Meijer to end double coupons in Michigan?

Meijer No Double Coupons

Sadly, LeAnn reported seeing this sign at a Meijer location in Jackson, Michigan (Airport Road). Other readers have shared seeing the same signs in other Meijer stores around Michigan. You’ll want to look for this sign to appear (or not) in your store:

To keep our everyday prices low,
[Meijer] will no longer double coupons after 3/30/13.
Enjoy even easier savings with digital coupons (mPerks).

Meijer double coupons will end?

Of course, I don’t need to tell YOU that it’s not a good sign. In fact, I’m devastated to share this coupon news with you. Meijer stores in western and northern Michigan already don’t double any coupon values. After shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing brought to light the abuse of some coupon-users and Kroger announced that they’ll be eliminating double coupons in some locations, this doesn’t come as a complete surprise. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s a welcome change, either.

Signs like the one above will be posted in all stores affected by this Meijer coupon policy change.

UPDATE: Meijer has addressed this issue in response to customer concerns posted on their Facebook page. Though they haven’t made an official announcement on the page, this information was shared in response one customer’s post:

It’s true that we are eliminating double coupons in our Battle Creek, Lansing, Ft. Wayne and South Bend Markets. As a course of business, we will continue to evaluate other markets to determine the appropriate coupon strategy for that specific market based on our opportunity to reinvest in low prices across all of our items. Double coupons only affect a certain percentage of items. We believe that investing in lower prices across the store is more of a benefit to our customers. We will still accept coupons at face value, and are still offering great savings with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons.

Which Meijer stores will be affected by this coupon policy change?

After contacting Meijer corporate today, I learned that Meijer will not release a list of the stores ending double coupons. You can either look for a sign or contact your store. If the employees are not helpful, you can ask for a store director.

If you’re willing, please call your store to confirm their policy effective 3/31/13. Then post here and together we can build a more exact list. The following stores have been contacted. Remember this is not an official list from Meijer:

Meijer Stores that will END Double Coupons
According to reports from Meijer personnel, this change affects 29 total stores in 4 markets (Battle Creek, Ft. Wayne, Lansing and South Bend) effective after 3/30/13:

  • Allen Park, MI
  • Bath, MI
  • Charlotte, MI
  • Coldwater, MI
  • Dewitt, MI
  • Ft. Wayne, IN
  • Goshen, IN
  • Grand Ledge, MI
  • Jackson, MI
  • Lansing, MI
  • Mason, MI
  • Mt. Pleasant, MI
  • Okemos, MI
  • Owosso, MI
  • South Bend, IN
  • Waterford, MI

Meijer Stores that will CONTINUE Double Coupons
NOTE: These stores may have avoided the 3/30/13 change, but be prepared for all Meijer stores to follow suit at some point down the road. The latest rumors say these stores could change policy in September. Or that stores will continue to double coupons only on certain dates.

  • Adrian, MI
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Auburn Hills, MI
  • Avon, IN
  • Bay City, MI
  • Belleville, MI
  • Brighton, MI
  • Canton, MI
  • Chesterfield, MI
  • Clinton Township, MI
  • Fort Gratiot, MI
  • Fraser, MI
  • Hartland, MI
  • Howell, MI
  • Livonia, MI
  • Madison Heights, MI
  • Marysville, MI
  • Midland, MI
  • Northville, MI
  • Oxford, MI
  • Port Huron, MI
  • Rochester Hills, MI
  • Roseville, MI
  • Saginaw, MI
  • Shelby Township/Utica, MI
  • Sterling Heights, MI
  • Warren, MI
  • Westland, MI
  • White Lake, MI
  • Wixom, MI
  • Woodhaven, MI
  • Ypsilanti, MI

So what can we do?

If you see the “we [Meijer] will no longer double coupons” sign in your store:

  • Share your concerns. If you see a sign like this one in your store that announces the end of Meijer double coupons, share your concerns respectfully with your store director by phone or email. Complete the survey at the bottom of your receipt(s). While this isn’t likely to change the outcome, it will make them take notice of the effect this has on their loyal shoppers (or so we hope).
  • Be kind to cashiers. While it was not their choice to change the coupon policy, they will need to scan your coupons as part of their job. They do not deserve the backlash they may receive from disappointed customers; this change is likely to make their days more difficult and they could use a little extra grace.
  • Roll with the punches. If you’ve been using coupons for any length of time, you’ll know that changes in policy are beyond shopper control – and they actually happen quite often. Do your best to save where you can, when you can, within the rules you are given.

Have you seen this sign in your Meijer store announcing the end of double coupons? Please comment.


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  1. 1

    Donna says

    This is devestating! I guess I will be splitting up where I buy groceries based on what I need or whats on sale.

  2. 2


    I have not seen this in Traverse City, but they don’t double our coupons anyways! Ya’ll are lucky to have (or have had) that option!

  3. 3

    Ray says

    It is so sad… Meijer was doing a great job with extra “Box Tops for Education”. Now they do a back step and eliminate double coupons? Guess I will look to where I can get my groceries cheaper…

  4. 4

    Nicole A says

    We will just have to hold out for those high value coupons! If other states can do it so can we…I know it totally sucks! But compaired to most states we have had it good. Dont rule out buschs and hillers and the other MI stores that still double. Target is great with taking both manu and store coupons! Hopefully Kroger wont change their policy for a while. They will be getting really good buisness after March! Hang in there everyone we can do it!

  5. 8

    Dee Dee says

    Say it isn’t so. This is where I save my most and while I know there are some that abuse the system I never have and know most people don’t. Why are we the ones who do what’s right always have to pay for the ones that do wrong? It sucks!

  6. 10

    Janine says

    I think this “store loyalty” gimmick will backfire. The mperks deals are not very well matched up with their sales, and folks will head to stores that still double coupons.

    • 11

      VANESSA says

      I will shop sparingly now at Meijers. I can live without them anyway, just like I am living without JC Penney’s. They tried to fix what was not broken. Too bad.

  7. 12

    ashley says

    as a couponer and cashier there, i hope it doesn’t happen at my store because i know too many people that will end up being angry with me. but i mean, iknow we’re really trying to promote mperks bc we have to ask and my manager says we’ll have brochures about it soon..

    • 13

      JJ says

      Good luck with the customers! I know how it is when they yell at you for things that you have no control over at store level.

  8. 14

    Jennifer says

    Look what happened to JCP when they snubbed their loyal customers – the ones who depend on coupons to keep in their budget. Aldi’s gets more and more attractive! I already go there for my produce!

    • 15

      marie says

      A new Aldi’s just opened in Brighton and one of the managers there said the Aldi chain is doing very well and are opening 300 new stores every year!! They know that people need to save money and are looking for the best deal in this economy.

        • 17


          For me, this is a tradeoff I’m willing to take. I’d rather pack my own bags. And “renting” a cart means putting a quarter in to get it – and getting my quarter back when I put the cart back (it’s a small deposit so they don’t need to staff people to fetch carts).

          • 18

            JJ says

            50% of the time at my Kroger I had to bag my own groceries anyways. I am not going to stand there and do nothing while the cashier is ringing in all of my items and ALL of the coupons. I do not mind at all.

  9. 19

    Marianne says

    Wow…I am surprised to say the least. I am sure that Kroger will follow suit because Meijer will take the fallout for this. This has been a rumor at my local stores for years.
    Oh well, I will shop at multiple stores when necessary plus my local Aldi has great prices on a number of staples I use (nacho chips, veggie straws, cheese, nuts, produce, real maple syrup and some other items).
    And I hope I can always count on Kroger Manager specials too.

  10. 20

    judy axtell says

    I expect this to happen in all chains and independent stores. Once the slide begins, they all follow the path. This is the way any industry works. jmo. :-(

    • 21


      I would agree with you, Judy. I am not surprised by this – I’ve seen it coming. But I can’t be happy about it, regardless.

  11. 22

    Cyndi says

    I am wondering if the coupon values will go down now too if they don’t double. No more high-value coupons??? We buy our dairy at Aldi – especially milk…Randazzo’s in Westland for veggies – great prices

    • 23

      Wendy says

      Cyndi, You may already do this but when I’m in this Randazzos I also purchase their spices, olive oil, beans, pastas, bread also sometimes there canned goods beside the fruits and veggies.. The news about Meijers not doubling coupons is very depressing. Save a lot is another store people in the Westland area may want to check out. The Merriman and Ann Arbor Trl. store is a a very very clean store.

      • 24

        Jenna says

        Agreed, I’ve found myself getting lots of stuff at randazzo, plus it reminds me of when I was little at the open air markets. We love their balsamic vinegar. Also they had potatoe dumplings for 99 cents a couple weeks ago. Value center market at 6 and inkester has some great prices if you got through stuff fast.

    • 25

      Kristen says

      I grew up going to randazzo’s and now that I am in grand rapids I really miss it!

  12. 26

    Pam says

    I will check my store today. So far our Kroger is still double couponing. I live in Lexington KY. Aldi’s is looking good. The only stores in my area that double coupons are Kroger and Meijer. I guess we will see.

    • 27

      Erin says

      Pam, my husband and I are moving next month to Elizabethtown, KY and I would love to know more about couponing there. Any information you’d be willing to share would be great!

  13. 28

    diane says

    This is the worst couponing news I have ever gotten :( I love Meijer but will start going to Kroger if they stop doubling.

  14. 29

    Carrie L says

    Well it looks like I won’t be shopping at Meijer much anymore. I would go out of my way to shop there because they doubled coupons,(The closest Meijer was 40 min away). I guess I’ll be price comping at Walmart more often.

  15. 30

    Sarah Williams says

    When most of the stores stopped doubling to $1 years ago I mostly started shopping at Aldi unless there were fantastic deals somewhere. I now shop once a month (except for produce) and have saved even more by doing that. Why buy one box of crackers or bag of chips when I can buy 4 of each to last the month? It isn’t like it would go bad in that amount of time :) I freeze my milk and just take it out as needed. Might not work for all, but it works for my family :)

    • 31

      JJ says

      I agree with you! I never understood why you would only want to buy a little container of dish soap. It’s not like it goes bad! Give me a gallon!

    • 32

      Eric Pratt says

      Does Aldi run advertised specials like Meijer does? Much of our savings comes from matching mfg. coupons with store specials. Also, the Aldi on the west side of Lansing is quite small. I’m guessing they are in for a huge boom in business!

  16. 34

    Traci brown says

    I havent seen my store yet but will check today. But if I can point out a major abuse is those swap sites on facebook. I know the port huron one had a category just to resell stuff they got with coupons. I complained because i didnt think it was ethical. I said companies would start becoming more strict on coupons. Within seconds 40 pple liked my comment but the administrators took down my post. Maybe bargains to bounty can publish their opinion on this practice?

  17. 38

    Amy says

    We have the local store that doubles up to $1.00 but their prices and selection are so out of line there is no point.

    Then we have the store that doubles up to 50 cents but not if it makes the item free. If it makes the item free they won’t double. And if computer printed they turn you away all the time. If it is a nice coupon they automatically say it is probably illegal and won’t take it even if it says something like coupons or redplum right around the edges. :(

  18. 39

    Leslie says

    In West Michigan Meijer has never done double coupons. I still shop there. I get good deals. Enjoy why you still have it.

  19. 40

    Krista C says

    Of course this is disappointing news. I have to say, though, that I honestly will stop shopping at traditional grocery stores as much as I do now if/when this happens at my Meijer. Kroger is already a rip off. I have been trying to migrate to more unprocessed foods lately, and I have been continuing to shop at Meijer a lot for the value I find on things like granola bars, etc. But I find that I shop more at Trader Joes and Whole Foods (which are a much further drive) to avoid GMOs and other nonsense in packaged foods, meat and dairy products. If the value I get at Meijer is diminished, I will probably decrease my shopping there accordingly and just finally accept that food is going to be a lot more expensive for my family of 6.

  20. 41

    Sherry says

    I donate a lot of food and non food I don’t have baby’s but I spend the few extra dollars that I save to help some one else out and if this happens donations will be going way down with coupon daily and every other I donated before Xmas over 7000 worth of food and non food to our local pantrys and military it will be very hard to do this without the doubling when I have my. Own children and grandchildren that live with us so sad

    • 43

      Krys says

      Exactly, for most this is feeding our families and having supplies, not a game of how much can you save. Some on the TLC show do it for familes but a lot its just conquering a good deal for sake.

  21. 45

    Krys says

    Well, good thing I shop at multiple stores, and that includes Aldis which is awesome for the basics especially when stores like Meijers and Krogers have poor sales. Those mperks are hard to manage, and take up more time then paper ones for me that is. How sad. Now is the time to step it up a notch on being creative, where we use coupons, stocking up better, and how diligent we are w/ our budgets.

  22. 46

    LeAnn says

    Im with you Sherry. I have a passion to do couponing just so I can donate $1000s in food and non food items to my local pantry. I would be really disappointed to have to give that up if coupons no longer doubled at Meijers. Fortunately I live in Ohio so it wont happen anytime soon but ya gotta wonder if Ohio is next. Otherwise if it was just for my own family I would stick with Aldis.

    • 47

      Karen says

      Sorry Leann, but I would say the writing is on the wall. Kroger stopped double coupons in Cincinnati….so I am sure this will happen at Meijer in Ohio soon too….

      • 48

        Jenna says

        I live near Columbus, OH, and there are multiple stores around here that double coupons. If one of them stopped, it would basically just hurt them and help the other stores. I think most of the stores that have stopped doubling seem like they are in areas with less competition. Meijer would not survive here if they stopped doubling.

  23. 49

    heather says

    Kroger in MI released a statement after the rumors started about not doubling coupons anymore. They said they have never discussed discontinuing double coupons in MI.

  24. 51

    Karen says

    Looks like Aldi and Costco will be getting more of my business……bottom line, I buy where stuff is the best value. Period. Without double coupons, Meijer will look a whole lot less attractive.

  25. 52

    theresa says

    “To keep their prices low”?? Walmart and aldi prices are lower on most things anyway. I am at meijer and kroger a lot for the double coupons but when that stops so will I . Thanks TLC for ruining savings for my family.

  26. 53

    Linn says

    I live in Ohio, and I called my local store to find out if they plan to do the same here. I was told that there will still be double coupons, but not every week. She couldn’t explain it any more than that because I guess that is all she has been told. I will definitely not go there when there is not double coupons because I can get better buys elsewhere.

    • 54

      michelle says

      The person I spoke with too mentioned something about this but then also was unable to clarify…She made it sound ad related, but that seems like it would be so confusing doubling some but not all.

      • 57

        Theresa says

        I just called my Chesterfield Mi location and she said that only some stores are affected. She read off a list but I couldnt write them fast enough. I did get Chesterfield, Lenox, Roseville, Washington and Hall Road but she listed several others in ‘this area’ that are NOT affected. I was waiting for the YET but she didn’t mention it but I am sure it is coming.
        It’s a sad day for couponing.

  27. 62

    Dollie Tackett says

    My daughter works at the Allen Park Meijer and she was told last night that this store is stopping the doubling at the end of the month!

  28. 63

    Kristen says

    I live in west Michigan where meijer doesn’t double coupons. I still find that their prices are better than most stores (except aldi on some items) we have to choose from. Frequently our prices vary from yours. Maybe you will get lower ad prices to adjust for the double coupons.

  29. 64

    Christy says

    First of all, am I seeing the sign right? Does it say Bargainstobounty on it? If so, are they blaming you? I hope not!! Anyways, if meijers wants to keep it’s prices low, then maybe they should stop giving away all of the pop with their $1 deals like last week. I saw some people buying cart loads of 2 liters of coke and pepsi products which I’m sure they stock their shelves at their party stores and then charge double to you and me for it. They don’t even go through a distribution with the companies. It makes me sick how these people don’t even get stopped and told to limit their purchase.

    • 65

      Jennifer says

      LOL – It’s a watermark – not what is on the sign. I had to do a double take too but bloggers put this on their photos sometimes – like a copyright!!

    • 66


      No, I just watermarked the picture to discourage other websites from copying it without credit. They aren’t blaming me! :)

  30. 67

    Wanda says

    I shop 1x per month. ALWAYS Meijers. I don’t do WalMart for ethical reasons and they don’t double coupons anyway. We live on a fixed income so we eat what’s on sale/clearance. Produce we buy at Randazzo. If they quit doubling coupons I will shop somewhere else. We need the discounts to survive. Not a game for us.

  31. 68

    David Bostedor III says

    I posted a picture of the big blue and white sign announcing the end of coupon doubling, located at the entrance of my Meijer, on the Meijer facebook page. I simply asked for an announcement or press release, and after some time, they finally posted a comment under the post. It reads:

    Meijer: “Yes, it’s true that we are eliminating double coupons in select markets starting March 30. As a course of business, we will continue to evaluate other markets to determine the appropriate coupon strategy for that specific market based on our opportunity to reinvest in low prices across all of our items. Double coupons only affect a certain percentage of items. We believe that investing in lower prices across the store is more of a benefit to our customers.

    However, we will still accept coupons at face value, and are still offering great savings with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons – which you can sign up for at”

    On another post, from another facebook user, Meijer responded, “April – Thank you for the feedback. In an effort to keep our everyday prices as low as possible, we will no longer double coupons in select stores, starting March 30. However, we will still accept coupons at face value, and are still offering great savings with everyday low prices, weekly specials and mPerks digital coupons – which you can sign up for at”

    They stated that it’s only happening at select stores. Now I’m curious what those “select” stores are.


  32. 70

    Jen says

    I called my store in belleville and they told me to look at the paper every sunday and it will tell you if they are doubling still lol, some answer.

      • 73

        Lisa B says

        Hi Stacey,
        Thank you for letting me know. I am hoping with the New Aldi’s, Brighton Meijer might keep their double coupon for a while :)

  33. 74

    tonya says

    Just to be clear- I’m sure most of you are talking about randazzo in westland or dearborn or warren not the randazzo that she does matchups for, correct? Both westland & dearborn have an aldi nearby too.

    • 75

      Rodney says

      Yeah, I think they are talking Randazzo produce market, not grocery store. I didn’t know they had locations in Dearborn & Warren. I almost always go to the Westland market, but there is also a Redford location. Westland is bigger, cleaner, just better all the way around. Westland also has a nursery in season, very good prices for veggie plants and flowers, plus they sell trees, shrubs, etc. Awesome place, but beware that they are WAY busy on weekends, and around any holiday it is totally ridiculous.

  34. 76

    jody reynolds says

    This is not very customer friendly move. There are other stores in our town of Jackson that will double coupons. You will lose a lot of business, includiing mine if you continue to go this direction.

  35. 77

    jaime says

    all I know is that the last 2 times I have shopped the check out clerks are pushing the M perks, I shopped at the Mason Meijer in the middle of the week and had a couple of coupons and the young male clerk asked me if I had ever heard of Mperks and did I have an account, same thing today

    • 78

      Lorraine says

      The cashier has to ask you if you have mperks or they will get in trouble for not asking.

      • 79

        CS says

        The cashier at the Lapeer Meijer was HIGHLY recommending Mperks to all the customers in line the other day, but she was also pushing the Meijer credit card too, so I don’t know what to think about that. Don’t they get a kickback every time they talk someone into applying for the Meijer credit card?

    • 80

      Abby says

      The Facebook post says that South Bend, IN stores will stop doubling :( I have another Meijer very close to me in Mishawaka – I will need to find out if they’re affected too. If so, that’s awful news. Meijer by far is (was) my fav store in the whole area! Their regular prices are not great, though, and they’re kidding themselves if they think they can smooth this over by claiming they’re going to focus more on competitive everyday pricing.

      I will probably end up shopping more at Aldi and Save a Lot and just go without more of the things that I can’t get there.

      • 81

        Erin says

        Abby if you find out will you post please. The one on Grape Road is Mishawaka Right??

  36. 82

    Jane says

    I just called corporate to see if my local Meijer was going to stop doubling coupons. The representative said only certain locations in Michigan were affected and she took the name of my local store and checked the list for me. If anyone has any questions or concerns, or would recommend calling the corporate office. I was told store #44, the one on Hill Road in Flint, was not affected.

    • 83

      angie says

      Thanks Jane! That is the store where I shop and your info saved me a call. Good news!

  37. 84

    Shanna says

    I just called the Goshen, In store & they are part of this. I could just cry. Oh well what can you do? I just will not buy a lot of the stuff I used to & will have to become even more of a savvy shopper. This will probably hurt their bottom line but who knows. It’s probably gone for good. :(

  38. 85

    Rebecca B. says

    I dont shop at Meijers tons but have enjoyed the double coupon deals. I try to hit Kroger in GB at least once a month but I also have Aldi locally, my kroger who doubles up to .50 and my local spartan store which is family owned that doubles I’m still good and thankful that we might still have opportunities to double. If it all goes away it will be terrible but if it does well that will just mean that we have to work that much harder to save money. Really I shop heavy in those stores when the farmers markets aren’t open. If double coupons go away maybe more people will cook from scratch, make their own cleaners, eat less meat and have a garden or go to the farmers market, to me that all sounds pretty good kind of like a silver lining but that’s just me.

  39. 86

    Olivia says

    More Aldi for me I guess! I already do a lot of my shopping there and Vince and Joe’s. If this happens pretty much all of my shopping will be there.

  40. 87

    Jessica says

    I wouldn’t think that the Meijer in Davison will be affected considering that there is a Kroger and VG’s that doubles up to $1 in the same town. Even if it is, I don’t shop there very much anyways, I get better deals at Kroger and enjoy the fuel points :-)

  41. 88

    Katie D. says

    My Meijer (Cadillac, MI) has never doubled coupons. I’m sorry for those it affects, but you’ll serve. All of Northern and West Michigan have made it for years!

  42. 89

    Esther a homeschool mom in Mid-Michigan says

    I just spoke with my sister-in-law that works at Meijer in Owosso and she said they just put the sign up today, without telling the employees first :(
    I’m assuming that Kroger and VG’s in the Owosso area won’t be too far behind, so sad :(

  43. 90

    Shirley says

    Dave, So Meijer’s will still accept the coupons at face value. Yes, but so does Walmart and they also ad match

  44. 92

    Kellianne says

    My husband and I have been loyal Meijer shoppers for THREE DECADES! I have been growing increasingly irritated with them. Their prices have skyrocketed!! If you don’t shop sales/coupons, you’re screwed. MPerks is a joke. It may or may not work. I used to be able to combine MPerks with a coupon. Not any more. I loved the Mealbox printable coupons and they discontinued that. The past 3 visits, I have been overcharged on items. Sizeable overages, well over $1.00 per item. I didn’t notice until I was home. I took the survey on the receipt and the store manager emailed me with her phone number. I’m calling tomorrow.
    I LOVED Meijer and saved so much on groceries there. I’ll be doing more shopping at Aldi and Costco, both of which have excellent deals and quality on produce. I’m really sad, though. I was so comfortable at Meijer. :(

  45. 93

    Rita says

    Pretty funny that they’re saying they’ll end doubling in Battle Creek when they never doubled at any Battle Creek location to begin with.

  46. 95

    lynn says

    just called my kokomo,IN meijer store its included after March 30 no more doubling.:(

    • 96

      Christine says

      NOOOO! That is my main store! I am going to need to see if Noblesville is included and see if the extra 15 minutes is worth it some weeks for double coupons.

  47. 97

    Randi says

    So the Airport Road Meijer in Jackson has a sign. Does anyone know about the Meijer on the other side of town?

  48. 98

    Joy says

    I returned a bakery item a few weeks ago & was speaking to a rep at the service desk that knows me fairly well because I’m a regular shopper. I told her that deals didn’t seem as plentiful as they were a year or so ago. She told me that when Fred Meijer died, a NON-FAMILY executive took over and changed many things, including the discounts that they were allowed to make. She indicated that it’s the first time in the history of the company that a NON-FAMILY member has been in charge and that the effects of changes have been felt throughout the company. She said that individual stores now have little control and that corporate decisions simply weren’t as “customer friendly” as they used to be. I don’t know yet if they’re discontinuing double coupons in Indianapolis. Marsh quit a while ago. I know I should know, but I don’t know if Kroger has quit yet or not. I blame that da**ed show Extreme Couponing for ruining so many things for so many of us!

  49. 99

    Emma says

    Sounds like it’s time to move back to co-op sharing of fresh produce items and barter and trade services for goods. Sure would save a ton on the grocery budget! I’d be happy to swap 2 hours of babysitting time for groceries or swap some tomatoes I grew for my neighbors corn. To heck with all the grocery stores and the pre-processed, preservative laden foods. Let’s go back to the 40’s and do it their way!

    • 102

      Christa H. says

      Noooooo! I am so disappointed. I don’t want to shop at walmart but I may have to now.
      Thanks for posting though.

  50. 103

    Judi Wydick says

    I called the Meijer in Livonia on Middlebelt and was told that they are NOT on the list to stop doubling coupons. :)

  51. 105

    Jenn says

    I think there are not enough couponers out there to make much of an impact. If we all just stopped shopping at Meijer, I don’t think it would matter to their bottom line. I don’t see people at the stores using coupons like I do, usually just “recreational” coupon users. :) Anyway, without doubling all of the savings will come out of the Manufacturers pocket so we may see better deals on mperks. Have faith. <3

  52. 106

    Lisa says

    It makes me angry, not so much for myself though I did enjoy the mperks and double coupons together. But it makes me angry for older people like my mom, she doesn’t have access to a computer much less would she know what to do with it if she did, so you’re taking the option of doubling coupons away people who have no options to replace that. If they do it at our local meijer she will definitely be going elsewhere, and she loves meijer. They’d be losing a loyal customer in both of us.

  53. 107

    Marnie says

    I will continue to shop at Meijer whether they double coupons or not. They are a Michigan-based company.

    • 108

      Shawn says

      I will as well for the same reasons but they wont be receiving as much of my sales.

  54. 109

    Amanda says

    At the Lapeer Meijers now i asked was told they were unsure if this store would be affected by the due not double at the end of the month nobody seems to know what’s going on. Yes they def are pushing mperks. Meijer will loose my business. About the only way you get a good deal at meijer a is with double coupons.

  55. 110

    Nicole A says

    Unfortunatley, the people who “clear” the shelves should blame themselves! Just last week I went to Meijer at 8:00 am and all of the smart balance milk was gone. The cashier said someone came in and bought 12 of them! Since they were all high value coupons they had to take them. See they are watching greedy people like this and it is making it hard on All of us!

  56. 111

    cbus says

    Meijer and Krogers is trying this out in certain markets (only) to start and then if the stores do ok and the profit margins dont take a dive it will soon be all of their stores. All we can hope for is that with the economy as bad as it is the majority of people will not be able to afford to shop there without doubling, Personally i think Meijer and Kroger both have extremely high prices and are only affordable with a sale item and double coupon combo. All stores are struggling to compete with walmart but im sure to stop doubling coupons is not the answer.
    I too am from Columbus Ohio and without double coupons Meijer would cease to exist around here in no time flat and im afraid kroger wont be far behind them and they are out of business Walmart can then raise their prices because they have no competition… Sorry i will get off my soap box now…..

  57. 112

    O says

    It is fortunate that the stores in the Detroit area are still doubling coupons,but some shoppers are going to walmart and target for their grocery needs,there is a lot of compeition for the food dollar here (drug stores,dollar stores,family dollar,dollar general,target,walmart, among others) if you look at the prices in those stores most of them are lower than the regular supermarkets and they only give you face value for your coupons.Meijers here will still be doubling coupons according to a lady who works at the Royal Oak store.I will find out more about the Meijer deal (I heard about this on WWJ radio this morning).

  58. 113

    cbus says

    On a side note not saying im old but…. I remember back before the Walmart Monster reared its ugly head when Meijer and Kroger did not do doubles every week it was only maybe once or sometimes twice a month, If they had to go back to that it wouldnt be as bad as just stop doubling coupons completely JMO.

  59. 114

    Pamela says

    Fort Gratiot, MI Meijer will NOT be stopping the double coupons! I didn’t really wanna have to go to Kroger,

  60. 115

    Nina says

    I am fortunate to live where there are many options for grocery shopping. I live in canton and shop weekly (or more!)at Randazzos produce,Heartland marketplace and Aldi in westland. meijer gets my business when good sales match up w coupons but really it’s too big and not an easy shop with 2 small children. both Kroger and meijer will get less of my money if/when coupon policies change. looking forward to the farmers markets in the spring!

  61. 116

    Ashley says

    Just confirmed with my manager that the mount pleasant store will stop doubling too :(

  62. 118

    tnteacher28 says

    Has anyone seen the signs at the Flint area stores? I was at the Hill Rd. and Center Rd. locations yesterday and did not see any of these signs.

    • 119

      Marianne says

      I was wondering too about Genesee County stores, no signs that I could see at either of those locations.

  63. 120

    Laura S says

    That sam’s club deal on living social just got a lot more attractive. I haven’t shopped there, anyone have a membership, how are their prices compared to aldis and such? Would it be worth it for a 2–3 person household? I’ve been going to eastern market for produce, they have some really good deals especially at the end of the day when people start packing up.

    • 121

      Sarah D says

      We are a 2adult household, and I use Sams club for things like buying Sugar, flour, rice, & popcorn in bulk. We store it in 5gal buckets, and it lasts a long time. Before I started couponing, I bought alot more there. We also buy Swanson Chicken broth in cans, & Nestle water. Country Crock butter is cheaper there when you cant find it on sale w/coupons. I definetly think its worth the Sams membership, even just for the savings in gas!

  64. 124

    Tracy says

    I call the 1005 E. Thirteen Mile Rd Madison Heights, Michigan 48071. They told me they store was not on the list to stop doubling.

  65. 125

    Lady Di says

    I will purchase less and save more money. I stock up and donate additional items to the needy when I use many coupons.

  66. 126


    We just had an Aldi open in town and it has been pretty busy. I do like their prices more than than the Meijjer, Kroger and VGs in town and have been shopping there. So far we are still on the Meijer doubling list, but if they stop I will most likely do less shopping there.

  67. 127

    Krissy says

    My mom just said she heard on Fox 2 that all Meijers are stopping double coupons. Don’t know if this is true or they were misinformed. So sad if this is true. I often made the trip to Meier in order to take advantage of their deals because of the double coupons. I live in a small town, so I don’t have as many options. Otherwise, I’ll be PMing a lot more at Walmart because it’s a lot closer.

    • 128

      O says

      The Meijers in the Detroit area are NOT affected by the ending of double coupons FOX 2 had this wrong it is outstate .

  68. 129

    Miranda Ping says

    I am personally effected with the Double coupons ending here in Cincinnati Ohio, and the only place around me that doubles is Meijer, for now, but they probably will quit soon also, I am just going to start Price matching at Walmart a lot more, because of the gas prices to go to Meijer for something that they have on sale is out of the question, if I can get it at walmart, and the same for Kroger, I personally want to shop at Aldi’s but that is just as far as Meijer, so all we can do is pray and let God provide for us as he has done in the past.

  69. 131

    Melinda says

    I saw on the news this morning they said EVERY in Michigan store would eliminate doubling by the end of the month…

  70. 133

    SuziQ says

    Thank you so much for reminding people that it’s not the cashier’s fault. I work in the front end and usually we do take the brunt of everybody’s displeasure.

    • 134


      I’ve been a cashier – and I know it can be a thankless job, plus very stressful when you have to enforce policy that you are not responsible for… :( Hang in there, Suzi.

  71. 137

    Nichole B says

    I just spoke with the White Lake Meijer and Betty at the Service Desk stated that they and also the Auburn Hills store are NOT included in the stores that are stopping coupon doubling.

  72. 139

    Tanya says

    I called my Midland, MI store and somehow was transferred to the corporate office. I was told that the Midland store will not completly stop doubling coupons, but will only double them on weeks that it is advertised. The lady I talked to said the same would apply to Saginaw stores. The Mt. Pleasant store is on the list of stores who will completly stop doubling as of March 30.

    • 140

      Tanya says

      Just talked to the manager from the Midland store and she said they will continue to double coupons every week.

  73. 142

    Shanna Hartwell says

    Westland and Canton stores will continue to double. The lady at the service desk checked a list that she had, but said she cannot release the list and can only check individual stores for people who ask.

  74. 143

    Shelly says

    I just called the Ypsi (Carpenter Road) and 2 Ann Arbor Stores (Ann Arbor Saline Rd and Jackson Rd). All 3 of these locations WILL CONTINUE to double coupons!

  75. 144

    Ashlee says

    Allen Park will not be doubling after 3-30-13, Woodhaven will, just received a reply from Meijer on their Facebook page.

  76. 147

    Courtney says

    I was already disappointed with Meijer when they stopped doing the discounted meat from the deli at the end of the night. It was at least 40% off. When I asked the person working in the deli why, she said I don’t know they just said we can’t do it anymore, it’s stupid because we just have to throw it away. Why wouldn’t you want to make some money on it opposed to none? I saw tons of people always there for the discounted meat. Now the coupons…I love Meijer too, ugh!

    • 148

      Joy says

      I asked them the same question when I made a return a while ago. That’s when the service desk informed me that the policies changed after Fred Meijer died and a non-family member became the new executive in charge. She said they were no longer allowed to make large discounts to move food out. The discounts were lower & those items that aren’t sold are thrown away.

  77. 149

    Judi says

    I called the Livonia store on Sunday and found out that they are NOT on the list to stop doubling coupons come 3/30/13.

  78. 150

    Deb says

    I recently moved from Lansing to grand haven and was shocked to find out that no meijer stores around here double! And meijer has like a monopoly on the grocery market, all they have around here s meijer. I actually drive every few months to Howell to shop at the kroger that doubles to a dollar. I still save even with paying for gas! I wish Kroger would move to this side of the state and put in a store and allow doubling, that would be awesome!

  79. 151

    Geralyn says

    If my Meijers stops doubling coupons I will NOT be spending my Major grocery bill at their store. It’s hard enough to make ends meet these days now this!

  80. 152

    Joy says

    I stopped in two Meijer stores today in Central Indiana. I went to the Carmel Store and also to the Pike Store. I was specifically looking for the sign saying no more doubles. I did NOT see the sign in either store. I’ll be back at the Pike store tomorrow and have a good relationship with some of the cashiers and service desk employees. I’ll have more time and will ask them if (or more likely WHEN) their stores will stop doubling.

    Marsh stopped doubling a while ago. Kroger is still doubling as of earlier today. Hopefully Kroger & Meijer will continue to double, but realistically, I suspect our days of doubling in Indianapolis will come to an end also. :(

    • 153

      Joy says

      Today I was doing the paper towel deal one more time (Bounty Dura Towel / Meijer towels). It ran through today in the Indianapolis area. Anyway, after my $3 coupon printed, another catalina printed that said coupons would no longer double after 3/30/13. The cashiers & service desk knew nothing about it and there were no signs up. I’m bummed!

      • 154

        Jenn says

        Let’s hope that catalina was just mentioning it for the other stores. I called both the Greenwood and Southport, IN stores and spoke with managers. They both said that they still are going to be doubling and are not affected.

        • 155

          Joy says

          I’m hoping it that the catalina message was somehow tied to a regional thing & was a mistake for this area. I did the paper towel deal 4 times yesterday at Pike and in Avon. I only received the Catalina regarding no Doubles one time. I know that the competition in this area is tight & that’s why CUB pulled out of the market several years ago. Marsh is a significant player in this market and even though their prices are higher, they still have a large piece of market share. Given that we have SuperWalmart, SuperTarget, SuperKmart, Meijer, Kroger, Aldi, and Save-A-Lot too, I’m hoping that the competitive nature will keep them doubling here for a while longer.

  81. 156

    Pam says

    I have also noticed that the mperks coupons being offered are almost all manufacturers coupons now. The original benefit to the mperks site (at least to me) was to be able to obtain and use their store coupons stacked with a manufacture coupon on the same item. There are very few “meijer” store coupons on the site right now which of course eliminates stacking a “meijer” coupon with a manufacturer coupon on the same item. and they have done away with the Meijer mealbox coupons which were “meijer” store coupons as well. I am very disappointed as this ends being able to save a decent amount of money on an item. Just using a manufacturers coupon – not doubled- is really not much of a savings – especially since manufacturers have cut back on their coupon values and the output of available coupons. Most today are either a pitiful amount off or you have to buy 2 or 3 of an item to save $1. I blame a lot of this on the Extreme Couponing shows and people who abuse the use of coupons. Its too bad.

    • 157

      Jill says

      regarding Mperks…. if the Mperk coupon does not work as per the site…. GOOD LUCK, I had trouble with it several times and (even had the print copy) the courtesy desk could NOT help except to give me an 800#. What a hassle. NO THANKS.

  82. 158

    Kris says

    I am thrilled two of my local Target stores are going to be opening up a large grocery department in a couple weeks. This happens just in time when Meijer stops doubling. I believe Meijer is going to get hit hard by their new restrictions. Especially, since Target prices are cheaper and now is expanding their grocery department.

  83. 160

    Anna says

    Luckily my store is not being affected. My family has not only survived but been able to help others the last 2-3 years because of couponing. I don’t clear shelves but I make sure I get enough to last until next sale. I also do all shopping for our small title 1 school events. I love helping others and thanks to coupons am more able. I hope our store is safe for a while, I would hate to have to stop helping.

  84. 161

    Dori says

    I just left the Monroe store, which still doubles. I told the cashier what I had heard about the coupons, and she said that they expect it to be chain-wide eventually. She also asked me if I had heard of stupid Mperks. After her obligatory promotion of Mperks, she went on to say that she is shocked that Meijer is doing this, and doesn’t know what they are thinking. She fully expects their sales to drop.

    I don’t really use Mperks that much because it’s a pain to root through 17 pages of coupons to find what I could use. I wish you could search by actual product, not just category.

  85. 162

    Joy says

    I don’t mean to beat this to death, but today I called Meijer using the phone number on their website (under contact us). I knew the store numbers for the 2 stores I shop at most frequently. The operator was ver friendly and looked up my stores and said that they are NOT impacted. They will continue to double. The stores where I shop most frequently are Pike Plaza in Indianapolis and the Carmel store. Both of these stores are in the Indianapolis market. I told the rep that I received a Catalina yesterday at the Pike store indicating that doubles would stop. She indicated that it was probably just a heads up about other stores. She encouraged me to use mPerks and I (in a very friendly way) said that she “HAD” to tell me that. She said that she really liked mPerks. I then told her that I didn’t like having to go through 18 pages of online coupons to find the ones I wanted. She then told me that the more I used mPerks, that the computer would know what I bought and it would begin narrowing the coupons for me. She made it sound like a benefit (and to some it might be), but it sounded a little too Big Brother for my taste. In short, the Indianapolis market does NOT seem to be impacted at this time. This DESPITE the fact that a Catalina was produced yesterday telling me otherwise at one of the stores that is NOT impacted. Time will tell! Thanks for reading & I hope I’m not going on too long about this.

  86. 163

    Lucy A says

    I don’t shop so much at Meijer during the winter since it is farther away. We are limited to one car which I get use of on weekends (when I do not have working hours during weekends). Sometimes I spend less money when I don’t see all those “deals”. I use the local Kroger deals of discounted produce and meat to try to keep to my budget as much as possible. I also use those Gorton Foods $5 off $50 coupons to buy some of my staples in bulk.

  87. 164

    Jamie says

    So much negativity :). With Kroger displaying a willingness to drop double coupons, and Meijer already doing so in select stores (including within Metro Detroit), we should expect double coupons to end soon. And it will create a domino effect among other retailers — ultimately, the ones that continue to double will absolutely need to in order to attract business.

    For most people, the change will have minimal effect. The majority of consumers do not use coupons regularly, and the ones that do typically use a minimal amount. Like everyone else here, I use more than the average person but the change will have minimal effect on my purchases; 50c or less coupons account for a very small number of my redemptions. And when Meijer offers products such as Chex Mix, Wolf Chili and Chi Chi’s Salsa for $1, even using the coupons at face value makes them a good deal — much cheaper than you could get elsewhere including private label purchases. I’ll stop buying name-brand cookies, granola bars and soup — products in which doubles typically makes competitive with private-label brands.

    Yes, the change sucks, but even for most couponers it’ll cost them at most a few bucks per week. The persons most effected by these changes are the ones that, for example, redeem 20 coupons for free Chi Chi’s salsa over multiple trips. And most of these consumers aren’t purchasing their produce, meat or deli items from Meijer — they’re going to whosoever the cheapest. Not only is Meijer losing money off their business … but when another non-couponing consumer comes into the store for the 10-for-10 sale & tries to purchase Chi Chi’s salsa, Chex Mix and Wolf Chili — only to find the items wiped from the shelf — he/she may walk out and take their business elsewhere.

    You and I may not like the change, but you can see why it may need to be done. The recession and extreme couponing has already lead to a sharp reduction in coupon offerings — coupons were regulars for items like Dannon Yogurt and Hot Pockets, now they’re rare — and now it’s hurting us more.

    • 165

      Marnie says

      Thanks Jamie-I feel like a minority on this subject. I hear people say all the time that they do not use coupons, or “forget” to use them. And, the stores can do whatever they want. The stores which are not on the lists for stopping doubling, can still stop doubling if they want to-usually it’s up to the management, sort of like the whole Kroger stores not being consistent with double dollars. I remember back in the 1980’s (yes, I have been couponing and rebating since then!) when my local A & P would have a double or triple coupon “day.” Doubling all of the time was unheard of back then. Do I like the changes coming with two teenage boys in my home? Nope! But, I will deal with it. I tried not shopping at my local Kroger when their coupon policies became so crazy, but I still shop there when they have mega sales, or there is a really good sale with a coupon. I will continue to shop where the best deal is, whether it’s Meijer, Kroger, VG’s or my little local Spartan Store. I don’t shop at Aldi for my own reasons. Why would I stop shopping at Meijer when they are a Michigan-based business who gives back so much to our communities? Plus, they have so much more than groceries! Just my opinion…..

  88. 166

    Jill says

    I agree with a few comments about wishing Meijer could keep double coupons at LEAST on occasion (twice a month ? ).
    I feel like manufacturer coupons have been getting higher face value and therefore cant be doubled anyway.
    I am a devote couponer but I have never gotten any crazy savings like anything close to the extreme coupon shows. I HATE those shelf clear out people- REALLY who needs 70 mustards?
    I do use Mperks but it freaks me out that everything is tracked and it is a HASSLE to use.

  89. 167


    Oh No is right…I use coupons often, with prices going up every where you have to use them and the coupons that pop out after your sale at the store they will not let you take if they do not come out of your machine even if the other person does not want them. Coupons have went down in the Sunday paper and the price of the paper has went way up, so what is a poor person to do???? Please Meijers rethink this, does it really hurt your bottom line that much??? How many people really use them? The Meijers perks are the worst, I would rather use a card like other stores, there are so many numbers to remember and you have to scan an item that is not a perk first after you put in all the numbers than a 4 digit pin number what a drag !!!!!!!! Just issue a card if we have to go that way Meijers. A unhappy customer Colleen

  90. 168


    Companies don’t give many big coupons anymore. I guess they think we all go to the store with tons of coupons and save $1000 all the time. The store I go to will only double 3 of any coupon and sone will only double up to $.50…and you can’t get the extra money back towards your purchase of meat or other things you do not have coupons for.Extreme Coupons or what ever that show is, is so fake…and I really don’t think they stores they go to actually do that for everyone.