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High Value General Mills Coupons

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Update: Coupons are no longer available!

There are many high value General Mills coupons you may want to print before they are gone. Some of them are part of this week’s Meijer 10 for 10, get 11th item free sale (items are listed next to the coupon). More store deals and prices will be added later. Please share any other store deals in the comments!

The coupons all run off Java so make sure you have the latest version downloaded. I had to allow Java to run in addition to downloading it.


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  1. 1
    melissa says:

    Im seeing no longer available

  2. 7

    they are all gone :(

  3. 8
    Merri B says:

    It just worked for me. Thanks!

  4. 9

    click on the ‘register now’ (I used FAcebook) and then you can print them..

  5. 10

    Hmmm…..I’m registered, yet….I’m only seeing 6 coupons to select (and none of them are the ones I want) :(

    • 11
      melissa1 says:

      They are all still showing up when I click on each link. I have already printed mine so they do tell me I have already printed them.

    • 12
      kristen n says:

      I had to go to each link individually, but I could print them.

  6. 13

    Looks like these will print 2 times per ACCOUNT, tried printing more on a different computer, said already printed. Guess maybe you could make another account with a different email, but I didn’t bother to try. GREAT coupons though! THANK YOU JOLYN & MELISSA1!!

  7. 14

    I just hope they go through at self-scan without needing the cashier for every one of them. That is annoying. Happy Mothers Day to all!!

  8. 16

    Thank You!!! Made my day!

  9. 17

    I just printed what I needed from your links, but when I clicked for the website link it showed different coupons to print.

  10. 19

    I used only the Green Giant Qs today, at U-Scan. Screen said something to the effect of “Unknown Item, Please Set Aside”. I have never seen this message before when scanning a Q. Cashier put them through manually, but wondering if some cashiers would refuse them?? Has anybody had any of the Qs go through without help from the cashier?

    • 20

      All of mine printed on the ink jet printer are rejecting, but the two I printed on the laser printer are ok. I normally don’t have any problems, but I think these coupons are a bit smaller and the scanners have a hard time reading the smaller coupons. At Kroger, they would not take them if they won’t scan – both stores in Saginaw. The cashiers are getting real fussy.

      • 21

        Thanks Mike. That is probably the issue. I did have one scan (Suddenly Salad), but the 2nd identical Q would not scan. Tried a few others, no go. Cashier came over and took care of it. Once she put her info in, they all scanned fine….from the same place I was trying to scan them. It’s just weird.

  11. 22

    I used the Green Giant yesterday, worked fine.