Join ibotta and get a $5 bonus before it’s gone + how to customize offers to get what you want

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Bargains to Bounty readers have been discovering – and loving – ibotta savings for the past week or two. If you have a tablet or smartphone (Android or iPhone), have you tried it out yet? The $5 bonus will end in just a few days, so now is a great time to sign up.

Limited Time Offer: Join now, redeem your first offer, get a $5 bonus!

When you sign up here with their share the love program (available through Friday, January 10 at noon EST only), you’ll earn a $5 bonus when you redeem your first offer (Offer must be redeemed before January 17)!

How to get started earning with ibotta

  1. Click here and start your account first, then download the app to your device (iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android Smartphone or tablets).
  2. Before shopping, claim offers and load them to your account. (You’ll need to answer survey questions and watch videos, depending on the product). If you like the offer and think you’ll use it, claim it – otherwise it could disappear.
  3. Shop at participating stores. (Kroger, Meijer, Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens all currently supported stores; more are available for other areas, with more coming soon!)
  4. Take a photo of your receipt using your device. Your purchase will be verified and account credited within 24 hours.
  5. Get paid. Redeem your rewards for CASH (via PayPal) or donate it to any school in the U.S.

How to customize your ibotta offers

ibotta thumbs up

Q: Why don’t I have all the ibotta rewards offers listed in the matchups?

A: Ibotta offers are customized to the user according to the offers you’ve already redeemed or claimed. To see more offers for items you’ll use, click on the PHOTO of the item to rate it with a thumbs up or thumbs down.

When you Thumbs Down an offer, ibotta will swap it out for a new one more quickly. When you Thumbs Up an offer, ibotta will send you similar offers in the future. The more you share your preferences, the smarter ibotta gets!

Since we don’t have pets, I made sure to thumbs-down any offers for pet treats and toys. The next day I had more new offers I could use.

If you’ve tried ibotta, what did you think?

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    • 2

      Jenn C says

      Go you have to have a smart pr andriod phone to do this? If so, what is the minimum plan for your phone?

      • 3


        No, you can do it on tablets with newer operating systems as well. I have a very small plan for my prepaid smartphone and it works fine.

  1. 4

    Pat says

    i have downloaded the app to my husbands iPhone now can i go online on my laptop and go to ibotta to choose the items i want or does it have to be done on the phone, and can i see the videos on the laptop or do i have to use the phone. And how will it know to send the money to my paypal account.

    • 5


      All of your activity has to be done on the ibotta app – there’s no place to go online on a computer. You can check your PayPal account directly to see that the funds appeared, though they’ll be held in your ibotta account until you reach $5 or more and request a money transfer/payout.

  2. 6

    Karisa says

    I’ve done it a couple times. I’ve been using the customizing to see if I can get more products that I purchase, but I’m not sure that it’s working. I gave it a “thumbs down” for the 2 sodas that were posted, and it sent me 4 more! ARGH! lol I’m probably “thumbs downing” more than I’m liking. But I”ll keep with it for awhile.

  3. 7

    Amy T says

    I signed up yesterday, went shopping this morning, scanned my receipt & items around noon and I have received all of my monies by 1:30pm. They have also updated my list of deals since I used some and now I’m going back again tomorrow to do some more. This is quite addicting. My only complaint so far is the way you receive your money thru Paypal. I wish they would offer another way. I know it is “free” money, but I still don’t like Paypal receiving a cut of it!

    • 8


      PayPal will NOT take a cut of it if you verify your account. I have a verified account and I have lost no funds to PayPal.

  4. 10

    Amie says

    How long does it take for the $5 to show up for joining through the link I just signed up but I don’t see it yet.

  5. 12

    Liz H says

    This app has been great. I’ve earned $11 dollars in the last two weeks. Thanks for posting about this new savings app!

  6. 13

    Shannon says

    I love it, I’ve earned 18.00 in the past week or so. But, I had to make a,dummy Facebook account. All the posts were driving my friends crazy! So, I Made an account just for this and coupons etc.

    • 14

      Michelle S. says

      I just set the privacy for my posts from ibotta to “only me” on facebook – no need to bother your friends. :)

        • 16

          Mandy says

          Go to your home page and click on the upper righ hand corner circley/flower looking thing.
          A drop down menu will pop up and you can select Privacy setting
          After you click on that, a new page will pop up. On the left hand side of that page you will see “APPS”
          Click on that and look for the Ibotta in your list of apps.
          In the same row as Ibotta there is an Edit button . Click on that
          Choose the drop down menu labeled ” Post on you behalf” and change it to
          ‘ONLY ME ” be sure to save your changes before you get out of that page.

  7. 17

    Mandy says

    I have the App for my Android phone. I CANNOT for the life of me figure out how to give items a thumbs up or a thumbs down!! I am wondering if it is different for iphone and android devices

  8. 20

    Lisa Davis says

    Mandy, just click on the little wheel symbol on the far right of your facebook page. A drop down box will appear. Clear on account settings. Then look on the far left and you will see a list. Click on apps and you should see Ibotta in there.

  9. 21

    Mandy says

    Ok i have another question. Is there a way to very my offers in a shopping list type format?
    It it overwhelming to keep checking the phone while I am shopping

  10. 22

    Liz says

    How long after you shop, do you have to enter or scan the receipt from the trip. If I went shopping on today, can I submit my receipt tomorrow or Friday? I guess that what I’m asking

    • 23

      Liz says

      I found out my own answer to my own question. It’s one week from the date printed on your receipt.

  11. 24

    mandy says

    My deals are not getting updated. I only have the old ones that I already redeemed. I refreshed my page as well. Is everyone else offers automatically getting updated?

  12. 25

    Kelley says

    I noticed today that I got new lists on Ibotta. the problem is that what I had set to redeem are also gone now. For example, I had the Green Apple Chapstik all set to redeem, and today it is gone and instead of the $1.00 I had set to redeem, is now $.50. I lost about $5.00 for redemptions.

  13. 26

    Sarah says

    Quick question for those who have actually been paid using Ibotta…I set up my paypal account, connected my bank account, confirmed my bank account etc. So my question is..I transferred the money today($11.25! woohoo) and just wondering what happens from there? I am not familiar with paypal…does it sit in paypal or automatically go to my bank? Or do I have to do something else to get it into my bank account?? I’m excited about this app! Just need to figure out the kinks. Y’all have been super helpful!!

    • 27

      Mandy says

      you have to go to the paypal account to “withdraw” the money. you can let it sit there until you are ready to withdraw. At that time you decide the amount to withdraw and it will be deposited to your personal bank account

  14. 29

    sheryl says

    wondering if anyone can help me, i did my 1st transaction today, money was credited but im trying to post on facebook but it wont connect, any ideas?

  15. 30

    Kay says

    I just tried to set up my account. I keep getting an error message whe I log in saying ….Oops! Invalid

    What do I do to fix it?

  16. 31

    nikki says

    I’ve used this app twice so far & love it! :) my question is I “customized” my offers 3 times & now I don’t have as many offers :( I’d say at least 3 pages less. Can you customize too much??