School Supplies Deals: July 7-13, 2013

school supplies

It’s that time of year again to stock up on school supplies. Now and for the next couple of weeks stores are having the lowest prices on school supplies. Here are some of the best deals I have found this week. Please share any additional deals you find!

Office Max

Must have Max Perks Rewards card to get Max Perks bonus Rewards

$5.00 off $25.00 Office and School Supplies Office Max printable coupon

$0.01 Schoolio Paper Folders (limit 10 with $5.00 minimum purchase)

$0.01 Office Max White Glue, 4 oz (limit 2 with $5.00 additional purchase)

$6.99 Office Max 8.5×11 Multipurpose Paper, 500 sheets
Pay $6.99, get $6.98 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
$0.01 after store rewards

$8.99 Office Max 14 Month Desktop Calendar
Pay $8.99, get $8.98 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards
$0.01 after store rewards

$0.20 Schoolio 1 Subject Notebook, 70 sheets (limit 2)

$0.50 Office Max Solid Color Composition Book (limit 5)

$1.00 Schoolio Colored Pencils, 12 pack (limit 5)

$1.00 Schoolio 1″ or 1.5″ 3-Ring Poly Binder (limit 5)

$1.00 Papermate Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil Starter Set, reg price $6.79 (after in-store coupon from Sales Ad in Sunday newspaper)

$1.00 Expo Chisel Tip 4 pack Dry Erase Markers, reg price $ 4.79 (after in-store coupon from Sales Ad in Sunday newspaper)

$1.00 Sharpie 12 pack Fine Point Permanent Markers, reg price $7.99 (after in-store coupon from Sales Ad in Sunday newspaper)

$129.00 Nook HD 8GB
*Free $50.00 Office Max Gift Card with purchase of any Nook HD or HD+ Tablet*
$79.99 after Gift Card


$0.01 Staples Penny Cap Erasers, 12 ct (limit 2 with $5.00 minimum purchase, excludes extreme deal items)

$0.01 Staples 3×5 Ruled Index Cards, 100 ct (limit 2 with $5.00 minimum purchase, excludes extreme deal items)

$0.01 Bic Roundstick Ball Point Pens, 8 pack (limit 2 with $5.00 minimum purchase, excludes extreme deal items)

$6.99 Staples Multipurpose Paper, 500 sheets
Pay $6.99, get back $6.98 in Staples Rewards
$0.01 after store rewards

$0.25 Avery Insertable Dividers, 5 tab (limit 2)

$1.00 Bic Matic Grip .7 mm Mechanical Pencils, 6 pack
-$1.50/2 Bic printable coupon (enter giveaway and fill out form to get coupon)
$0.25 each when you buy 2 with coupon


$0.44 No. 2 Yellow Pencils, 7 ct (limit 10)

$0.50 Crayola Crayons, 24 ct (limit 10)

$0.50 Elmer’s Glue, 4 oz or Glue Sticks, 2 ct (limit 10)

$0.82 150 Sheets Filler Paper (limit 20)

Toys R Us

B1G2 All Crayola Crayons, Markers and Paper
-$1.00/1 Crayola Dry Erase Product printable coupon

B1G2 All Color Wonder and Xtreme Coloring
-$1.00/1 Color Wonder printable coupon




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  1. 2

    Melissa says

    Summer is nice but school is coming. I just bought some school supplies at Meijer a couple of days ago.

  2. 3

    Lisa says

    Buy a backpack and get a lunchbox free at Toys R Us. We went there today and most of the backpacks were $15.

  3. 4

    RANDY K says

    F.Y.I. :

    • 5

      melissa1 says

      Thanks, it was still limit 10 when I bought some Sunday. But I only bought 4.

  4. 6

    Emily says

    I know you need a coupon for the Sharpies at office max…does anyone know if you can show them a digital coupon or if they have ads in store? I didn’t get an ad in the paper. And I really need Sharpies! Lol!

    • 7

      melissa1 says

      They do not have the coupons in the store. My friend asked at the front desk and they gave her one. May depend on your store.

  5. 8

    Sarah says

    Are any of these stock up prices?? I noticed nothing is Marked in green and I’m not sure if I should jump on all of them, or just get a few and wait for lower prices on some of the other. I remember Meijer doing a great deal on some crayons and stuff last year but I don’t remember how low the prices get for some of the others

    • 9

      melissa1 says

      The Glue Sticks are a good price, I like Elmer’s. The Crayons are a good price but someone may have them for .25 soon. Any other time of the year I would make them green but with many stores having their penny sales and school supply deals its hard to tell. Hope this helps.

      • 10

        Sarah says

        Sure does! Thanks Melissa! I ran up during lunch and got:
        1 box of Sharpies (12ct),
        2 packages of Expo Markers (4ct)
        4 packages Mechanical Pencils Starter kits (these come with two pencils, extra lead and erasers)
        5 Packages (5 ct.) z-grip pens
        1-dual pack scissors
        2 school glue
        2 comp notebooks
        Electric pencil sharpener
        all for $25.46! Saved a total of $63.26. I am definitely happy for what I spent :) Thank you for your help!