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Meijer mPerks: FREE Gallon of Milk with digital coupon

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How would you like a FREE gallon of Meijer milk, valid through January 19?

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Log in to your Meijer mPerks digital coupon account (or create a free account).
  2. Enter the coupon code FREEMILK into the offer code box (you’ll find it near the top right). Click on “Apply.”
  3. Look for the Free Milk coupon to appear – and CLIP it to add it to your account.
  4. Visit Meijer and take one gallon of Meijer milk to the checkout with your order. Redeem your digital coupon by entering your mPerks account number and pin at any time during your order – your savings should automatically appear.

Limit 1 coupon per account. Thanks to all the B2B readers who shared this deal on Facebook and via email!

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  1. 1

    How do we find out about offer codes?

    • 2

      Some readers received them in the mail from Meijer on a postcard.

    • 3

      go to mperks.sign in.type FREEMILK in search box,top right of page,an click apply.it will show up in your mperks coupon page,for you to click on.

  2. 4

    It worked :)
    Just clipped mine :)
    THank you!!

  3. 5

    This is a great find – thanks!

  4. 6

    This is why I make B2B my home page. I never want to miss these great deals! Thank you!

  5. 9

    OMG!! Thanks so much! I have 3 cell phones and 3 mperks accounts. I just clipped the free milk for all three accounts!!

  6. 10

    Awesome!! Do you know how to get the postcards?

  7. 11


  8. 12
    Esther a homeschool mom in Mid-Michigan says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Jolyn :)
    I was planning on going to Meijer tonight after dinner to get the yogurt deal. Now I can get free milk too!

  9. 13

    Got it!! Woo hoo! Thanks for all u do!

  10. 14

    Sweet. Got mine. This is awesome when u have 3 kids that love milk and cereal

  11. 15

    AWESOME thanks! Just going out tomorrow to get some more milk, this will help!

  12. 16

    Thanks all!

  13. 17

    Woo! Excellent! Thank you!!!

  14. 18

    Great offer! 4 kids, milk doesn’t last long in the house.

  15. 19
    Angela J. says:

    Thanks! We use 2-3 gallons a week.

  16. 20

    Thanks so much. With 4 kids, we go through 4 gallons per week. 4 cell phones = 4 mperks accounts = 4 free gallons of milk…much needed this time of year :)

  17. 21
    terri cook says:

    I tried to clip the free milk perk, but when i put in the “free milk” it came back with an unable to find coupon message. What did i do wrong?

  18. 23

    I clipped the coupon but it did not take off the milk price when I shopped at Meijer yesterday. I think what happened was that there was no Meijer brand milk- they had substituted with Country Fresh and I didn’t notice. Just a heads up to make certain it’s Meijer brand or it won’t work.
    Thanks for a great blog!

  19. 24

    It worked! Thank you for sharing this find. Terri, try “freemilk” with no space.

  20. 25


  21. 26

    Thanks Cristal…..Worked great

  22. 27

    Where do u find the codes at?