Kroger ends double coupons in Central Division stores

kroger coupon policy changes

Kroger just announced plans to eliminate double couponing effective July 31 at its Central Division stores, which cover 136 stores across 5 states. Most Central Division stores are located in Indiana, Illinois and Eastern Missouri, with one each in Northwest Ohio and Michigan. Though these coupon policy changes DO NOT affect metro Detroit area Kroger stores, they always manage to create a stir among coupon shoppers nearby. Here are the details you need to know.

The Central Division covers the following areas (thanks, Monroe on a Budget)!

  • Indiana: major cities are Indianapolis & Fort Wayne
  • Illinois: major cities are Peoria, Bloomington and Decatur
  • Missouri: 3 stores in Rolla, Troy and Warrenton
  • Ohio: 1 store in Defiance
  • Michigan: 1 store in Sturgis

The following information was shared on the official Kroger Facebook page:

In an effort to provide all of our customers with the most value for their dollar, we’re implementing a New Lower Prices program. Effective July 11, we’re reducing prices on thousands of everyday items that you and your family rely on. To make this possible, on July 31 we’re discontinuing our practice of doubling (up to 50 cents) manufacturer coupons in the Central region. We will continue to accept manufacturer coupons and other coupons at face value, including digital coupons, e-coupons, Catalina coupons and printable coupons.

We truly believe these changes reflect our efforts in providing the best shopping experience to all of our customers. We hope that you’ll come in and see our new low prices as well as the many other ways to save.

• Downloadable, clip-free coupons daily on
• Weekly sales and special sales events, such as Mega Event and Cart Busters
• Fuel savings program that offers up to $1 off per gallon when you redeem up to 1,000 fuel points at Kroger Fuel Centers
• 10 cents off per gallon at participating Shell stations
• Loyal customer mailings containing customized coupons
• $4/$10 generic drug pricing (see pharmacy for details)
• Faster checkouts

Apparently, coupon shoppers are in the minority. Only 7 percent of Kroger shoppers are actually taking advantage of the double manufacturer coupon bonus. Others are using digital discounts. When Kroger tracked grocery purchases, they found most shoppers looking for discounts on produce, natural foods, organics and general merchandise. Kroger plans to lower prices specifically in those categories.

Kroger Coupon Policy Changes (including an end to double coupons)

What do these Kroger Coupon Policy Changes mean for Michigan Division shoppers?

For most of us, it means nothing. YET.

Kroger stores in the Michigan division have not announced any changes to their coupon policy. (If you’re in Michigan near the Indiana border, you may be affected by the Central division change).

However, the coupon policy for stores in Michigan is likely to face revision in coming months as Kroger examines the success of various policies, including double coupons. If the face value (“no doubles”) coupon policy proves to be successful along with lowered prices in these nearby regions, there is a possibility it will encourage changes to trickle down into Michigan Kroger stores.

If you’ve been using coupons for any length of time, you know that coupon policy change is not uncommon. Though it seems depressing, the economy (and questionable shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing) has forced stores to rethink market strategies.

*I will continue to update this post with any additional details or clarifications.*

There may come a day when no stores in any Michigan grocery chain will double coupons. And if (or when) it does, will it change the way you shop? Or will you still be trying to save money?

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  1. 1

    Shelley W says

    Since I started shopping at Aldi, I don’t use coupons anymore. I’ve cut down my newspaper buying from 6 to 1. I live in a house with 5 people and all either unemployed, in school full time, or living off of retirement. I’ve decided that it’s worth the drive to shop at Aldi than it was to go to Meijer or Kroger (which are both within 5 minutes of my home).

  2. 2

    o says

    Krogers in Toledo is part of the Great Lakes division of Kroger not the central division as listed. The areas that I beleive they will still double will be only markets where they have a lot of compeition If they stop here I will probably give more of my food dollars to Walmart (where their prices are lower already

    • 3


      Thanks – I’ve received confirmation from readers that Toledo/Perrysburg stores are not included in the change. I’ll update that.

    • 6

      Louann says

      Yes, that sounds like a stupid excuse that isn’t valid. They will still have to do the same work processing coupons even if they don’t double them. Why alienate even a minority of your shoppers if you can help it?

  3. 7

    Jamie says

    Thank you for all the info and clarifying this. You are always on top of things. Thanks again for all your help and hard work! You make life much easier :)

  4. 9


    I have to drive over 30 minutes (26 miles) from my home. Walmart and VGs however are just 5 minutes away. I think if they stopped doubling I would just shop at Walmart or VGs instead. It just wouldn’t be worth my gas anymore.

  5. 10

    Sarah D says

    My Jackson Meijer stopped doubling earlier this year. It was really sad, but I’ve just realized that my “stock up” price will be higher on things. I shop a lot at Kroger just to hit their deals, so with double coupons I always save the most there over Meijer. However I buy most of my produce at Meijer, so I tend to see less savings. There are certain name brand products we use in our home, & since I cant see that changing, unfortunately we are going to see a rise in our grocery bill.

  6. 11

    Kristy says

    Stopped shopping at Kroger almost a year ago, Don’t miss it one bit. There coupon policy changes every other day at the Kroger I used to go to and just became to much of a hassle! Aldi’s will rule the world someday as far as I am concerned, Kroger could close their doors and I would not even be a little bit sad to see it go!

  7. 12

    Kimmy says

    Sadly it will really hit our family hard if they stop doubling coupons. I save so much money on non-edibles with coupons that it will be hard to make up the difference. If they quit doubling coupons I doubt I would continue to buy coupons at all. I would go to Dollar General/Family dollar for non perishables and Aldis for most of my other groceries as I do now. I will probable look to “healthy/low cost” ingredients such as beans and rice to stretch my grocery dollar more!!

  8. 13

    angela says

    Couponers are only 7% of their business? really?? no wonder Kroger treats couponers so bad at the macomb, michigan area. They just don’t care about our business, and want us not to come to their stores.

    Really??? Are others so rich in this country that they don’t use coupons? Let them stop doubling the coupons, then they will find out how much it will affect their business.

  9. 14

    Nicole A says

    I will always shop Kroger, even if they stop doubling in metro Detroit. I have shopped Kroger for years. I noticed that the prices have dropped in their stores lately. With the deals on gas it cant be beat! I have saved so much on gas with all of their promotions. I also take advantage of their prescription transfer program, being a couponer that takes a huge chunk off my bill. Plus lately every Friday they offer free products to download! How awesome is that? I have noticed lately that companies are putting out coupons that don’t even double. .55 or higher. My receipts show the changes and with a family of 5 we are doing great at Kroger. Thanks Jolyn for all of your hard work I have been a fan for at least 3 years!

  10. 15

    Margaret Lauinger says

    HI Jolyn,
    I love your blog.
    As for coupon doubling, I was invited to do a meijer customer survey via email a few weeks ago, and it explained that come March of 2014 all meijer stores were not doubling coupons anymore. Again, they were really pushing the digital mperks coupons. So…with that said I believe with time doubling coupons will be a thing of the past. Bummer! I guess we couponers will just have to adjust.

    • 17

      Connie says

      No, Findlay is in the the Columbus region. I imagine since all the stores around us are stopping, the rest of us will see it too.