Kroger Ends Double Coupons in Columbus division

kroger coupon policy changes

Kroger just announced plans to eliminate double couponing effective May 1, 2014 at all Columbus Division stores. This division includes 123 stores from Columbus to Toledo, Ohio. Though these coupon policy changes DO NOT affect Michigan Kroger stores, the truth is that the double coupon trend is slowly being eliminated chain-wide. Only Kroger stores in the Michigan and Mid-South/Nashville divisions continue to automatically double the face value of coupons. Here are the details you need to know.

This time, Kroger hasn’t yet shared the information in the official Kroger Facebook page. Instead, they quietly issued a press release. Here’s what they have said:

  • “Our customers are telling us they want convenience, and they obviously want the best value for their grocery dollar,” claims Kroger spokeswoman Jackie Siekmann. “With only 2 percent of our customers considered ‘heavy paper coupon users,’ we believe that lowering prices and investing digitally will benefit all of our customers.”
  • 86 percent of Columbus division customers aren’t using double coupons.
  • “Double coupons originated decades ago, in an era when none of the current online and electronic coupon options were available to customers and smartphones did not exist. Kroger will continue to evolve to meet the expectations of 21st century shoppers,” Siekmann added.
  • Instead, prices will be lowered on many items beginning April 1 – including produce, natural foods, organics and more.

Kroger Coupon Policy Changes (including an end to double coupons)

Take a look at these changes and you’ll start to see a trend emerging:

I’m sure that Kroger corporate will be watching this new program closely – with the potential of implementing it into the 2 remaining divisions. However, Kroger still insists that the decision is up to each division separately.

What do these Kroger Coupon Policy Changes mean for Michigan Division shoppers?

For most of us, it means nothing. YET.

Kroger stores in the Michigan division have not announced any changes to their coupon policy.

Don’t be surprised if you hear Michigan stores are next. The coupon policy for stores in Michigan is likely to be up for discussion as Kroger examines various policies. If the face value (“no doubles”) coupon policy proves to be successful along with lowered prices in these nearby regions, there is a possibility it will encourage changes in Michigan Kroger stores.

If you’ve been using coupons for any length of time, you know that coupon policy change is not uncommon. Most of us are still mourning from the similar decision Meijer made chain-wide in September 2013. Though it seems depressing, the economy (and questionable shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing) has forced stores to rethink market strategies.

*I will continue to update this post with any additional details or clarifications.*

There may come a day when no stores in any Michigan grocery chain will double coupons. And if (or when) it does, will it change the way you shop? Or will you still be trying to save money?

Source credits: Coupons in the News, Cincinnati Business Courier

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  1. 1

    Marilyn D says

    I use to do most of my shopping at Meijer, but now that they dropped the double coupon, I shop where the best deals are. So if kroger drops the doubles, my shopping strategy will not change.

    • 2

      melissa1 says

      I do go to a $1 double Kroger store once a month. If I didn’t I would probably check out Target and the drugstores more. I also get quite creative with the mPerks Rewards. Some months they work out quite well.

  2. 3

    Bethany G. says

    I have no idea what I will do if Kroger stops doubling coupons. That is how I make ends meet for my family on our limited income. But then, God always provides, so I will have to trust that He will continue to do so, even if these changes come. Certainly, my own efforts to provide will be severely hindered by the loss of double coupons!

  3. 4

    jenna B says

    I am saddened by this, as I am in Ohio. I would say be prepared for double coupons to be eliminated at all Kroger stores soon. Lately most of the deals I have been able to get have come from coupons that do not double anyways, so hopefully that continues and the not doubling doesn’t effect my budget too much. I am going to enjoy the doubling while I still can:)

  4. 5

    Renee says

    I live south of Dayton and have had to deal with no doubling from Kroger and Meijer since last year. Only 1 store here still doubles but they won’t accept ANY printed coupons so I hardly ever go there. I shop where I can find the deals and Kroger has such a hard to understand printed coupon policy now that I shop them the least. I try to stack coupons and use cartwheel at Target and mperks rewards at Meijer. I also get clearance food at HomeGoods of all places. Sorry to say but Michigan is probably next.

  5. 6

    Andrea says

    I rarely use coupons anymore. We eat only organic and almost no processed foods, a big difference from when I first started using many coupons (I’ve always used some) back around 2008. I concentrate on that now, meal plans, making my own stuff from scratch, freezing food when I can, growing our own food, etc. I do still come here to get price comparisons and see who has organics on sale. There is one store that still doubles other than Kroger in my area and I do take my Stoneyfield yogurt coupons there. I do use digital coupons as well.