Ibotta: Earn rewards for shopping with a new app and a $5 signup bonus!

ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for buying your favorite products in the store. Simple as that. You take a photo of your receipt after the purchase and you’ll earn cash rewards.

If you have one of these devices, you’ll want to try out ibotta for yourself:

  • iPhone 3GS and newer
  • iPod Touch fourth generation and newer
  • iPad 2 and iPad 3
  • Android devices running on platform 2.2 and newer

$5 Bonus when you join ibotta now and redeem your first offer!

The $5 ibotta signup bonus has EXPIRED.

Best of all, when you sign up here with their share the love program, you’ll earn a $5 bonus when you redeem your first offer! But it won’t last long, so get moving! Many of the participating ibotta products (Kellogg’s cereals, Coca-Cola 12 packs, Cheez-It, Pop Tarts, Eggo Waffles, etc) are items that are on sale this week!

How to get started earning with ibotta:

  1. Click here and start your account first, then download the app to your device (iPad, iPod, iPhone or Android Smartphone or tablets).
  2. Before shopping, choose your offers. (You’ll need to answer survey questions and watch videos, depending on the product).
  3. Shop at participating stores. (Kroger, Meijer, Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens are the local currently supported stores; more are available for other areas, with more coming soon!)
  4. Take a photo of your receipt using your device. Your purchase will be verified and account credited within 24 hours.
  5. Get paid. Redeem your rewards for CASH (via PayPal) or donate it to any school in the U.S.

What readers are saying about ibotta

A few B2B readers have already put ibotta to the test. They found it easy to earn cash back for items that they planned on buying anyway (one reader scored $7 in her first shopping trip)! Customer service is quick to respond. So far, everyone who’s tried ibotta has good things to say about it! Let us know what YOU think.

I’ll be including ibotta rewards offers in upcoming matchups to make it even easier to save!

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  1. 1

    Heather says

    Thanks so much, Jolyn, for now including ibotta matchups in the coupon matchups! That’s a huge help! I LOVE this new app!

  2. 2

    Brent says

    I’ve been waiting for Ibotta to come out on the Droid platform. I signed up yesterday morning and already have $11 in my account ($5 bonus and $6 redeemed offers). It was easy to upload the information and both of my transactions were verified within an hour. Just another way to save!

  3. 4

    samantha says

    im a little confused on how this works i saw chapstick on the site for a dollar. and i no its a dollar in the store so if i buy it and take a pic of my receite where do i send the pic at and then does that mean they send me a dollar back? and third how do i get a pay pal card? and is that free?

    • 5


      You’ll need to sign up thru my link, then download the app. Answer the questions to earn $1 in Chapstick. Buy the Chapstick at a participating store, then upload your receipt, scan your product and submit. $1 will be loaded to your account and if you signed up thru my link, you’ll also get a $5 bonus. You’d have $6 in your account. You can start a PayPal account for free (no card) online at PayPal.com – it’s linked to a bank account. You can request an ibotta payout, which will transfer to your PayPal account as cash – or you can donate your ibotta balance to a school.

      Does that answer your questions?

  4. 6

    samantha says

    Then can we use that money for anything? And I just read on their privacy and it says they can look website I look at when I get on?

    • 7

      Jenni says

      Yes, when you sign up the site will automatically install the said cookies and beacons. These will allow ibotta and their third party to track your web browsing habits. You may also receive emails.

      [think FB; when you shop online and then go on FB you will see ads relevant to your web shopping. Example; I am looking for a messenger bag and been shopping online. I now have ads from stores selling messenger bags on my FB page.]

      This is fairly common now adays; I just dont like the third party idea.

  5. 8

    samantha says

    I installed the app and played around a lil already then just went to your link and signed up and it didn’t give me the $5? And on the privacy I read what seemed like they can see what your doing while your on your pc is that correct?

  6. 10

    Emma P says

    I just signed up for ibotta and am looking forward to my first trip out to buy the partner items. This is exciting…kinda makes up for some of the stores that won’t allow you to stack ecoupons with paper coupons anymore!! YAY iBotta!!! Thanks for the great description of how it works Jolynn! You’re awesome!!

  7. 11

    missy says

    won’t work on my droid phone and it meets the requirements. Disappointing, I really wanted to try it

  8. 12

    Beckie says

    I tried signing up but it keeps telling my email has been used? And won’t let me down load. A little disappointing.

    • 13


      Are you sure you’re not already registered somehow? You might want to check your email account. Or if not, register with a different email address. You don’t really NEED email to run the app.

  9. 14

    Pat says

    Do I need a phone or a tablet, won’t it work with my laptop. If not, why? I don’t have that kind of phone so is there any other way I can do this.

    • 15

      lisa says

      I would be interested in the option of participating using my lap top or even with a texting phone. I have no interest in getting a smart phone or i phone, it costs too much for my budget.

  10. 17

    Annie says

    I just tried to cash out $5 and paypal charged me a fee of $0.45? Does anyone know what that is about? I know it is like free money, but if it always takes 9% of my money, I may not bother….

    • 18

      Jenna says

      Yep, its paypals fee for the money being sent to you. I run an ebay store, and its happens every single time I get money sent to me. When I sent money to my cousin last month for a fundraiser her daughter was doing it charged her as well.

      • 19

        Tracey says

        Hey Jenna, when sending money via paypal you’ll see a tab that says Purchase another one that says Personal (right underneath where you put in how much you want to send). Click on the one that says personal and say that its being sent as a gift. It doesn’t charge you a fee to send it as a gift!! :) I had to send some money for a club one time and they had me do it that way and it worked.

    • 29


      You’ll only get the $5 if you signed up through a referral link (like the one I shared above). If you just downloaded the app without signing up first, there will be no $5 bonus.

  11. 30

    Pat says

    i signed up on my husbands phone but i don’t know if i signed up through your website, i signed up online but when i went on the phone i just went to apps an downloaded the app, will i still get the $5 bonus.

  12. 31

    Beth says

    Do these offers expire? I loaded a bunch the other day and when I went to go shopping today, the offers were not there.