Night at the W Giveaway: Enter to win Crest, Olay, Pantene & CoverGirl products

Night at the W

On Thursday, January 10th, every Walgreens® store in the U.S. will host “Night at the W™,” a free, beauty-themed event from 4:00 – 9:00 pm. Billed as the official after-party of the People’s Choice Awards, you are invited to talk with your local Walgreens Beauty Advisor on how to get your own glamorous, new look for the New Year and have a chance to win fabulous prizes. If you’re able to attend, you’ll discover many simple ways to elevate your look and get “red carpet ready” for a big night out.

According to Fashion Consultant/”Godfather of Style,” Tim Gunn: you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your own “red carpet ready” look. On behalf of Walgreens, Tim offers the following great tips and tricks:

  • Get a Camera-Ready Smile: A bright white smile is absolutely necessary whether you’re walking the red carpet or the runway. A simple tip I tell all the runway models is use something like a Crest Whitestrips. There’s this 2 hour treatment you can put on when you are getting ready.
  • Get Ready for Your Close-Up: When it comes to facial hair removal, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and there’s everything to gain. Olay has something new that is perfect for this and because it’s from Olay you know your skin will look fabulous!
  • Every day is a new chance for you to “walk the runway,” so I like to encourage women to try new things whether it be a new lipstick or nail color.
  • Some of the most stunning looks I have seen lately are topped off with healthy-thick hair. Not every woman has thick hair and as women age their hair tends to thin. There is a new hair thickening product on the market from Pantene that will give you that gorgeous hair.
  • To keep your skin glowing, it is important to stay hydrated by using a good moisturizer and drinking lots of water. And you can make your features pop with the right makeup and brightest smile.

    walgreens prize pack

Night at the W Giveaway

Enter to win a special prize package which includes:

  • Crest® 2 HR Express Whitestrips
  • Olay® Facial Hair Removal (Medium to Coarse)
  • Pantene® Expert Collection AgeDefy Thickening Treatment
  • CoverGirl® Clump Crusher (Very Black)
  • CoverGirl Jumbo Gloss Balm
  • CoverGirl Nail Gloss

Entries will be collected through January 14, 2012 at 12:01 am EST. One winner will be randomly selected and notified via email; they will be announced on the Rafflecopter widget after the contest has ended.

  1. To enter, leave a COMMENT on this post, sharing:
    What do you do to get ready for a big night out?
  2. Then please complete the information on the Rafflecopter widget below.
    BOTH STEPS are REQUIRED for your entry to count.

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Disclosure: A prize package has been provided for my consideration, along with an additional package for the winner. Any opinions expressed above are my own.

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  1. 1

    Danielle says

    Big nights out start with shopping for the perfect outfit, followed by a complete beauty routine, shower, moisturizing, hair, makeup…it’s a process, lol.

  2. 2

    nicole says

    Before I go out I like to straighten my hair apply all my cover girl products, also I love a fresh coat of nail polish

  3. 3

    Linda says

    A big night out always starts with a long relaxing bath followed by hair, makeup and a perfect outfit.

  4. 6

    Jennifer B says

    Great hair, facial, makeup, nails and pearly smile. Add the perfect outfit and ready to go!

  5. 8

    Jennifer says

    For a big night out, I usually prep by playing upbeat music, picking an outfit from my closet, doing my makeup and hair, and then choosing the perfect accessories!

  6. 11

    Julianna Hudzik says

    I use a little foundation, make my eyes as smokey as possible n use a nude shade for my lips.afterward, I use a fresh start spray on my hair n blow out the roots for volume, n curl the ends.

  7. 13

    Tiffany P says

    Shop for that perfect outfit, shoes, purse and jewelry. Then Take a nice long shower and shave and do everything to make me feel amazing. Then hair & make up. Then of course a picture of the look :)

  8. 20

    Megan says

    A big night out begins with finding the perfect outfit, then painting my nails, way too much makeup, and hair!

  9. 24

    Trish says

    Well, I would love to have a big night out…but that hasn’t happened in several years :(

  10. 25

    Erin says

    Shower ( usually with 2 little chatty girls in the bathroom) then flat iron the hair and put some makeup on!

  11. 27

    Katelyn Rath says

    Get a Mani-Pedi, shower, do my Hair& make-up, spend an hour figuring out which outfit and shoes to wear, get dressed and thennn put on jewelry and perfume :)

  12. 28

    Jen H. says

    brush my hair, put on my “best” jeans, apply tinted chapstick, pick up the babysitter and I’m good to go. Left the beauty products by the wayside even before the kids came along!

  13. 32

    Anna Evans says

    First get a babysitter and then get all dolled up to go on a date night with my hubby :-)

  14. 33

    Christina W. says

    My NEW routine is…Try to straighten my natural curly hair and put makeup on quickly, while feeding,diapering and keeping my new baby occupied!

  15. 40

    K Fern says

    Take a shower, pick out my outfit, scrub my face and teeth, moisturize, get dressed, apply makeup, brush hair, drop off kid’s at Grandma’s house :). Lots of times the hair and makeup get applied in the car lol.

  16. 41

    Jennie says

    I don’t get many occassions to dress up and go out with the hubby…but when I do….I make the most of it…..I wear very little make-up, but my hair has to be just right! Nice long shower, moisturizers…..whether it’s dinner and a movie, a trip to the casino, or just a night in, by ourselves. As long we get to spend the time together…I’m HAPPY! :)

  17. 44

    Louis says

    trying to get enough sleep the night before
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  18. 45

    Jamie Brigham says

    I shower and do my hair. I always put my clothes out hours before to be sure I am actually going to wear it.

  19. 47

    Sara G says

    Makeup, try to perfectly match/coordinate the right outfit! Oh, and have a good attitude!

  20. 48

    Leslie K. says

    For me, going out is such a rarity, the good attitude just happens! Just getting dressed up, and actually doing my makeup and changing hairstyles just adds the finishing touch!

  21. 49

    Tiffany Leathem says

    A big night out starts with the perfect outfit, straighten hair, make up and the nail polish

  22. 50

    Bethany Goff says

    I so rarely have a big night out, so it’s hard to think what I do! The last big event was a wedding, and so I de-fuzz my face :/, color my hair, put on concealer under my foundation, actually use eyeshadow, get my hair just perfect, wear my nicest dress and wear heels (I’m normally a flats kind of girl!). I might even put on lipstick! (gasp!)

  23. 56

    Katie D. says

    A big night out means that I shave and mosturize my legs! I also wear a little more make-up and a pair of heels!

  24. 57

    sheila b says

    for a big night out, I go through the clothes in my closet and pick ‘the right’ outfit. then, I shower and fix my hair and makeup…and, then put on a pair of high heels, which is funny because all I now wear is tennis shoes…thanks for the opportunity to win.

  25. 60

    Angi M says

    Shave my legs! (Seriously!) using, of course, the products I got for free/nearly free on B2B!

  26. 64

    Amanda says

    To get ready I always use a moisturizer on my entire body, then after getting ready top off my arms or legs with a little dab of shimmer moisturizer- it makes your skin look great! And I think a makeup primer is a key thing to look red carpet fabulous!

  27. 69

    Susie Q says

    Looking in my closet for the right outfit, curl my hair and makeup and the right shoes..

  28. 72

    Tamala says

    A night out? What’s a night out? lol. Nail polish and lip gloss is about all I can manage, with three little ones.

  29. 77

    Katie says

    Before I go out I start from top to bottom…hair, makeup, clothes the works! It’s the best feeling in the world when you pamper yourself and the look on your hubby’s face when he see’s you!

  30. 78

    Charlene says

    Hot shower ( and shaving) ; makeup; straightening my hair; a new outfit or top; nails done… and a nice clean car

  31. 80

    Kim says

    A great night out starts with using all of the products (lotions, make-up, jewelry and more) that I get for really good deals with the help of Bargains to Bounty :)

  32. 86

    Sherri Stevens says

    A lot of work goes into getting ready for a big night out: hair, make-up and dressing up.

  33. 87

    Cassandra Eastman says

    Haven’t had one in a while! For a big night out, I love to curl my hair… not sure why, but it makes me feel so much prettier!

  34. 88

    Athena Schrank says

    To get ready for a big night out I tan, whiten my teeth, get a manicure and pedicure, wax my eyebrows, and curl my hair.

  35. 89

    Heidi says

    Make sure I sleep the night before in socks with my feet covered in lotion. It helps especially in the winter when my feet are more comfortable in those fancy shoes :)

  36. 92

    Robin M says

    Not a lot, pick out a cute outfit and do my hair. Lipgloss adn that is about it. I’m not big on makeup!

  37. 93

    Cherie Montorio says

    I deep condition my hair, pick out my best little black dress and wear a sexy perfume..

  38. 94

    Alexis says

    a big night out always starts with some pre dinner cocktails, music, and changing my clothes about 4 times just to put back on what i tried on first!

  39. 95

    Megan P says

    I shave my legs, do my hair and put on makeup. I also have to wear heals. I always feel sexy in heals. :-)

  40. 96

    Kris says

    I prep my hair with a heat protector before I straighten it. I always want to make sure my hair is straight on a big night out!!

  41. 98

    Debby Chandler says

    I don’t go out often but when I do I like to fancy myself up a little and get my hair done.

  42. 104

    Tiffany says

    I have to have my hair perfectly straightened. I rarely wear makeup, so that’s a must!

  43. 105

    Kassandra D says

    Picking out or shopping for an outfit, shoes& clutch, shower, hair, makeup, get dressed, and head out on the town!

  44. 106

    Laura says

    Big Night Out? Is a trip to the roller skating rink included in that?
    Now if it was a real fancy thing — I’d buy a nice outfit a few days before — put it on the night of and then decide I look like a whale in it — take it off and put on the black slacks and black top and black sweater that at least make me look like a classy whale — a little makeup — a little silver necklace and watch and High clunky heels ‘cuz a classy whale tettering around in spiked heels — ick!

  45. 107

    Deborah says

    The perfect night out starts with two great people making plans. Then enjoying that time they have together.

  46. 108

    sandy says

    If I’m planning a big night out, then I need at least 2 hours to get ready. I take a nice long shower, paint my nails, while my hair is air drying. I plug in the hot rollers and apply make-up as the last step. Wa la!

  47. 111

    Renee (Kristen) says

    I shower and do a fresh shave, apply make-up, put on my jewelry and pick an outfit matched with a pair of sexy heels. :)

  48. 114

    chris sheldon says

    I always pay close attention to my hands and give myself an at home manicure. The finishing touch!

  49. 124

    Michele P says

    I style my hair, using something to add volume and put on some mascara, eyeliner and a little lip gloss or lipstick…

  50. 126

    Amanda says

    For a great night out I like to put my hair in hot rollers for a little different look then my day to day look. And big eye makeup and the perfect lip popping lip color.

  51. 130

    Amber says

    The process really begins in the AM. 1st thing is get everything taken care of you needed to get done like errands and such. A nap is next followed by music on while showering, getting dressed and makeup.

  52. 135

    Jennie says

    What I can remember, been so long with four kids is definitely curling hair, hair spray, makeup and push up bra!!! 😉

  53. 136

    Jen P. says

    I put on the biggest grin I can – going out means the kids are at grandma’s and I don’t have to worry about being home by a certain time or being mom. I get to relax and have date night…….such a rare event…..

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  54. 145

    David says

    I definitely take a disco nap before even starting to get ready. Then it’s a good cocktail while I’m put myself together. :)

  55. 146

    Cassandra Doud says

    I make sure to curl my hair (instead of straighten it), pick out a great outfit, and paint the nails!