Kroger coupon policy changes affecting Ohio stores

kroger coupon policy changes

Have you heard about the recent Kroger coupon policy changes? On February 1, 2013, Kroger corporate announced Kroger coupon policy changes affecting 118 stores in the Cincinnati/Dayton market (beginning with the ad cycle on February 4, 2013). Though these coupon policy changes DO NOT affect any of the 133 Kroger stores in Michigan, they have created quite a stir among coupon shoppers here. Here are the details you need to know.

Kroger Coupon Policy Changes (including an end to double coupons)

  • Many Kroger locations (including stores in the Michigan division) currently double coupons with a face value of $0.50 or less. This means that when a $0.50 coupon is scanned for any shopper with a Kroger shopper’s card, the coupon will deduct $0.50 twice. A $0.50 coupon at Kroger is normally worth $1.00 – and that’s a nice savings.
  • In April 2011, Kroger stores in the Houston (TX) division (which had previously doubled) began accepting coupons at face value only.
  • In March 2013, Kroger stores in the Cincinnati/Dayton division will revise coupon policy and will accept coupons at face value only. Many of these stores would also previously multiply coupon values between $0.50 and $0.99 to $1.00 (a $0.55 coupon would be worth $1.00, a $0.75 coupon would be worth $1.00, etc.).
    • These Kroger stores plan to lower prices on around 3,500 items in their stores as part of the change.
    • Kroger corporate will be watching the success of this new program closely – with the potential of implementing it into other divisions as well.

What do these Kroger Coupon Policy Changes mean for Michigan shoppers?

Nothing. YET.

Kroger stores in the Michigan division have not announced any changes to their coupon policy.

However, the coupon policy for stores in Michigan is likely to face revision in coming months as Kroger examines the success of various policies, including double coupons. If the face value (“no doubles”) coupon policy proves to be successful along with lowered prices in the Cincinnati/Dayton region, there is a possibility it will encourage changes to trickle down into Michigan Kroger stores.

If you’ve been using coupons for any length of time, you know that coupon policy change is not uncommon. Though it seems depressing, the economy (and questionable shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing) has forced stores to rethink market strategies.

There may come a day when no stores in any Michigan grocery chain will double coupons. And if (or when) it does, will it change the way you shop? Or will you still be trying to save money?

What’s your reaction?

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  1. 1

    Corey says

    Honestly if they stop doubling coupons I won’t be shopping there anymore.
    Kroger’s prices seem generally higher on the majority of items and doubling coupons helps me save on my budget.
    Every penny counts when you are feeding a family of 6, so that means not shopping where the savings are fewer.
    The Extreme Coupon shows have really made it hard for those of us who coupon to feed our families and not just for the ‘rush’ of it all.

    • 2

      Teresa says

      I don’t understand whats the problem They get there money back but seems like we get more attitude when we have coupons as if 3 at a time is hard enough when you have big families 4-9 kids 3 toothbrushes etc.,. aren’t enough so we have to spend more money in gas to go to the store 3-4 times a week (even though more money is made in volume of sales in most cases seeing how the coupon value has dropped so drastically) leaving us even less money to spend now there not going to double I’m already juggling the thought of stop shopping at Vgs and Kroger – more so vgs because of the harsh treatment of having coupons in hand. If they want something to focus on maybe they should focus on keeping items stocked, an unstock item is deff an unsold item.

  2. 3

    chi says

    omg..yes it would definitely affect us all, i always have used coupons, not to the extreme but i use on what i need to buy, even if its 2 or 3 dollar savings..its 2 or 3 dollar more torward our bills or other necessities, families are barely making money and barely making it through, with coupons it helps us a little and if its taken away or changed the way its stating..we will have to buy less then we are buying now…. :( and we are a family of 4…to think if we are barely making it what about families with more then that…:'(

  3. 4

    Tammy says

    I’m not a big fan of Kroger. I think Kroger stores are pricey and not well stocked in my area. I do most of my shopping at Meijer.

    I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I went into Kroger to not find the items we have on our list. I don’t know if it is the area I live in or that the items are not being ordered to go with the sales and coupons.

    I drive right past Kroger to go to Meijer. So this won’t effect me to much. I just wish it wouldn’t have to happen to the ones who do shop at Kroger and are trying to save money for the family.

  4. 5

    Heather B says

    I think the “saving grace” for Michigan has a lot to do with Al Kessel. Mr. Kessel was about customer service and when Kroger bought him out there were clauses in the contract. I know that’s what has saved Genesee County on our doubling coupon policy up to and including $1.00 coupons. That is the main reason I shop at Kroger but if they stop I will have to switch more to VG’s. I have 5 kids and coupons saves my grocery budget each month.

  5. 7

    Ben says

    I live in Cincinnati, this stinks. We can still double at Rempke/Biggs and Meijer. Kroger was founded in Cincinnati, my mother, grandmother and their mothers supported Krogers. You talk to most people in the city and either they or someone they know has worked at Krogers. Cincinnati helped the company grow to what it is and now we are selected to loose a double coupons.

    • 8


      Meijer is the same way with their headquarters in Grand Rapids. None of the western Michigan Meijer stores will double, either – and they employ many people in that area.

  6. 9

    Jen says

    The only reason I shop at Kroger is because of their coupon policy. I drive 30-40 minutes (when there is a Meijer and WalMart just 10 minutes away) just to be able to do so. If they stop doubling, I stop shopping there. They will lose my “coupon shopping”, but they will also lose my “convenience shopping”, as it is much easier to grab the other few things that I need there, instead of hauling my kids to another store. I hope, for my struggling family’s sake and all those out there who coupon to make ends meet and feed their families, that they think this over and decide to leave it as is.

  7. 10

    christina Hartman says

    If this happens to our Michigan stores. , which I’m sure in due time it will… I can honestly say… I will NO longer shop @ Kroger’s for my groceries besides an exception to their milk & if their is a GREAT DEAL. I will move on to Meijers & VG’s

  8. 11

    Saralyn says

    Fuel perks and double coupons are the only reason I darken the door of Kroger. But I’ve revised my own coupon policy of late because I’m realizing that I buy things I normally wouldn’t buy simply because they are a great deal, and too much of the time it’s crap, not nutrition-rich food. So essentially, I’m really spending,albeit a little, not saving. Aldi is still my favorite store. Without coupons or going anywhere else, I can still buy a week’s worth of healthy groceries for a family of 5–including a ravenous teenage boy–and a plethora of church activities for around $80.

  9. 12

    wendy says

    I have a feeling that if Kroger quits double coupons in the Metro Detroit area that Meijer will follow suit.

      • 14

        FrugalBehind says

        That’s exactly what I was going to say… I think it’s pretty much a given. I do believe Kroger doubling is the main (if not only) reason Meijer does – and vice versa.

        Think on the bright side though… no more worrying about whether a coupon will double, or arguing with a cashier over the fact that it *should* have :).

        • 15

          raymond says

          In marketing, managers and store owners need to keep in mind what is the general population in any given area before making any changes in their policies. The economic status of the people is ALWLAYS considered. Lower SES status generally means lower prices (larger food chains, NOT local corner food markets), therefore; it would put many in a reduced sales market, and possible closing of stores. This is also true when it comes to gas prices. Higher end cities generally pay anywhere .10 to .20 cents more for a gallon of gas than their counterparts in lower SES areas.

  10. 16

    Jenn says

    If they’re lowering the prices you won’t need to double coupon. I stopped shopping there because it’s way cheaper to shop the Commissary, Meijer and Aldi. But if they lower their prices and I can still use coupons in general I may consider going back. I’m sorry but America has become a sale society. JC Penny tried to straighten us out by just lowering prices and saving their money (and the environment) by not printing out sale signs and flyers but it nearly killed their business. If it’s a great price be happy and don’t expect a discount. If it’s not a price you like walk away and go elsewhere whithout throwing a fit. The businesses are just as effected in this economy as you are.

    • 17

      tpv says

      Just a note on JCPenney the “lowered prices” that I saw were higher then what I would normally pay with the coupons and sales. That seemed only to help the people that just go in to shop for what they want. I explain it like a guy shopper like my husband. He just goes in buys what he wants and is out of there. Those of us who know our prices were not fooled. As far as saving on printing did you see their monthly mini catalog that was sent in the mail? That was pages of printing that looked expensive to produce and mail. These changes did not get me to shop there.

      I think the coupon policy change is difficult and I hope it doesn’t hurt everyone too much!

  11. 18

    jan says

    Stop doubling coupon is one thing…. which mean I won’t shop there anymore. Accusing customers of using copied coupons is another thing. Everytime my coupon does not scan due to ink, the cashier and the customer service immediately accused me of using copied coupons. If this happened to me, it happened to many many other customers too.

  12. 19

    Andrea says

    I’ve already switched to buying mostly non-processed food, making things from scratch and freezing it for both money and health reasons and I’ve limited my couponing to barely anything this way since post-“Extreme Couponing” all of the policy changes killed a good deal of our savings. I have also switched to anything that isn’t name brand if it’s cheaper and same quality. All they will do is lose more of my business for things I don’t currently make (like toothpaste although I’m sure I could make that cheaper, too, if this keeps up). Ultimately, I hope all of these corporations see that more people will do what I’m doing to make ends meet whether or not that includes coupons or their products. Yes, it’s easier to buy a box of cereal than to make pancakes from scratch (which I freeze sometimes for quicker meals btw) for my kids in the morning but it costs more and if it means that I can’t buy them new socks when theirs have holes in them (which could very easily happen), I’ll make pancakes. Some of us just don’t get vacations and trips to the movies no matter how hard we work for it. Survival is the ultimate goal.

  13. 20

    Esther a homeschool mom in Mid-Michigan says

    I never used to shop at Kroger before I started couponing again back in 2008. I had been laid off in 2007, I had a baby and a toddler at the time. My husband works in the manufacturing industry and it had been the norm that he would be laid off for up to 6 months out of the year. The way I used to shop was to go to the store and pick up a flyer and buy what was on sale. I shopped a lot at Aldi too. It hit me when I had just spent $70 at Aldi and my cupboards still looked bare, that I had to do something and fast! After a lot of prayer and research on the internet, I started couponing again and bought a “couponizer” to organize my coupons. I have since outgrown this oranizing method and switched to a binder system that fits my needs. I paid for that with paypal funds from items I had sold on Ebay. With that order, I got Coupon Mom, Stepanie Nelson’s first book on how to “strategic shop” and I haven’t looked back eversince. I’m blessed to live by two stores that double $1 coupons and one store that doubles $.50 coupons. I have stocked my pantry to the brim and have never ever paid $70 in one shopping trip since. I have been able to stay at home with my two boys now 10 and 7 and homeschool them. I’m teaching them how to strategic shop too! And it’s blogs like Bargains to Bounty that save me time and money with so much more information than I could find out on my own. If or when Kroger stops doubling, I’ll sigh and mourn the loss, but pick myself up and dust myself off, then move on! After all, like Jolyn has at the bottom of her blog page: But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:19 (KJV) I have no doubt that God will supply my family’s needs in the future. He has never let me down :)

  14. 23

    Rachel says

    Well, guys, I won’t be shopping at Kroger anymore. I never shopped there much, but it’ll be out for sure now. Kroger’s prices on non-sale items are so inflated that even if they lower their prices the deals still won’t be there without double coupons. The really sad thing was they offered unlimited double coupons. I wish they would have instead set a limit of two identical coupons doubling the way Meijer does. I’ll cross my fingers for all you Michiganders (I grew up in Gennessee County, the daughter of a GM man!), and stop shopping Kroger, and I hope it’ll help you all.

    • 24

      melissa says

      Our store doubles to a dollar up to 3. so it sounds like they are testing things all over. No matter how they do it, if they cut it out completely I will NOT shop at Krogers for one single thing. I was faithful to Meijers until I got more serious about my coupon shopping and rarely ever go to meijers even though i like their produce and stocking far far better. I will go back there in a heart beat or possibly to Aldi. This is very bad timing for everyone. I hope they do the right thing.

  15. 25

    AndroAsc says

    I hope all Ohio shoppers will boycott Kroger because of this policy, and make them rethink their plans!!! No shopping at groceries stores that do not double!!!!

  16. 26

    Robin says

    Hardly ever shop at Kroger, they seem higher to me even with coupons. I do most of my shopping at Meijer where they double coupons up to .50 and they seem to run a lot better sales.

  17. 27

    Jennifer says

    I hope Kroger paid attention to JC Penney’s plan of “no coupons, lower prices” – the quality of product Penney’s sells is terrible, and their plan did not work – I don’t think they will be around much longer (along with Kmart).

    I also believe if Kroger stops doubling, so will Meijer – they only double when a competitor in the same area does, to compete.

    VGs won’t need to double either – especially to $1, if there is no Kroger nearby doing it. For awhile we will take our business elsewhere, but when they decide to stop too we will have no choice.

  18. 28

    nancy wallace says

    very sad that kroger is doing this to us in ohio why dont they hit the southern states. Kroger, Publix, Food lion in the southeast all them stores double to a dollar and they have BOGO deals constantly so people shopping in the southeast dont have to worry about stretching their dollar because they get most their groceries free. So why pick on us shoppers in the north we dont get that great of deals at kroger as it is even when we use a coupon it only doubles to 50 cents. and Kroger prices are high. I wont be shopping Kroger anymore, it truly irritates me that they are only selecting certain areas and not all their stores.

    • 29

      melissa says

      not only that, but our economies in the north are much much more stressed then jobs in the south. Puzzling.

  19. 30

    Sabrina Coleman says

    I live in Columbus, Ohio and from what I gather it isn’t going into affect in my area yet, correct? Although I am sure it is coming soon. Sometimes Kroger has the better deals, but I am more of a Meijer shopper. It is a shame that we are constantly being “punished” for trying to save money. I have three kids and am currently in school and couponing allows me to stay at home for the time being. UGH!

  20. 34

    O says

    If Krogers stops doubling coupons blame it on Walmart and Target adding groceries in selected stores. Prices on grocery items are cheaper on some items at Walmart and Target i had noticed we have had doulbe coupons for years and would love to continue to get doubles.I also blame manufactuers who make coupons in areas where stores double always turn 50 cent coupons to 55 cents or $1.00 on 2 such as the P&G coupons

  21. 35

    O says

    and also I find Kroger’s prices cheaper than the inner city Chaldean stores where prices are higher and if they double coupon they do not double coupons on advertised items which is a ripoff

  22. 36


    Don’t blame walmart or target or any other store ,gas station,drugstore,etc they are just trying to increase business to survive and service their customers!!!!
    The blame should be placed on all of us for letting the shows like EX Q’s to exist and teach the masses to hoard and cheat the system as well as clearing the shelves leaving nothing for the regular customers and responsible coupon shoppers

  23. 39

    Jane says

    Double coupons help me feed my family of five. If Kroger stops doubling coupons, I won’t ever walk through their doors again. The prices are simply too high and my local Kroger has nothing else to offer. Their customer service is terrible, the shelves are poorly stocked and the cashiers are rude. I would consider price matching Kroger’s ad items at Wal-Mart instead and increasing the amount of shopping I do at VG’s and Meijer. While Kroger is lowering prices on specific items, there’s nothing to stop them from gradually increasing those prices until a year from now they are right back to the same price and no double coupons. It’s the same concept manufacturers use when they shrink down the size of products – they think no one will notice.

  24. 40

    Danyelle says

    Ironically, while shopping at Kroger on today I was told that you can only use 5 of a particular like coupon in a day per Kroger card. My husband and I did 2 transactions, I was careful to only use 3 of a particular like coupon, but was told by the cashier that she would do it this time, however next time. All this time I thought that the limit was 3 per like item, per transaction. Is Kroger tracking your shopping through your card, because I have 3 Kroger stores less than 2 miles away and often will leave 1 store and go to the next Kroger and duplicate my shopping trip?

  25. 41

    Pam says

    I live in Lexington, KY and I am wondering how it effects me too. Also, i feel that extreme couponing had a little to do with it, but I feel they’ve upgraded alot of their stores to the Marketplace. They have to place for people salaries and the upgrades somehow. I use to shop at Kroger, but i went back for the fuel points and I could get some items free or a very low price. I totally stop shopping at Walmart because they cannot manually input the coupons due to the change in their system. i’ve just shop at Meijer no problems and they do take competitor’s coupons.

    • 42

      Sabrina Coleman says

      I love Meijer! I never have any issues there at all. The only thing about Meijer is that the only double up to two of the same or identical coupon. However, I am okay with that because I am not a “shelf clearer” and if I want more of something my husband will go throught the self-checkout. There have been some really great deals to be had at Kroger lately though. There “Mega Sales” are always a good time to stock-up. I NEVER EVER shop at Wal-mart, they are not coupon friendly, at least not where I live.

  26. 43

    Gloria says

    Ugh….I loved shopping at Kroger but I believe I will be affected by this change. I am in st. Mary’s, Ohio, I think we are with the Dayton stores. I won’t be shopping there anymore I just can’t afford it without coupons. So sad….

    • 44


      I grew up in St. Mary’s but moved away before we got a Kroger store.. My mom used to shop at Pantry Pride and Brodbecks. :)

  27. 45

    John says

    The Hillsdale, MI Kroger changed their policy to allow 5 indentical coupons per shopping trip. Has anyone else noticed other MI stores increasing from 3 to 5?

  28. 46

    Melanie R says

    I just got home from Kroger in Macomb Twp, MI, NONE of my coupons doubled (there were only 3 of them) I had gone thru the self-checkout, and I asked the cashier who asked the manager. They both viewed my coupons. Neither one could figure out why they didn’t double, and told me they couldn’t do anything about it. The cashier said this happened to another customer yesterday also! On the way out, the cashier stopped me, and refunded the money to cover the coupons that didn’t double. Pay attention Kroger shoppers!

  29. 47

    loreal says

    I know the region that is doing it now is a testing area. If it goes well there it will spread. If not, it will not go any further.

    My suggestion to those of you upset about this new coupon policy would be to send Kroger an email and let them know how you feel about it. There is power in numbers.

    • 49

      Susan says

      They called it a “test” when they took away doubles and triples in Houston in April, 2011. Since then, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tucson (Fry’s), and Southern California (Ralphs) stores lost their doubles too. Only Tucson got their doubles back in a few short weeks. What was the difference? Did Tucson shoppers keep their promise to give their business to the competition? Same thing when Giant Eagle took away doubles in 2007 in NE OH. Enough shoppers stayed out of their stores. In less than a month, the doubles were back. The media reported Giant Eagle had “misjudged the impact”. The Bring Back Doubles website, which was successful in 2007 with Giant Eagle, is back up for Kroger. When the registers go quiet, Kroger may finally get it.

  30. 50

    Danielle says

    I am of the same mindset of many on here, if Kroger stops doubling I will start doing my grocery store shopping at another store. I do most of my meat / chicken shopping at a local meat market and get awesome deals when buying in bulk (10 lb.’s boneless/skinless chicken breasts for $1.49 / lb.), so I already stopped buying those items at Kroger. It’s the double coupons that keeps me shopping there for other items.

  31. 51

    Chris says

    I actually live in south bend, in but my inlaws live in the Burton area where they double $1 coupons. The ads are the same, only off by a few days, so I plan my shopping trip before my family and I go to visit. I take all my coupons that are over .50. I make a killing and get some really good food. It might sound strange to drive that far to shop, but it cuts my bill in half.

  32. 52

    Nore says

    Yesterday 6.7% of my savings were due to Kroger’s doubling of coupons. This seems like an odd move for Kroger to make… Target in my area has added groceries to all ther stores, they seem to have really increased their store grocery coupons online and printing at registers, they offer 5% savings with the Target credit or debit cards (which you can turn around and pay at GS) all making it reasonable to do more shopping at Target. Remke/Bigg’s doubles up to 12 like coupons per trans with NO attitude or eye-rolling. Meijer doubles 2 like coupons and they are accepting competitor couponsalong with MFG coupons (often better than doubling). Walmart price matches just about anything. It just doesn’t make much sense to me…

  33. 53

    Susie says

    I went to Kroger 3 times this week for things on their purchase 10 items get $5.00 off. Each time I was there the shelves were completely wiped out of 4 of these items, pretty sad on a sale week. If they change their coupon policy much more I will stop shopping there. It use to be you could use an unlimited amount of coupons for the same item as long as they were under $1.00, and when I was there I was told although they are only $.75 off coupons you can only use 3. I have a feeling they will loose many more customers as the store I shop at has people that drive 40 minutes away to shop there.

  34. 54

    Jt says

    The kroger stores in my area stopped doubling and i stopped shopping there. I traveled 20 mins to get to the kroger out of my area that did double. After about a year the kroger in my area started doubling coupons again. I think they realised their mistake.

  35. 55

    Jonathan G says

    Living in Monroe, Michigan, we have quite a few stores that double coupons (up to 50 cents)- Meijer, TWO Kroger, Food Town, Busch’s, and one other local store that will double a max. of 5 per trip (up to 50 cents). Wal-Mart and Target never have doubled coupons and see to be doing well in the grocery dept, but keep costs down by having limited selections. K-Mart used to have double coupons on occassion but seemed to have done away with that due to problems and complaints of the restrictions. (Can anybody confirm this?) Let’s say for the sake of discussion that all Michigan Kroger stores will no longer double coupons. Well, let me tell you that Meijer, Busch’s and Food Town, as well as all the locally owned grocery stores (there are several!) will pick up more business and do even better while still doubling coupons. Go ahead Kroger, stop doubling and see what happens to business. You make customers mad enough with other issues let alone doing this to the Ohio stores. By the way, people in Toledo, Ohio will come to the Lambertville Kroger only 5 minutes from the border to shop. There will be ways around this.

    • 56

      Julie Hinds says

      The one thing that stores seem to be bothered with the most is the overuse of coupons with people copying coupons, I personally have never been questioned on this and I have never copied a coupon, however, I’m surprised I haven’t, I only have a b and w printer so mine could look copied. Maybe because I don’t get back in line with more of the same coupons is why I’m not questioned. I have been surprised with the number of people I’ve spoken with who do not know this is illegal, to copy coupons. I think stores that feel this is a problem, of which they want to end couponing because they are loosing too much money, should post a sign on the door saying copied coupons are illegal. I think that could end some of that problem, some because they honestly don’t know and some out of fear of being questioned. Some cashiers really feel this is a problem but as a cashier, it is very hard to tell if a coupon is original or copied and most cashiers will not question customers and those that do, may question legit coupons and make the customer mad. I think they should even post “no copied coupons” near the checkout lanes, I would hate for the fact of overuse of copied coupons being the reason coupon doubling will end and it could have been addressed. For me personally, if coupon deals go away, I will have to watch for sales more closely and go to Aldi’s a little more then I currently do. Krogers would have to really decrease their price for me to ever buy something that is neither on sale or I have no coupon for, don’t think I’ve ever bought something at regular price there.

    • 57

      Susan says

      Great post Jonathan G.! Other stores may see an opportunity to capitalize on Kroger’s changes. They have a chance to take some market share if they keep doubles. Stores which never doubled may step up. The Kroger Columbus Division is far-reaching. I looked at the store list (may not be up to date), and was surprised to see Lambertville, MI. We’d better keep an eye out for any changes they announce to the Columbus Division.

  36. 58

    Kathleen Sutton says

    Very disappointing. Dont compare me with extreme couponing. This is a reality show exaggerated beyond means, i will be done with krogers if they quit doublng. Everyone in ohio stores should stop shopping there right now and kroger they may get the message and help out their customer. Speak your mind people!

  37. 59

    Louise says

    I have been shopping at Krogers since it opened in our area. I raised two sons and have been very active in donating in my community. I do agree with most of the people, when they stop doubling coupons, I will go elsewhere for my shopping because it will be cheeper. I usually give most of my items away to people who need it. I know as a business, Kroger needs to make a profit but if thier sales goes down, there will be no profit go make. Also, you are right, the rudeness that you get from some of the cashiers are totally uncalled for. It is as if they get sheer pleasure from refusing you a coupon or making you feel small. Well, for all you cashiers that are happy about the coupon policy changing, I sure hope you do not find yourselves standing in the unemployment line with the rest of the struggling americans who use these coupons to make ends meet. And as far as Kroger, I sure hope the people at the top get that profit margin they are looking for.

  38. 60

    Tracy says

    The extreme couponers that clean off the shelves and then sell the stuff at flea markets and garage sales are hurting all of us trying to save money to feed our families. Think twice before you take from another family please.

  39. 61

    Andrea says

    I have a relative that has Kroger as a marketing account and tells me there are big changes in store for Michigan stores starting in the Detroit area. Was unable to tell me an exact date. I recently found the wonders of Kroger in the Saginaw area and drive from the west side of the state to enjoy the savings (approximately a 2 hour trip one way). If the doubling stops, I too will no longer make the trek and will stay local. I would hate to see the end of this policy as I know it has helped me greatly as I have been supporting my family (including boyfriend and his child) and my brothers family and their children for the last several months. This will hurt many people who rely on the great prices to provide for their families. It will also hurt food pantries and other communitiy resources for I donate many items that I get and know others do it as well.

  40. 62

    rebecca says

    I hate the thought of no more double coupons but if Kroger stops well then I’ll go somewhere else. That really is the only reason I shop there. I go up to the GB store about once a month to load up on the double dollar ones and obviously if that goes away I won’t do that. I would think their business would die because at least 80% of their shoppers have binders, coupons etc. I have Aldi right on my corner plus meijers and a local spartan store that is great so if Kroger goes away that’s where I’ll go not to mention the eastern market in season. I will also make my own cleaners and probably simplify my life a little more. All in all it will be terrible but if it happens we will adjust and move on.

  41. 63

    Jamie says

    Given that Kroger and Meijer are the only remaining grocery stores throughout Metro Detroit, and that Walmart and Target do not double coupons, I would expect that should Kroger drop double coupons, Meijer would follow suit. Since the demise of Farmer Jack, Meijer hasn’t been the discount grocery store it once was; in fact Walmart – which builds its pricing based on local competition – has noticeably higher prices in Detroit than it does in Chicago and even Los Angeles (to some extent). Despite many of the comments on here, Meijer and Kroger and priced similarity – although I suspect that most people who read this blog purchase promotional items. Independent grocers, such as the many Spartan (individual & small chains) are noticeably higher.

    Will the elimination of double coupons stop me from shopping at Kroger? Probably not, since I redeem coupons on very little of what I buy. The quality of meat, seafood & produce is also much higher at places like Kroger & Meijer than Walmart & Aldi. This is by design, since Kroger & Meijer seek quality produce (and some places like VG’s, Busch’s, etc. only get the best) whereas Walmart & Aldi are more focused on price.

  42. 64

    Savings Swagger says

    Shows like extreme couponing make people think that cashiers are as nice as tellatubbies; that the stores welcome your savings with open arms and heart; that the stores you see people shop at on tv will be nice for you to shop…WRONG! Those stores on tv knOw that those customers are coming and put on a front for publicity.

  43. 65

    Jenny says

    The Kroger by my house won’t accept most of the online coupons because they won’t scan for their scanners. On a lot of the regular coupons that come in the paper, the coupons come with a small square barcode to the left and a long, rectangular barcode to the right. The online ones a lot of times just have the long one, which I think is what makes it not scan. I definitely haven’t been shopping there lately now that they won’t accept my online coupons.

  44. 66

    James says

    If Kroger ever stops double coupons in my area, I will exclusively shop Wal-Mart and Aldi. VGs may be considered if the sale price is good enough, but I avoid VGs because of the usual high prices and their “yes card” program.

  45. 67

    James says

    The next time I shop at Kroger and get a survey on the receipt, I’ll make sure to take the survey and let them (Kroger) know that I won’t be shopping there if they drop the double dollar -off coupons.

  46. 68

    Susan says

    Saw this on Kroger’s Facebook wall in response to a question about the store list for OH-Plus cards starting with “414” are in the Cincinnati Division. Check your Plus card, and follow up to see if your store will be ending doubles March 1st. I’m in the Columbus Division. My card begins with “416”. Kroger’s website has store lists under Community Rewards. Hope this helps.