Free resources to track your coupon savings in 2013

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Many of you have asked for a spreadsheet that allows you to track your coupon savings throughout the year. I’ve hunted up a few great FREE resources that will allow you to input grocery receipts – it can be very motivating to see what you’ve been saving and spending!

Record your savings for free with these tools:

  1. The Savings Lifestyle has a nice Excel-based GROCERY SAVINGS CHART with instructions. If you prefer an even simpler system, you can create a login and enter your information on the new online tool.
  2. The Coupon Project has an Excel-based COUPON SAVINGS TRACKER for 2013 available with great commentary on how to calculate the percentage saved and how to set goals, along with other frequently asked questions.
  3. Couponing 101 has developed a GROCERY and COUPON SAVINGS SPREADSHEET that you can download to your computer or Google Docs account, including detailed instructions for using it.

I’ve hunted around for a similar app for smartphones or tablets, but haven’t found any that would work for this purpose. Let us know if you do!

I personally like to track all of my store purchases for the year – including groceries, cleaning products, health and beauty aids and clothing. Others like to record only grocery spending. It’s really up to you!

Take a look at these files and find the one that makes the most sense to you. Remember – if you’re spending even a little bit less each month or getting more for your money, you’re taking a step in the right direction!

Did YOU track your savings in 2012? We’d all love to hear how you did – please comment!

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  1. 1

    Esther a homeschool mom in Mid-Michigan says

    Thanks so much Jolyn for the info on tracking your savings! I picked the document from #1 above from The Savings Lifestyle to try for 2013! I’ve had my own in the past, but this has some features my spreadsheet doesn’t have! And hey, who doesn’t like free shortcuts?! My closest estimate for total savings for 2012 is about $8,000 for a family of 4. I don’t have an exact amount because of computer glitches/malfunctions back in October when I stopped entering my receipts :( I figure it’s easier to start fresh for 2013 than try and play catch-up for 2012. The newest thing I did for 2012 was separate what I saved with store sales in one column and what I saved with coupons in another column. I did this to prove to sceptics, that yes, it is worth it to use coupons! My coupon savings alone amounted to about 65% of my total savings! So, even though I didn’t save as much as I did in 2010 ($11,400), I saved enough to be able to stay at home and be a domestic engineer and homeschool my 2 boys :)
    God is good!

  2. 2

    Aj says

    I also have used #1 in the past, I remember recording at least 60% savings with coupons and store sales in 2011. I used the mobile Google docs app to record purchases from my phone.

  3. 3

    Heather M. says

    In 2012, I used option #1. It was very straight-forward and user friendly. I definitely think it is the best option for starting to track savings. For our small family of 2 (my hubby and me) – we spent $3,254.73, saved $10,197.98, got $13,452.71 in merchandise, making it an overall 76% savings for the year! I’m beyond pleased with this amount! I included all grocery, household, and personal items (it also includes some gifts if I bought them at Meijer or Target – basically everything except clothing). This year I think I’m going to try out option #2. I really like how the rebates are included and that it is easily broken into months. I also want to be more consistent with either including or excluding gifts and I want to track clothing purchases as well so I can see where more money is being allocated. So, I have 2 copies of option #2 – one for grocery, household, and personal items and the other for clothes and gifts.

    Jolyn, thanks for all your hard work and dedication! I know that it cannot be easy at times juggling this along with other commitments, but I greatly appreciate everything you do and how much you have helped us!

  4. 4

    Chellsy says

    Trying out option #3 online tool. But I ran into a snag with my first entry:

    How do you record a moneymaker that is cash back due to Ibotta? With Ibotta, I think we are going to have more transactions like this. For example, today at Meijer I purchased:

    Reach Floss $1
    Dove Conditioner $3.49
    Dove Hair spray $4.09
    Lady Speedstick $2
    Special K cereal $2.50
    Frosted Flakes $2.50
    Eggo Waffles $2
    Total = $17.58 + .18 Michigan sales tax = $17.76

    Instant discount for purchasing 2 Dove products = – $2
    Brings total to $15.76

    Paper manuf. coupons I had:
    $.70 off Special K
    $1 off Reach floss
    $.50 off Frosted Flakes (doubled at Meijer to equal $1 off)
    Total in paper coupons (including doublers) = -$2.70

    Brings total to $13.06

    I additionally had a Meijer mperks digital coupon for $10 off grocery/health/beauty purchases
    Brings total to $3.06 OOP

    I can enter all of this information but now with Ibotta, I had the following:

    1.25 off Lady Speedstick
    1.75 off Dove conditioner
    1.75 off Dove hairspray
    1.00 off Special K
    1.00 off Frosted Flakes
    1.00 Eggo Waffles
    Total in Ibotta rewards = $7.75

    So, since I only paid $3.06 OOP and made $7.75 from Ibotta, this was a $4.69 moneymaker for me. The way the online tool and spreadsheet is set up, it doesn’t really allow for moneymakers in this way. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • 5

      Chellsy says

      Hmmm…seems if I enter my Ibotta rewards as another transaction as a negative figure in the OOP column, it brings my overall OOP total into the correct amount (now showing a negative number indicating that I made money). It doesn’t really reflect in the savings or coupons columns, but I guess that is ok since it is cash I am getting back. If anyone else has a better idea, I am open. :)

  5. 6

    rebecca says

    Although I have been couponing heavily for the last four years I have never used any sort of tracker. I think I might for 2013 and I like you Jolyn would like to track everything. I don’t spend too much on clothes but still would like to track. Can you give any tips or things I should consider? I hate to sound dumb but do you download the tracker or print it out and use it that way. I haven’t spent any money yet in 2013 so I would like to get it set up before I do. thanks.

    • 7


      I would use it on your computer so that the calculations are done for you – it saves a lot of time that way! You can set up separate pages for clothing,e tc.

  6. 8

    Ashley says

    I’m not sure I get the column of “savings-coupons” can someone further explain this to me???

    • 9

      Jackie says

      Savings – Coupons

      If your store splits out the total savings into store savings, coupon savings, or anything else, list the Coupon Savings here. Many of the stores I shop do this. It’s interesting to see how much of the savings come from the sale versus the coupon. If your store doesn’t split out the savings reasons, just enter a zero.

  7. 10

    Jaclyn says

    Anyway to open and save these on iPad? I have two saved in google doc but it won’t allow me to edit them… I am just learning apple and its a bit different then my kindle.

  8. 11

    Housewifeforlife says

    BEWARE…Grocery/Retail receipts may not be reflecting savings accurately! Do not trust the receipts calculated totals. Review all receipts to confirm their savings are properly reported. In some instances (esp. Target), I have to manually calculate my savings because the receipt does not reflect original price on clearance items. This problem makes calculating savings a little more tedious, but well worth the headache if you want to track your savings accurately. FYI