Shopkick App: Free $2 Target Gift Card

shopkick free $2 target gift card

Claim a FREE $2 Target Gift Card (for Shopkick users)

If you’re signed up to receive Target text alerts, you might already know about this offer. You can claim a FREE $2 Target gift card if you’re a new or current Shopkick member:

  1. If you’re a current Shopkick member, visit this page to claim your $2 Target card. Enter the cell number registered to your account.
  2. If you’re not yet a Shopkick member, you may want to sign up here first. (See below for details about this free rewards app). Then visit this page to claim your $2 Target card.
  3. The $2 gift card will be loaded to the “My Stuff” section of the Shopkick app. It will activate the next time you walk in to Target and turn on your Shopkick app.
  4. Visit Target before January 31, 2012 and show the gift card (on your phone) to the cashier at checkout to redeem your $2 savings!

What is Shopkick?

Shopkick is a FREE, fun rewards app for iPhone or Android (one of my money-saving favorite apps, along with ibotta). You can earn “kicks” by browsing through lookbooks on your phone, walking in to participating stores (like Target, Best Buy, Old Navy & Toys R Us) or scanning specific items. Those kicks (or points) can then be redeemed for mobile gift cards – you’ll actually scan a code on your phone at the store to redeem! You don’t need to purchase ANYTHING at all to earn kicks (the best part, in my opinion), though you can earn more with purchases. I can usually earn $5 to spend at Target or other stores in about one month’s time. It’s a nice way to get some free spending money (and as a bonus, you’ll also get unique Target mobile coupons in the app!).

Thanks, Common Sense with Money!

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  1. 1

    Becki says

    I downloaded this app on my phone and went to target since I needed some things and I never got the $2 giftcard that you mention here. I looked in the My Stuff section and it wasn’t there…am I doing something wrong?? This is cool app and I would like to get used to using it!

  2. 2

    Sarah says

    Thanks for the heads up. I signed up not knowing exactly what it was about and played with it a little. I also never saw the gift card. However, when I went back to your webpage and clicked on the link you posted “Then visit this page to claim your $2 Target card.” I was directed to do a couple of things and received the offer as well as 50 kickbacks from you Jolyn! Thanks again I’m excited to see how this is going to work.

  3. 5

    Amanda says

    I have a question. I finally found my $2 Target gift card in my account today while shopping. I actually had 3 of them. I know I’ve signed up for them in the past and I think there was an offer to earn them for so many walk ins which would explain why I have 3. But I used 2 of them today and they are all still sitting in my account. Does it take awhile for them to disappear?

  4. 7

    Andrea says

    I, too, can’t find my gift card. I’ve been earning tons of kicks an love the coupons I’ve been getting, but not sure where my gift card is. Thanks!

    • 8


      Open the Shopkick app. Click on the PROFILE (head) on the top left. Click on the MY STUFF tab. You’ll find your Target gift card there – it will activate once you walk into Target. Pull up the gift card at checkout and have your cashier scan it.

  5. 9

    georgette says

    I tried signing up so I can receive the $2.00 gift card and other incentives, but have not been successful , it keeps telling me to enter a valid email address which I have done several times. Then I tried on line and have not received the download info yet, how long does this take.