would make them rethink their policy.

    In the meantime, we can all go provide feedback, letting them know that we won’t shop there if they change their coupon policy to face value only. You can submit comments/feedback on their website at: There is a drop down box for a subject of Policy Inquiry.

  16. 36


    I am so upset….about the whole coupon change
    I will not shop at Kroger ANYMORE EITHER
    I help out my four kids in college with groceries……
    It is terrible that they are doing this

  17. 37

    Nicole A says

    We all knew this was coming I don’t know why everyone wants to boycott Kroger altogether.
    Honestly really look at your receipts, only a very small portion of it is usually doubles. We have not seen too many .50 manu coupons much anymore. Most coupons are .55 and up. Yes it sucks that they wont double and the stores that will really see the change is the 1 double. I still love all their mega events and I get really good deals there regardless of them doubling or not. Their prices have changed lately for the good. I have been a loyal Kroger shopper for at least 15 years and I do see the difference in their prices. Their fuel program cant be beat!

    • 38

      RosieOh says

      Exactly! Most coupons are 55 cents, 75 cents or $1 values so they don’t double anyway. It takes a little more work but you can still save big $$$. I still shop at Meijer and will continue to shop at Kroger even if they stop doubling. The mega events and buy x save x are when you have to stock up! Thanks to this site I’m still saving $$$.

      • 39

        kristina says

        my $1 coupons doubled so it is a big deal I was saving 100+ $$$$so to me it Is a big deal!

        • 40

          RosieOh says

          We haven’t had double coupons to $1 in quite a while! Lucky you! It will be sticker shock for you for sure! There are still deals to be had but just may take a little more work!

    • 41

      Joy says

      I shop at Grand Blanc and my double coupon savings are usually 30-40 dollars a week. i will have to start looking for other options and will probably reduce the amount of items i buy at kroger.

      • 42

        jmk says

        The dollar doubling stores make a HUGE difference! I also save about $40 a week just on the doubles alone. Oh, well….It was extremely hectic anyways, almost would rather pay just to not have to deal with crazies in the store. Today I went to Davison and there was a group of people taking up half of entire isle just waiting for the shampoo to be re-stocked, going on about it only being .50..Ok great, well…move!!! Get a raincheck, be considerate! Good Riddance! And then you have the people that buy up all the free stuff, only to sell it or donate it…Why get something you don’t need? I am low income, this is why I coupon, donate to me! lol

        • 43

          Joy says

          JMK, I understand that feeling. I’m also low income and coupons have been my way to feed my family. I never sell or donate anything because I only buy what we would use.

  18. 44

    Renee says

    I had a feeling that Kroger would follow suit with Meijer and stop doubling coupons. When manufacturers like P & G offer coupons of low value (under 50 cents), without stores doubling, it is not worth the extra effort to spend the time clipping them with so little savings. They say they will instead lower prices – Meijer said the same thing but their prices have increased instead of lowered so I shop there much less.

    • 45

      Sara says

      I agree with your observation that Meijer has increased prices as well as stopped doubling coupons; hopefully Kroger will do better on that front.

  19. 46

    O says

    May 14 I will find another store that will double I want to know if they take internet coupons and double coupons on sale items

  20. 47

    Kristy S. says

    It’s such a shame, the double coupons allow me to purchase “name brand” products for my family. I guess I’ll just stop printing the 50 cent coupons and only go if the sales are worth the trip. Some of the personalized digital coupons make it worth the trip when you combine them with sales.

  21. 48

    Aly says

    I like krogers and the doubling coupons has helped me a lot. I’m a poor college student and couponing has allowed me to get name brand things that I would have never been able to buy and a lot of the time I help out my mom and sisters too. But if krogers stops doubling I’ll probably stop going too because krogers is out of the way and most items are more expensive there than Meijers. So Meijers is probably the next place to go and they have the rewards and what not.

  22. 49

    Rebecca says

    so they will stop doubling up to $1 or all coupons like Meijer? If that’s the case my shopping at Kroger will decrease drastically. I bet the Grand Blanc Kroger will really be hurt by that policy, it’s the mecca for couponers and Aldi will get a huge boost.

    • 50

      Sheri says

      That’s for sure… I know I already have been doing a lot of my shopping at Aldi’s… And I am sure they will appreciate all of the added revenue that Kroger’s will be sending them…

  23. 51

    Theresa says

    I hope they plan on lowering their prices, some of their stores are so expensive to cover the cost of remodeling. Why should we have to pay for that? Just like Meijer, unless it’s a good sale I’ll be shopping there less. Wal-Mart and Aldi will get my business.

    • 52

      Kimmy says

      Whenever they change policies they ALWAYS say they will lower prices…promises, promises….it NEVER HAPPENS!! Meijer claimed the same thing when they quit doubling coupons and from what I hear, their prices are not any better than before!! I don’t really know because I quit shopping there….just like I will quit shopping at Kroger. They can lower their prices all they want but I don’t think they will be lower than Aldi, Walmart, or Save-A-Lot. All we can hope now is that they lose so much business that they change their mind and start doubling again.

      • 53

        kristina says

        The bay city store had new lower price tags up yesterday and it was still more money than wal -mart!

  24. 54

    Cody says

    The doubling will end at some point. People are taking advantage of this system. I see people selling their stockpile which is wrong! I only purchase what my family can use or items that I donate to people in need. I am still saving money even if they stop doubling the coupon’s. The “bonus” savings is not as big as what i expected it to be when I looked at the breakdown on my receipt. Yes I will be paying more than I am now but i will still be saving using Q’s with the store sales. I will still shop at Kroger using face value coupons and in store savings.

  25. 55

    Julie says

    If Krogers stops doubling. I will start shopping more at Vg’s in Livingston county. They still double the 1.00 coupon. Also, The last time I was in Meijer in Hartland they still doubled the 50 cent coupons.

  26. 56

    Roshina L. says

    Kimmy you are so right. We are still waiting on the lower prices at Meijer that they promised. It will probably only hurt the bottom line for the stores that double $1 because of the volume of people that would drive 1 hour or more to frequent these stores.Most will continue to got to their local Krogers. I have to look at other options for my family. I can not afford to shop at meijer or kroger on a regular basis without sales, clearance, and double coupons.

  27. 60

    Aurelia says

    This is really upsetting. I just recently started to coupon because my son and I are moving out of my parent’s house within the year. There won’t be any other way for me to afford groceries if they cut out doubling! I refuse to get food stamps.. If they are going to get rid of anything the government should decrease food stamps and increase coupons!

  28. 61

    Becky says

    My mom just came from the Kroger in Essexville, this is confirmed there. May 14 is the end of doubles.

  29. 63

    Laura says

    I agree this is terrible, but it surprises me that so few of us are able to understand change! So many people have written their opinions while sounding like Kroger owes double couponing to us. Sadly Kroger doesn’t owe us anything. It makes sense Kroger would eliminate this policy if their competitors no longer follow it. I enjoy Kroger’s and Meijer’s sales over Walmart’s “low prices”. I have just had bad luck with finding the things I need at Walmart because of unstocked shelves, etc.

    • 64

      Tammy says

      Laura, I agree with you that this is not good news for us shoppers. I also agree that Kroger does not owe us double coupons. I live in Genesee county and I feel that we were very fortunate to have had double coupons up to a $1 for as long as we have. Kroger ran this offer for us, when other stores only doubled coupons of .50. We were all fortunate that it lasted as long as it did here. I spoke with a Kroger store manager this morning for my Flint store and he confirmed the double coupons would end May 14. I do hope they offer lower prices as they promise, but we will have to wait and see. I do not plan to boycott Kroger, I think we got great deals for a long time with Kroger when other store chains did not offer this.

    • 65

      Shelley says

      Ditto, I couldn’t agree with you more Laura & Tammy. I too loved the doubling of coupons but I also understand that change is sometimes necessary within companies.

  30. 66

    Jane says

    Krogers is smart they want to keep customers coming back. There is more exciting news to come!!

  31. 67

    Babs says

    Sadly. No Kroger owes us nothing. But I find Walmart everyday low prices are still higher than using double coupons at Kroger higher prices. With the price of gas, driving from place to place is just another added expense. We will all have to tighten our budgets even more than we have had to these past couple years or so.

  32. 68

    Kimmy says

    Just because many are upset, doesn’t mean we all think Kroger owes us double coupon deal, and it doesn’t mean we are not thankful for the deals we have received. I don’t know about others, but for myself with increased taxes, increased insurance premiums (with increased deductables), increased medical bills……just to name a few…Kroger has helped us stay afloat. Yes, they have a right to make any policies they want. That said, when I have a week were my grocery budget is $60….will I really be able to afford Kroger prices without double coupons? I will HAVE to shop else where, not out of vindictiveness but out of NECESSITY!!

    • 69

      Roshina L. says

      I could not have said it any better Kimmy. You are right…we don’t stop shopping or shop these stores less out of spite, but just like them doing what is best for their store,we have to do what is best for our families and for our budgets. No store owes us anything but we owe our families the best that we can do. If I don’t do something else I won’t have enough money in the budget to feed our family of 4. I also use to be able to help friends, family, neighbors, and our church but that will be a no go because I have to look after home first.

      • 70

        Kimmy says

        I know exactly how you feel Roshina, it is nice to be able to share somethings with those that may not have access to the deals we were getting. Now on my limited budget that will no longer be possible=(

  33. 71

    Jennifer says

    I was just at Grand Blanc today and i noticed already prices are up compared to last week when i was in there. Triscuits went up .50 and the Seventh Generation soap went from 2.29 to 2.99. Also the new snuggle scent booster pac came out and were 2.99 and jumped after about the 2nd week of being out to 4.99.

    • 72

      kristina says

      yes Jennifer! same here in bay city! I was going to grab the 7th generation soap last week but didn’t have a coupon, so I printed one out and went yesterday to get a few and it went up to 2.99 but had a new lower price sign on it! wasted my time and money printing it

  34. 74

    georgena says

    They want us to use their digital coupons so the cashiers don’t use their time scanning. And yes, I have seen prices are going up. Meijers did that too, so they could “lower” prices after no double coupons-but not quite back down to where they were before no doubles.

  35. 76

    Tommy says

    I was at the division meeting yesterday. Its true. No more double coupons effective May 14. They are also starting a new pricing program that day, with supposedly lower prices throughout the store. The vice president promises a shocking ad for that week starting the 14th.

  36. 77

    NewY says

    If you search “coupon policy” on it already says “All coupons will be accepted at face value” I know Kroger doesn’t owe us anything but I am upset that they would randomly change this on their customers. I’m also a single mother of 2 and was relying on a lot of their deals with double coupons to get groceries for free to under a $1. Very disappointed! :(

  37. 78

    Paul says

    I spoke with a Customer Service person at the Brownstown store this morning. She said the doubling would stop on May 14, when they introduce the new Wednesday ads. There are also SUPPOSED to be better digital q’s and more electronic freebies. We’ll see. As others have said about, still waiting for the “lower prices” at Meijer.

  38. 79

    Jackie says

    I work full time for Kroger. It is very true about the doubling. Their new policy effective May 14th is that they will still take plus card coupons and other coupons but they will not double them. My store and many stores in the Flint, Michigan area double up to $1, but I do know that a lot of the stores in the Detroit area only doubles up to .50… So basically the policy is that Kroger will only take coupons at face value ONLY! And yes this is for all of Michigan as well! It kind of makes me sad because I love coupons, they’ve saved me a ton, but I don’t abuse them either. I work in health and beauty care and I see people in and out sometimes 3-4 times a day. I’m afraid those type of couponers are the ones who have ruined it for the rest of us. :/

  39. 80

    Donna says

    I spoke with an employee of Owosso VG’s who said they are just waiting for Kroger to stop and then they will. They are all ready set up to go with the no doubling. I will be going back to shopping Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Wags, Aldi, and the Dollar Store. We all knew it was coming just a matter of when. I will not shop Kroger or VG’s once the change is made.

  40. 83

    Erin says

    Called in Essexville, MI and it is true as of May 14th. They had a meeting and received paperwork today….

  41. 84


    Howell Kroger per an employee said they will stop doubling on the 14th! Two cashiers told me they knew nothing about it?????? Another higher up employee told me she heard the rumor! So who knows!

  42. 85

    julie hinds says

    Not too sad, knew it was coming….it’s been a good savings but they really don’t owe us. I do wish they would double up to a dollar though, that would have been a more welcome change.

  43. 86

    Marki Schurman says

    I spoken to a fellow shopper today who claimed to have spoken to the manager who informed her that this particular Kroger would not be included and a long story about waiting until the gas station is built this summer and that he explained that they wanted to see what kind of difference that made and if the change occurred it would not be until next year. The story was awful elaborate to have been made up but certainly possible. I have talked to the manager in the past. He shared stories about how far people drive to shop there. All the way from Canada. (They double to a dollar) Anyhow…I will have no reason to drive to that store anymore if they stop along with all the others who do. And if the decrease in prices is not at the very least competitive with the stores that are always more affordable and/or price match or the stores that still double like VG’s, Busch’s and Polly’s market…the couponers will just have to figure out how to shop for the best deals ELSEWHERE. On a plus note, I would take overall lower prices that don’t require a coupon over the work of couponing.

  44. 88

    Krissy says

    Very sad, although it wasn’t too surprising it was coming eventually with all the other stores stopping. In my area there’s only going to be one local store that will double coupons, but their prices are usually higher than the chains and the limit is only 1 identical.

    I do notice I’ve been shopping at Meijer less since they stopped doubling. Meijer (and Kroger) are two times further for me to travel than Walmart, and so why should I travel twice the distance if my coupons are worth the same? I usually don’t spend enough to earn those Mperk awards, so that typically isn’t a factor when I’m shopping.

    When I do go to Meijer, it’s usually a quick trip to check out their clearance, and maybe grab a deal that involves Catalinas or some deal not listed in the ad I can’t PM at Walmart. I imagine it will be much the same for my Kroger runs. I’d been doing more deals at Kroger so I could use my $.50 coupons, but I guess that will be coming to an end.

    Might take a quick trip to Saginaw before the end to use up a lot of my coupons in my stash. Was probably going to be in the area on the 15th, but I guess that’s not worth planning now. On the other hand, I imagine a lot of stuff is going to be cleaned out as others do the same thing.

  45. 89

    Karen says

    I understand all the stores are in effect on May 14th. However, I talked to a cashier at Frankenmuth store and she told me they recently signed a three year contract. So, how can they change their policy now? That would be a great complaint for corporate! I am sad by this as well. I figure now, I will start shopping sale fliers only and probably not coupon anymore.
    Thanks Jolyn for ALL YOU HAVE DONE! Especially when we could help out so many others who really needed it!!!!!!

  46. 90

    h says

    I shop mostly at the Frankenmuth location and the past two months the people abusing coupons has gotten worse and worse. I’m not sure what had changed, but I suspect someone is teaching a class there. I’ve seen people heap four carts full of things and rush through the store to clean out the shelves first. Loudly proclaiming they are going to “donate” their purchases to charity. Well, what about the people who actually want to buy those items for themselves? They’ve taken them all just to give them away! That’s not what coupons are for. The people who abuse coupons have ruined this for everyone. I have saved over $2,000 this year from using coupons. My grocery bill is literally going to double. All those greedy people have essentially cost my family money, and quite frankly I’m upset with THEM not with the store.

  47. 91

    lynn says

    Instead of being negative, as most are, let’s be thankful we were able to get the deals we did. This was coming and we all knew it. Yes, they will have to lower the prices, I agree 100%. So look at it this way, lower prices mean hopefully that the non doubled coupons will give us a price comparable to what we did pay, I hope. Now the problem is that krogers does not have deal like Meijer (buy X amount of certain brand, save x amount instantly, that will hurt Kroger.) However, I am one to confirm that since couponing 3 years ago, my family has gained weight, and a lot of the cheap and free stuff we get a Kroger with coupons are processed and high sodium that are not ideal to be eating so a stockpile of processed food is not getting us anywhere. From a corporate standpoint, for every dollar coupon that doubles, Kroger takes a dollar cut so I understand their financial reasoning. Meijer did the same thing. Let’s just hope that the saving for the corporation trickles down to the employees. And one last thing: Price match to walmart!

    • 92

      RosieOh says

      Kroger does do the buy X, save $X deals. Just last week they had buy 4 save $4. They are just as good as Meijer deals! We’ll just have to do a little more work to save $$. I still shop at Meijer and save $$. It can be done! I also will be shopping more at Aldi.

  48. 93

    kim says

    I have not seen prices lowered at meijer, i was really hoping kroger would maintain the higher road and allow us to keep couponing, it’s a real shame, i feel like these stores have targeted stay at home moms who are the main ones who coupon, so why should we continue to give them our money when there are stores like Costco and Aldis around, what a slap in our faces these stores have given us. Not too mention, how many new products my family was able to try with coupons. I was wondering though if the manufactures themselves might up their coupon discounts as a result of the selfishness of the grocery stores. Just money hungry grocery stores, such a shame for us who really relied on these to help feed our families!

  49. 94

    christina says

    If you read carefully,Kroger reported that only 7% of there shoppers even bothered to use coupons , so customers that used multiple coupons had nothing to do with their stopping doubling.

  50. 95

    Rachel says

    I will still go to Kroger every week as usual. Their stores usually have much shorter checkout lines than Meijer and Walmart, which is a big plus to me with two kids. I also love their produce quality and price. Sadly I can’t go there for long though as we are moving out of state in Summer!

  51. 96

    Marilyn D says

    I live in the Lansing area. Krogers was the final store that doubled. When Meijers stopped doubling, I began shopping at more stores, rather than mostly at one store. So my shopping pattern will not change, i will shop where the best deals are. I added a new store yesterday to my list and I may continue to do so.
    A positive side to krogers, compared to Meijers,
    1. Cheaper milk, but SAMs is still cheaper
    2. Cheaper cottage cheese – Meijers just jacked up their 24 oz to $2.50 where as krogers is still $2
    3. Cheaper Orange Juice
    4. Free Friday item
    5. I shop on Friday and find mark down on bread/ bakery items marked down very low almost every week.

  52. 97

    Joanne says

    So now the question is … will couponing be worth my time and effort? I spend $24/month on the papers to acquire the coupons. Maybe I will just cut the cost of the papers to save money (and in turn save a whole lot of my time too).

    • 98

      Sheri says

      I was telling a friend of mine that the newspapers will be losing big money also…

  53. 99

    Jamie says

    Many of the comments on here are just silly :). Coupon usage has soared in recent years, as a result of shows like “Extreme Couponing” and internet blogs like this one. As it is, (1) only a small percentage of shoppers use coupons and (2) the overwhelming majority of coupon redemptions are coming from just a small percentage of coupon users. Double coupons impacts store’s promotional budgets, since the store is discounting the product by the “doubled” amount. Thus, it makes NO sense for Kroger to continue to offer a program that benefits a handful people, when it can instead offer savings that benefit a lot people, especially in an era with soaring grocery prices. It was fun while it lasted… but after watching one women redeem perhaps a 100 coupons in multiple transactions for free toothpaste, I understand Kroger’s decision – and so should you.

    • 100

      Anne K says

      “only a small percentage of shopper use coupons” ?? Then please explain how could this impact the stores promotional budgets? If doubling only benefits a handful of people why not continue? and keep the “small percentage of shoppers” out of Meijers and Walmart? Your comments make no rational sense!

    • 101

      Aly says

      Honestly, i think most of those stories on extreme coupon shows are not real. In the Michigan Krogers, you can only use 3 like coupons so it shouldn’t even make a difference.

    • 102

      Courtney says

      Jamie, You are right about there only being a small percentage of people who use coupons. I have heard that same thing several times…can’t remember the exact % but I do believe it’s under 5% of shoppers. I just wish stores would realize that many couponers are willing to buy the rest of their non-coupon groceries at stores that are kind enough to offer the additional double-coupon savings. I know not all couponers feel that same way, but I do.

  54. 103

    former kroger employee says

    So folks know why they decided to go with not doubling the coupons anymore really boils down to the cost and moneu they lose they have raise prices to cover the the money the stores fork out in the doubling since the manufacturer will only pay face value plus 8 cents on the coupon. I see them lowering prices back down to reasonable now that they don’t have a quarter million dollar loss from doubling that they had to recover

    • 104

      Roshina L. says

      In the other areas that lost Kroger doubling coupons they report low prices for a week or two…they give a big promotional ad for the two weeks after doubling stops and then no good deals or lower prices. I guess we shall all see. I know Meijers promised the same thing and I am still waiting. I shop meijer maybe 1 or 2 times a month…like this week for the $8 off 8 sale but I don’t spend hundreds of dollars there like I use to. I guess it’ll be the same with Kroger…only with sales. The rest of my budget will go to Aldi, and other stores.

  55. 105

    Sandy says

    Well I’ve canceled my newspaper subscription and will stop shopping at Kroger now. I’m not being negative, it’s just a matter of fact. I drove 25 minutes to the nearest Kroger for the double coupons because it saved me more money for me and my family. I literally passed up a meijer to get to Kroger. I will be shopping at meijer once again.

  56. 106

    ss says

    I totally agree it was fun while it lasted! I plan to watch the store sales and buy the best value of each product I actually need/want- Not just items I have coupons for. I will benefit from cutting down on time spent couponing and finding new habit that included some exercise. Obsessing over free dish detergent has left me empty inside and my cupboards overflowing. I have spent 10 minutes getting a couon to print before, life is too short for that! All of the free highly processed foods have made me heavier! A friend asked me what my hobbies are and I said couponing. We both laughed then cringed. A change is in the air and it will do me good, bring on the warm weather, mama’s got some free time!

  57. 107

    Randy says

    I been couponing since I was 8 years old, that’s 45 years of couponing. I have seen a lot of changes over the years, but the one thing that I have noticed the most is that with the T.L.C. extreme Q show is that it highlighted ” how to take advantage of the stores and fuel the greed in some of us “.
    Over the years I have enjoyed my hobby of coupon shopping and being able to donate a lot of food & supplies to needy families, as well as family and friends. Last Sunday at my wife’s church, I was honored with the PRESIDENT’S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD, which is now kind of bittersweet, because I won’t be able to donate as many items as I have in past and help as many families.
    In our techno society we need to highlight the doing of good for the less fortunate, instead of showing people how to be greedy and self serving. I hope we can all learn from this T.L.C. show in future and fight this negativism toward our group, when it starts and not when it’s over -” BECAUSE I REALLY HATE BEING CALLED A EXTREME COUPONEER “

    • 108

      Courtney says

      Well, then you can help answer the question I was going to post. Exactly how long has doubling coupons been around? I can remember as far back as my teenage years….20 years ago. I guess that’s probably why so many of us are shocked. Who would think something that has been the norm for 30 (?) years would ever just end. Not me!

      I’m still mad at Meijer, my former fav, but have done pretty well with the Mperks rewards. I doubt that using coupons at VGs or other Spartan stores that still double will add up to much savings since the regular prices are so high. I don’t care for Walmart since I never see any great deals there, but I do hear that some people have good luck price-matching to Aldi’s produce prices and getting overage on some Q’s.

      • 109

        Randy says

        I remember back in early 70’s double & triple Q’s at times, but they were small value Q’s at that time and would rarely exceed the value of the item. Today’s high value Q’s seem to exceed the value of the item more often now when doubled, than in the past. Years ago all Q’s were in the papers or magazines, but today we can get them off the internet and print them at home and since there is a lot of fraudulent Q’s out there and the stores take a complete loss on these fraudulent Q’s, so i can see why a lot of stores are refusing to accept high value internet Q’s.
        I can understand why the stores are going to digital loyalty card Q’s where the stores take no loss at all and can track their customer’s purchases as well as market the customer in to buying the items that they can make most the profit margin on!!!

        • 110

          Courtney says

          You brought up a lot of good points, Randy. I hadn’t even thought about back in the day when you had a $0.10 or $0.15 coupon that doubled, you surely weren’t able to get an item for free. I’m just hoping that Kroger will offer double coupons from time to time… A nice treat for all of us.

  58. 111

    Kim Knake says

    It is very disappointing but I saw this coming. I drive about an hour out of my way to shop at Kroger because they double the $1, and I definitely won’t be doing that anymore. When I am on facebook there are a lot of people that sell items that they have purchased with coupons and I totally disagree with that. Apparently they use coupons to get stuff for free not for themselves but to turn around and make money off of it. I use coupons for my family, we are paycheck to paycheck people and it comes in very handy. I am very disappointed that it had to come down to this.

  59. 112

    Rodney says

    Didn’t EVERYBODY see this coming? When Meijer did it last summer, you HAD to know that Kroger would follow suit. It sucks, but it was expected. Complaining to Kroger and threating to boycott them will do no good. So many people did that with Meijer. Did it work?? NOPE! It is what it is, plain and simple. Everybody needs food, and has to shop somewhere. The whole world keeps changing (mostly BAD changes IMO), but this is FAR from the worst of the changes. Our country is in shambles, and all anybody cares about is what the Kardashians are up to this week. You reap what you sow. And we ALL lose in the process. If people would just WAKE UP and get informed, we might survive. But I wouldn’t bet on it. Tick, Tock.

  60. 113

    Bethany says

    I just want to say that I’m in the Toledo area and they stopped doubling May 1st. They also just went to the new ad cycle. I was very disappointed at them not doubling anymore but I have noticed lower prices since the new ad cycle started. When Meijer was doubling coupons I almost did not shop at Kroger due to higher prices. Now with both stores not doubling, I figured I’d be shopping more at other stores again but the new Kroger prices are making me rethink that. At first, I thought certain things were just a sale price but now I see it’s lower “everyday” prices. I am encouraged by this, especially on some produce items that never had coupons anyway. The new price is the same as previous sale prices and it is refreshing to see. I get frustrated with stores that say something is a lower price and it is only a few cents lower or still higher than other stores in the area. I don’t know if the Michigan stores are going to follow the same pricing but hopefully, you’ll see some of the lower prices like we are here. Thanks for all you do to help us Jolyn!!

  61. 114

    rachel says

    BAAHAHAHA….”new lower pricing…” HAHAHA….Kroger has already implemented a SIGNIFICANT price increase across the board. I shop at my Howell Kroger a few times a week and have been trying to buy (for example) Seventh Generation dish soap for the last few weeks because it was on sale….regular price WAS $2.29 last Wed, but thursday the shelf labels had all been changed to $2.99… I started paying attention to other items I buy as my regular weekly, non coupon, non sale items and they have all increased in price as well…most by about 30% ….so i’m afraid this will backfire on Kroger with a vengeance. The reason we are willing to pay Krogers much higher prices on most items, is because we are saving by using coupons on other items. without couponing who can afford all those over priced items at Kroger? nobody. especially now that they just raised all the prices, so what…? they can pretend to lower them?…..come on Kroger, your customers are not stupid and we don’t appreciate you treating us like we are. GOODBYE KROGER..hello MEIJER

  62. 115

    Stacey says

    So bummed but saw it coming for a long time. My store doubles up to a dollar and I save 20-40% a week on just things I use. No hoarding, over buying. Bottom line, they are losing lot of money from coupon use. No one is in business to lose money. We’ll all adjust, but will sure miss the rush from getting free products!

  63. 116

    Frank says

    This is what we have seen coming …now that it is here we have to adjust between all these stores you can still match up and get some great deals. So do what’s best for you and go to Kroger,Meijer,Target,CVS,Walmart,RiteAid,Kmart,Vgs, and Walgreens. We have to just spend a little more time and the deals are still there. As far as Kroger is concerned the best thing to do is let them know how you feel. They want customer feedback so when you get a receipt there is a survey on the bottom and and give them the lowest score possible and in comments let them know you are disappointed in double coupons ending. Someone will call you if your not highly.satisfied then voice your concerns. I did a survey and put I was not highly satisfied and a manager called me.

  64. 117

    Laura says

    I just wanted to let the Kroger cashiers know that we may be a pain in the butt to you but we are the reason you have a job. As a manager I can see cut backs coming for your stores as some cashiers will not be needed anymore and I would only keep the best.

  65. 118

    Jennie says

    I have doubled coupons at Kroger’s and before that at Kessel’s in Flint for 25 years. I too will really miss the savings that I had for my family, but in the last few years, all I see in the store are these shoppers with the big notebook filled with coupons. They shop together with other coupon hoarders, so the isles are blocked and the stock is always run down. They purchase huge amounts of everything that has a good coupon, so the rest of us customers that only want our one or two of the item, can’t find it in stock when we shop. I go to a lot of garage sales and see many garage sales that consist of only coupon purchased items. I also see these people set up at flea markets. There garages look like they are a health and beauty aid store or Menards’s. This is what has killed the double coupon. Pretty soon you will probably see Menard’s stop the rebate items for the same reason. These stores run on a very low profit and I can see where all of these free and very cheap items that they were giving away had to cost them. I imagine a few people will leave Kroger’s, but I am guessing that their “good and loyal customers” will appreciate finding the product on the shelf and the quicker check out lines. When people have tons of coupons to redeem, the customer behind them tends to get quite irritated with having to wait for the cashier to process them.

    • 119

      Kimmy says

      It is sad that some resell and abuse double coupons and have ruined it for the rest of us. That said since there is a three item limit it is impossible for any one couponer to “whip out the shelves” with one shopping trip.

  66. 120

    Amy says

    As a fellow coupon out of necessity I never buy what we don’t need/use even if it’s free. I donate excess if I find something I thought would be a hit and isn’t. I will just ad shop and probably be stuck at Meijer since I have to figure in gas costs. Feeding a family of five plus five pets on a budget is not an easy task with coupons and this just compounds it. They will see drops in sales as the Fenton VG’s has and next we will see markets closing for what. And yes cashiers can complain but that is their job when I have a job I do it I don’t complain that people with coupons are a problem. And yes I am sure we all saw it coming but that really doesn’t soften the blow.

  67. 121

    Jen says

    At least my Spartan store still doubles. I won’t be shopping at Kroger either.

    • 122

      T says

      Jen, what spartan stores do you shop at that double $1? I have been shopping kroger, but I am not aware of any stores that double $1 other than kroger?

  68. 123

    Mary says

    It is disappointing that Kroger is changing there coupon policy, and as someone who coupons to save money for my family an that is it, it has inspired me to start gardening and planning crops with my community, and canning/freezing myself for the winter. It’s a healthier option, and completely FREE other than initially buying the seeds. If anyone is interested in joining in, planning crops to trade, gathering together can it all, please, feel free to email me

  69. 124

    Geni says

    I shop at Kroger because of the doubling in coupons because most generally I would get items cheaper than Walmart by doubling. I guess I’ll just shop at Walmart after this.

  70. 125

    adam says

    Doubling coupons was the only advantage kroger had over walmart. I work at a kroger warehouse and I believe there doing this to not only stopshoppers from clearing shelves but to actually lower the size of orders. Kroger has grown so much over the years that the warehouse’s are forcing workers to work 55 hours a weeks and allowing other workers to work 6 or 7 days a week. I don’t see Kroger taking a large hit though, as most coupon items are stocked by there own vendors, but will see soon enough. Even though I work there, i will likely be shopping at walmart and meijer for my needs from now on

  71. 126

    Kroger employee says

    I work for kroger in pricing & I can assure they will not be lowering prices. The new ads for week now start on Wednesdays instead of Sundays & they’re also doing away with 10% senior discount. They’re going to 5% every Thursday. Which greatly benefits them. Now to save any money you have to spend more. The markup on items kroger sales in ridiculous. You really have to watch their pricing on items you buy. One week they’ll change the white sticker price to a higher total & lower the kroger card price to make you think your saving but your actually paying more than the week before

  72. 127

    Autumn says

    You can’t blame Kroger for doing what the other big chains are doing. What I DON’T appreciate is the price-raising that I (and others) have noticed this last few weeks. We shop your store; we notice prices!!! I wonder if they’re doing it to compensate for all the last minute doublers who are going to come in with a fat stack of coupons and 2 carts full of stuff for one final hurrah! In any case, we shall see how it all plays out in the weeks and months ahead…. I shop Meijer only for the deals now; I suppose it will be the same for Kroger now that the doubling is done. :(

  73. 128

    Renee says

    I understand that this was Krogers right and many epeople were abusing the system. I still blame TLC for that stupid show. I will do the bulk of my shopping at SAMS but will coupon and do target, drugstore deals, etc. money saved is money saved!!!!

  74. 129

    Carol says

    It is a similar story to that of Meijer when they discontinued doubling. They said they would offer more Mperks and have price drops. The Mperks has been nearly useless and complicated. Kroger says they will lower prices to even out the amount we would have saved through doubling. I have been grocery shopping for over 40 years and I cannot recall a permanent price drop on any grocery item. The prices just continue to skyrocket. Seems like a 30% increase every 6 months on most items. I am sure that people with dietary restrictions are hurting even more than the general public. I switched to Kroger after Meijer stopped doubling. I have done a fair amount of shopping at Whole Foods and gotten many bargains in the last 2 years, but they have actually stopped carrying many items that I buy regularly. I have already started increasing the amount I buy at ALDI. If I lived closer to a Walmart with a grocery I would go there as well. I will also probably increase what I buy at Sam’s. Every week it gets more difficult to put food on the table. Planning a large garden this year!

  75. 130

    O says

    I have seen a few good digital coupons I plan to use at Krogers and some real good m perks at meijers this week as I said before I will try another store that still doubles coupons.but I do not want to see prices higher after my coupons are deducted from my bill I want to see them take my internet coupons and double if that item is on sale

  76. 131

    LIsa says

    Kroger will see very little of me, I only drove the extra few miles for the doubles. Guess I’ll save on gas and shop closer to home,

  77. 132

    Suzy says

    I really have not seen any price lowering at Meijer, in fact just the opposite, and as far as Kroger goes they are running a close second. However I am grateful for the deals I have obtained for the past several years. A lot of my deals would not have been possible with out this site for that I am very grateful also. But it will certainly change the way I shop and where. The warehouse stores may see more of my business, at least milk is a $1 less a gallon. But God is good all the time He has never failed to meet our needs or provide a way.