Meijer Price Drops & New Deals: April 15, 2014

meijer price drop

Take a look at some of the best price drops and unadvertised deals this week at Meijer. These items will be added to the weekly Meijer list for your convenience. Please share if you find additional deals in the store!

Meijer: Additional Sale Items through April 19, 2014

$1.50 Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal Cup
*Buy 4, get $2 off instantly*
-$0.75/2 Quaker Real Medleys coupon (from 4-13 RP), use 2
$0.63 each when you buy 4 with 2 coupons

$1.50 McCormick Grinders
-$0.75/1 McCormick coupon (from 4-6 RP)
$0.75 after coupon (reg $2.07)

$1.51 McCormick Ground Cinnamon, 1 oz
$1.59 McCormick Chili Powder or Paprika, 1-1.14 oz
$1.99 McCormick Ground Mustard, .85 oz
-$0.75/1 McCormick coupon (from 4-6 RP)
$0.76-$1.24 after coupon

$1.88 Hawaiian Punch Aloha Morning, 128 oz
-$1.00/1 Aloha Morning printable coupon or coupon (from 3-16 SS)
$0.88 after coupon

$1.35 Meijer Chocolate-Covered Double O Cookies (reg $2.69)

$2.19 Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese, 8 oz tub
$0.75/1 Philadelphia printable coupon
$1.44 after coupon

$1.99 Kool-Aid, Country Time or Tang Sweetened Drink Mix canister
*Buy 4, get $2 instantly*
$1.49 each when you buy 4 after instant savings

$4.00 Tyson Day Starts Breakfast, 9-18 oz
*Buy 2, get $3 off instantly*
-$1.00/1 Day Starts coupon (from 4-6 SS), use 2
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupons (reg $5.69)

$3.00 Quaker Warm & Crunchy Oatmeal, 8 ct
*Buy 4, get $2 off instantly*
-$1.00/1 Quaker Warm & Crunchy coupon (from 3-9 RP)
As low as $1.50 each after coupon when you buy 4 (reg $3.79)

$2.49 Crayola Multicolor or Glitter Sidewalk Chalk, 4 ct
-B3G1 Meijer mPerks store digital coupon AND
-$1.00 off $5 Crayola chalk coupon (from 4-6 RP)
$1.62 each when you buy 4 with coupons (reg $2.99)

B1G1 Gardein Meatless Meals, 9-12 oz (reg $4.69)
-$1.00/1 Gardein printable coupon
$1.85 each when you buy 2 with 1 coupon

$2.50 Bagel Bites, 18 ct
Checkout 51 Rebate: Earn $1 when you buy 2 Bagel Bites
$2.00 each when you buy 2 after rebate

$2.00 Kraft Shredded Cheese, Cubes or Crumbles, 5-8 oz
*Buy 3, save $2 off Meijer fresh chicken breasts, tenders or thighs instantly*

Meijer: New Price Drops

Price drops are Meijer discounts that usually last for a few weeks at a time. These prices can vary by store, so if you don’t see a sign at your location, be sure to check the cost at a price scanner before purchasing. According to the store ad, Meijer will not issue rainchecks on price drop items.

$2.00 Dewaffelbakkers Pancakes, 18 ct (through May 11)
-$1.00/1 Dewaffelbakkers printable coupon (zip 30303 or 90004)
$1.00 after coupon (reg $2.99)

$2.00 Reddi-Wip Whipped Topping, 6.5 oz (through Apr 27)
$1.00/1 Reddi-wip printable coupon
$1.00 after coupon (reg $2.19)

$1.50 Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter, 6.5 oz (through May 4)
-$0.40/1 Land O Lakes coupon (from 3-30 SS)
$1.10 after coupon (reg $2.19)

$1.67 Werther’s Original Caramels, 5.5 oz (through Apr 27)
-$1.00/2 Werther’s coupon (from 4-6 SS)
$1.17 each when you buy 2 with coupon (reg $2.09)

$2.00 EggBeaters, 16 oz (through Apr 27)
-$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.39 Karo Light Corn Syrup, 16 oz (through May 11)
-$0.40/1 Karo coupon (from 3-23 RP)
$1.99 after coupon (reg $2.79)

$3.00 Stonyfield Organic Low Fat Yogurt, 32 oz (through May 11)
*Buy 2, get $1 off instantly at checkout*
-$0.50/1 Stonyfield printable coupon, use 2
$2.00 each when you buy 2 with coupons (reg $3.60)

$2.50 Welch’s Light Grape Juice, 64 oz (through May 11)
-$1.00/2 Welch’s Light coupon (from 1-26 RP, exp 4-26)
$2.00 each when you buy 2 with coupon (reg $2.79)

$3.99 Breyers Gelato Indulgences (through May 11)
-$1.00/1 Breyers Gelato printable coupon or $1.50/1 printable (FB)
$2.49-2.99 after coupon (reg $4.59)

$3.99 Country Fresh TruMoo Chocolate Milk, gallon (through May 4)
-$0.45/1 TruMoo printable coupon
$3.54 after coupon ($4.99)

$12.00 Battleship Game (through May 4)
-$3.00/1 Battleship coupon (from 4-6 SS)
$9.00 after coupon reg ($14.99)

You can find all of this week’s Meijer matchups here!

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  1. 1

    Tiffany says

    If anyone is still looking for easter basket stuff, I found Mike the Knight toys on PD for 50% off! I had 3.00 off Mperks for some of them too! Made a really great deal! HTH

  2. 2

    embee says

    So, I unexpectedly had to buy printer ink at Meijer yesterday. Too bad I didn’t have my electronics reward clipped. Then it dawned on me that the rewards don’t post until the next day, so I clipped the reward anyway even though I already made the purchase earlier in the day. Sure enough, the credit was applied to my electronics reward this morning w/$5 off my next purchase!
    Is this cheating? I made the required purchase, the only thing I did different was clip the reward later in the day AFTER buying the applicable merchandise instead of before.

    • 3

      michelle says

      I dont think that they would have given it to you if they did not think you earned it :)

    • 4

      Michiganbb says

      Sometimes the unexpected happens when we are couponing and trying to save money. I’d just go with it and not give it another thought!

      I need ink…off to check out the electronics offer…

    • 5

      leann says

      wow great idea Embee. I clip my new reward at the beginning of each month so Im always just guessing what reward will match up to the deals of the month. It seems I usually get it wrong. I think next month I will wait until later in the month like you did to see what matches up so Idont miss out. By the way I dont think what you did was cheating. You still got the required purchase.

    • 6

      Shelley says

      You can clip the reward in any category at any time during the month. It seems to me what I can see (as well as for my friend) is that it adds up the $ for the month to date even prior to the actual clipping of the reward. I don’t think it was just because you did it that night Embee. I don’t think you cheated the system at all; it would not have gave it to you if you had not earned it. When you have earned the reward and clipped it; the new reward you select seems to start from that time though. Hope this makes sense! :)

      • 7

        Robyn says

        I usually clip right in the store while I am shopping based on what I buying. It is nice they have WIFI in the stores now, I just take my IPod with me.

  3. 8

    Nancy says

    I can’t fine this q $0.75/1 McCormick coupon (from 4-6 RP). I looked twice. What am I missing?

    • 9

      FrugalBehind says

      It’s near the back on the flip side of the Quilted Northern and opposite Logan’s Roadhouse.

  4. 10

    Sarah says

    I can’t seem to locate the Dewaffelbakkers Pancakes coupon. I tried under the zip 30303. Is it possibly under another zip?

    • 11


      Did you click on the direct coupon link again after you changed the code?

      I just checked and I can’t find it there anymore. It was also at 90004, but that one seems to have disappeared, too. I’ll keep looking!