Shop ALDI for the holidays – find great quality at affordable prices!

ALDI logoI have been a loyal ALDI shopper for around 15 years. How loyal, you ask? We not only shop every week (or twice a week), but we’ve shopped ALDI locations in 5 states and 2 European countries. We intentionally seek out ALDI stores when on vacation. And introducing ALDI savings even plays a part when I teach coupon classes!

Needless to say, when I was given the chance to share an ALDI shopping trip with you, along with the great holiday items you’ll find, I didn’t hesitate! This is a store you want to have in your bag of money-saving tricks!

Why I love ALDI – and why you will, too

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Low prices on grocery staples
You’ll find ALDI’s Friendly Farms gallon milk priced lower than any sale price elsewhere in town (as low as $1.69 per gallon this summer, it’s since risen to around $2.00 per gallon). Baking basics like sugar, flour, chocolate chips and nuts are reasonably priced. When I can’t find an item I need on sale with a coupon, I buy it without a coupon at ALDI – and pay less than store brand items at other grocery stores.

Weekly sales on produce items
Most prices at ALDI don’t change from week to week, but a handful of produce items drop even lower in the weekly store ad. For example, this week you can purchase Del Monte bananas for only 33 cents per pound – or blackberries for 89 cents per package. Those are amazing prices no matter where you shop. The produce section at ALDI is one of my favorites!

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Efficient shopping
While it might take hours to shop a supercenter or larger grocery store, ALDI products are arranged in only 4 or 5 aisles. The store is small in size and easy to shop quickly, even with kids in tow. Items are stocked in boxes or pallets, so you won’t normally find any products out of stock. I love that I can dash into ALDI quickly and get what I need without wasting time. The cashiers won’t waste your time, either; they’ll scan every item in your order in record time.

The “Double Guarantee”
ALDI sells their own store brands – and most of the time, you won’t notice a difference between ALDI and name brand products. But if you ever purchase a food item that you’re not 100% satisfied with, you can return the unused portion to the store. They will replace the product AND refund your money. No hassle. What other store will do that? You honestly have nothing to lose by trying an ALDI product.

Holiday Shopping at ALDI

Not only can you save (without coupons!) at ALDI on grocery basics, but you’ll find seasonal items perfect for holiday parties. My all-time favorite? Dill Havarti cheese – excellent gourmet quality at a price I can afford! I picked some up to serve with crackers as an appetizer.

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Though I haven’t tried it yet, readers have raved about the fresh garden salsa and red pepper hummus available year-round at ALDI (they compare it to delicious high-end brands and it’s priced below $2). Have you tried it? You may want to pick some up for New Year’s Eve!

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You might not guess it, but ALDI also has an impressive wine selection. Take a look!

  • Viña Decana Tempranillo (Spain)
  • Sunshine Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
  • Toca Diamonte Malbec (Argentina)
  • Villa Malizia Pinot Grigio (Italy)
  • Landshut Riesling (Germany)

And if you’re looking for a more basic wine, I like the Winking Owl Chardonnay. It’s even good in recipes – and it’s priced under $3!

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I filled my cart with some of my favorite ALDI products (yes, I’m addicted to the animal crackers) – and took a chance trying some new items, like Savoritz Sea Salt Pita crackers and Peppermint Puffs. They were so good that we’ll be returning for more! My family always likes to have garlic summer sausage with our cheese and cracker tray – and when I couldn’t find it, the cashier actually ran and got a package for me! How’s that for service?

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Have you checked out the holiday shopping selection at ALDI? You might find exactly what you’re looking for – delicious, quality items – and at even lower prices than you’d expect.

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for ALDI. I received a gift certificate to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating. All opinions shared above are my own.

DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy.
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  1. 1

    Simo says

    I don’t have a ALDI close, but I take there AD and price match the produce at Walmart, love the low prices on fruits and veggie.

  2. 2

    Corrine says

    Love it! Aldi just opened a store where I live in northern mi. We have not been yet but they have some great deals on produce this week. I will have to check it out!

  3. 3

    Jenn says

    My ALDI must-buys include the whole grain white bread (NO HFCS!) for $1.29, Moser Roth dark chocolate bars (comparable to Lindt) for $1.89, and 8 ounce tubs of shredded Parmesan and Romano cheeses for $1.99, which run twice the cost at Meijer. Mostly I go to ALDI for the grape tomatoes. Their highest price, (~$1.99) is sale price elsewhere. I’m a tomato fiend and I’ll buy 6 or more pints when they’re less than a dollar. I also love the artisan lettuce, the cheap carrots, and the bagged apples are always a decent price, too.

  4. 4

    Stephanie says

    Love my Aldi. I enjoyed finding all the specialty candy making ingredients at low prices this year. Love the produce, canned veggies for soup, salad dressings, cereal, etc. And I usually end up buying one of the special purchases while I’m there.
    Many times when you showed Aldi have milk for so cheap, ours here in northwest Ohio didn’t have it cheap. However, Ruler Foods has just opened a store nearby, and for several weeks now Aldi and Ruler both have had milk for $1.49!

  5. 5

    Robin says

    Don’t forget your ALDI Quarter!! I keep one in the car to rent a shopping cart. I have been caught one too many times without a quarter. Oh, and bring your own bags also, to avoid paying for new ones.