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Kroger Pop to Save Game: Win $1-$15 off your next order!

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Through January 13, Kroger is having a Buy 5 Save $5 promotion. Along with the advertised savings, you also have the opportunity to play the Pop to Save instant win game once each day. You can win between $1 to $15 off your next Kroger order (loaded to your Kroger card in the form of a digital coupon) each time you play.

I won $1 yesterday and again today. Many B2B readers are also reporting $5 and $10 wins – so it’s definitely worth taking the time to try! I’ll do my best to post daily reminders to play on Facebook (and occasionally on the B2B website as well). We can all benefit from some extra savings!

How to play:

  1. Visit the Pop to Save instant win game page and select your store (Kroger). You will at some point be asked to sign into to your Kroger digital account.
  2. Add at least 5 participating items to your virtual list and you’ll be directed to the game page.
  3. Pop one star-shaped balloon to see if you won! If you did win, be sure to claim your prize to add it to your digital coupons.

Remember to play once each day!

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  1. 1

    Thank you! :o)

  2. 2

    Just got $10
    Thank You!!!

  3. 3

    It is not working for me. After I pick five items it just sits and seems to be loading more stuff I scroll down and it just keeps happening :( anyone else have this problem?

    • 4

      I am having the same problem Melissa! :(

      • 5

        Melissa – click on the “build your list” link that is inside the “pop to save” circle on the right. I was trying to add coupons the normal way, but I guess you have to add them through the “pop to save” link.

    • 6
      Debbie T. says:

      for some reason it didn’t work with my ipad – it did the same thing, but it does work on my desktop = try that

    • 7

      I’m having the same problem. I sent them a email about it and they wanted to blame it on my system not being up to date. I won every other time that I played and Ive played 4 times. I tried again today with no luck. It sucks.

  4. 8

    I have not been able to get that kroger card to work in months. :(

  5. 10

    I won $1 yesterday and today-wonder if you could save them up and use them on 1 order….

    • 11

      I was wondering the same thing, has anyone won more than once and been able to use all the winnings in one transaction?

      • 12

        I won this game $1 3 times in 1 week and yes, you can use them on one order. I don’t think you can save them up or choose to use them seperately.

  6. 13

    I’m not even seeing the game? Is it on the home page?

  7. 14

    Still didn’t work :(

  8. 15

    I didn’t win anything, but will check again tomorrow. Thanks for the headsup on this deal.

  9. 16

    I played the game and when I popped the balloon it said “sorry, you didn’t win this time”!!! :(

  10. 17

    It’s not working for me either.

  11. 18

    doesn’t work, I can pick items and it does not do anything

  12. 20

    Don’t work on iPhone!!

  13. 21

    I got $5! Yay!

  14. 22

    Sorry, it doesen’t work on iPhone. But worked on PC in chrome :) double thanks for the help :) :)

  15. 23
    mandy gullett says:

    i played yesterday and won $1 but tried to play today and it just has what i pick yesterday and wont let me pop a balloon. any suggestions

  16. 24
    Dara Freeman says:

    I can’t get my balloon to pop today…maybe I am just trying to play again too soon :(

  17. 26

    Same here. Won’t pop. I played last around 11 last night…not sure why it’s not working. Maybe it’s once every 24 hours??? =/

  18. 27

    Not able to pop a balloon today either… Hmm..?

  19. 28

    Went from Chrome to IE and I was able to pop a balloon but I did not get anything!!! :(

  20. 29

    2nd time poping and got a 10.00 off, so keep trying everyday!

  21. 30

    I won $1 yesterday and $15 today. Yay!!! Thank you!!!

  22. 31

    game is not working for me anymore. :( I can’t pop any balloons.

  23. 32

    I think we need to contact Kroger because for the 2nd day in a row it won’t let me pop any balloons, and I didn’t win anything the only time I was able to pop 3 days ago….

  24. 33

    I let my 3 year old pick the balloon and we won $15! Thanks BtoB!!

  25. 35

    I won 2 out of 4 times and my friend has not won in 3 tries.

  26. 36

    I was having the same problem with the balloons not poping after having worked one day . I just cleared deleted my history (im using windows 8) and went back and it finally poped hope this helps

  27. 38

    I can’t get to the game. Help

  28. 39

    It seems that if you have multiple website accounts pointing to the same Kroger card number, all of your website accounts can pop balloons each day. Thus, you can get multiple promotions loaded on to your card each day!

    • 40

      This shouldn’t work because I tried signing up one time by accident with the same card number (didn’t realize I already had one) and it gave me an error.

  29. 41

    I just played and won $15, but when I tried to claim it, it said can’t apply $15 to card try again later or contact customer service. I sent an email to customer service, we’ll see what happens. Not very happy!

  30. 42

    I also have had problems popping balloons when using Chrome. I tried Explorer and had no problem popping a balloon and winning a buck! Hope this helps!!

  31. 43

    Just won $5…I’m up to $7 total now! :)

  32. 44
    michelle stjohn says:

    Just won $10… thanks for all the great posts. I would miss out on so much without this site.

  33. 45
    Shannon McGarry says:

    Forgot yesterday and nothing before that but today got $5!!

  34. 46

    can you stack them up and use all at on time

  35. 47

    Got $5 today! Up to $8 so far. One day I had trouble getting the balloon to pop and when I refreshed the page it worked fine. Good Luck!!

  36. 48

    Thanks for the reminder! However, I’m a 3 time loser :-)

  37. 49

    I won 1.00 on the first day and then nothing since. BUT, today I won 10.00!

  38. 50

    Thanks for the FB reminder I got $5..Yay!

  39. 51

    Played 5 times and 5 times sorry not a winner. Fun trying though.