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Kroger: FREE Croods and Epic Movie DVDs with coupon

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free croods and epic dvds free croods and epic dvds





Thanks to reader Chimera for sharing these deals on the B2B Facebook page. Learn how to grab FREE Croods and Epic Movie DVDs with coupon at Kroger this week:

$4.99 The Croods DVD (reg $19.99)
-$5.00/1 Croods DVD printable coupon
FREE after coupon

$6.99 Epic DVD
-$5.00/1 Epic DVD printable coupon
$1.99 after coupon
Bonus: $3.00 Epic Mail-In Rebate – thanks, She Saved!
FREE after coupon and rebate

A couple notes on this FREE Croods and Epic Movie DVDs deal:

  • You will need to scan your Kroger shopper’s card to get this price.
  • The price on these DVDs is not listed in the ad, but posted in the store. Your store price could vary – and it’s also possible that with a deal this great, they’re out of stock.
  • This offer uses a $5 printable coupon. Your Kroger may not allow printable coupons over $1 if they have had trouble with counterfeiting. Your experience may vary.

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  1. 1

    Sweet – I’m heading there in a bit! Thanks SO much for posting!

  2. 2

    Where you see that from? What store? Just came back from 21 mile & Card, Macomb, MI Kroger, the only Groods DVD there was $24.99

  3. 4

    I went to 26 mile and romeo plank, and 23 mile and hayes, and they don’t have either movie.

  4. 5

    Just found The Croods at the Grand Blanc Kroger. It was on the bottom of the display and there was only one left that I saw. Didn’t see Epic at all. There was no sign or anything, so I took it to a scanner in the store and it said $4.99 with card. I didn’t have any problems at the register. So happy – this movie was on my daughter’s Christmas list :) Thanks so much for posting! I love this Website!

  5. 7

    The Kroger at 16 & John R has lots of the Croods dvds left on the shelf. They’re tagged $19.99 but ring up $4.99 each with your Kroger card. The coupon worked like a charm – no issues! (however, Epic is not available at this location)

  6. 8

    Does anyone know how long this sale is running? I checked at my Kroger but they didn’t have either movie :( I am hoping to check a couple other Kroger stores if the sale is running all week.

  7. 9

    Kroger on Dequindre / 12 mile and 11 mile/ Hoover had lot of Croods, but no Epic. Croods rang up for $4.99 for me.

    • 10

      Thanks for the report! I was hoping it would work for someone!

    • 11

      I got the last copy of Croods at Dequindre/12. I’m so glad because my kids loved it at the theater.

    • 12

      If you go to the Kroger at 11 mile/ Hoover get ready for a big fight and bring coupon policy with you. I did not have the coupon policy with me. They said the coupon was counterfeit and they don’t allow free items. The coupon can not be more than half of the price of the item. However I did get Wheat Thins price was $1.99 coupon was for $1.00 which is 1 cent over there half price policy for a coupon.

  8. 13

    Worked for The Croods at the Sheldon/Ann Arbor Rd. Kroger in Plymouth. There were a few copies left this afternoon. I didn’t see Epic though.

  9. 15

    I just got The Croods for free! I wasn’t able to find Epic though. I’m in Novi!

  10. 16

    The Kroger on sashabaw in clarkston didn’t have either movie.

  11. 17

    I got croods at michigan ave in Wayne last night and they had a few more left

  12. 18

    The Kroger at Coolidge and 15 had Crood and worked flawlessly

  13. 19

    I found one epic in south lyon. No Croods

  14. 20

    Went to the Kroger on Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake-they had both the Croods and Epic. Had to dig in the bin a little bit but there were several copies available.

  15. 21

    Kroger at Davisburg road and Dixie would not accept coupon….. There were lots of Croods, no epic.

  16. 22

    Lots of croods at 14 and schoenherr but no epic. 19 and schoenherr doesn’t have any

  17. 24

    Looks like Kroger don’t have Epic! i check the kroger in birmingham no epic too!

  18. 25

    Kroger in Lapeer wouldn’t accept the coupon either….said they won’t accept a coupon that makes an item free…what the!?

  19. 26
    Stephanie says:

    Wonder if they would allow a rain check for this since it was not advertised?

  20. 28
    Nurseurlife says:

    Kroger in Bay City only had Croods and rang up at $24.99 even with card :(

  21. 29

    Howell Kroger had Croods, no Epic. Coupon worked for me :)

  22. 30

    Kroger on 5 mile in Livonia just put out about 20 Croods dvds if anyone still has there coupon.

  23. 31

    Just left the Kroger on Coolidge Between 14 & 15 and they were all out :-(

  24. 32

    Hello, thank you for the movie tip. I went this morning to the Howell Kroger and got The Croods for free with the coupon. My husband had his own coupon and went to use it and the movie price had been marked up to 14.99 with the card. He went to the Novi and Howell Krogers. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  25. 36

    Can’t get the coupon to come up….boo

  26. 37

    Went to Novi Kroger no Epic. croods was $14.99 with card.

  27. 38
    Amy Levos says:

    No Epic or Croods DVDs tonight (some blue-rays, though) at Groesbeck & Metro Parkway, Harper & 13, or Gratiot & 13. :(

  28. 39

    Can anyone give me the upc’s on these dvd’s , so when I call the stores they can look I their system for them?
    Has anyone tried to price match anywhere, Toys r us at 12 & telegraph would not without a printed ad!!!

  29. 41

    Where were the croods in Howell??? I have the coupon I just haven’t been able to find the movie in the stores.

  30. 42

    Also can’t get the coupon to pull up. zip code to use?

  31. 43

    I can’t get the coupon either!

  32. 44

    The Krogers in my area has about 30 Croods but they said the sale ended a couple of days ago.

  33. 45
    Cooker queen says:

    Pinckney Kroger had Croods but no Epic and both rang up $4.99….got two free copies bc I had two coupons…..thx so so much for posting.

    • 46

      I was at Pinckney Kroger this afternoon and it was $14.99. What gives? I definitely did not have the blue ray version.

  34. 47
    Cooker queen says:

    I went on Thursday night to the Pinckney Kroger…probably should have specified that sorry.

  35. 48

    If anyone still has these coupons…I just got Epic at the Grand Blanc Kroger’s yesterday (Saturday) & the coupon worked for me. They had a bunch of the Epic movie.

  36. 49

    I finally found a kroger with several Croods. But even with card they ring up $14.99 in Livonia on 5 mile.