Giveaway: Cinch Door Seal Weather Stripping

I don’t mind the winter cold, really. Especially when it’s nice and warm inside. I’m not a big fan of drafty doors or windows, though. Or high heating bills. You, either?

If you’ve been looking for a way to seal out the cold and weather-proof your door, you’ll want to know about Cinch Door Seals. Cinch is peel-and-stick aluminum stripping – it uses 3M adhesive technology, so you know it’ll stay put. Cinch strips are available in white, brown or silver to blend in with any door frame.

All you need to do is measure your door frame, use a hack saw to cut the strips to size and secure into place. It’s a simple DIY project that costs around $30 and takes only 15 minutes – but it could save you far more in energy bills this winter!

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Enter to Win a Cinch Door Seal Kit!

THREE randomly selected Bargains to Bounty readers will win:

  •  Cinch Door Seals in winner’s choice of white, brown or silver – includes top, sides and bottom strips to weatherstrip a full door ($30 retail value)

To enter, please leave one comment on this post, answering the following question:

What do you do to prepare your door or home for winter?

Entries will be accepted through November 14 at noon EST. The winners will be randomly selected and notified via email to claim their prizes.

Disclosure: Cinch Door Seals has provided weather strips for 3 winners, in addition for a set of strips I can try on my own door.
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  1. 3

    Tami says

    I make suggestions to my husband on what needs to be done (he likes to own this area). This seal would be a GREAT addition to his preparations.

  2. 4

    Sandy says

    My husband and I will caulk the windows each and every Fall….we didn’t caulk one year and there was definitely a draft coming in. So now its a tradition, we usually do this when we rake all the leaves, trim back the flowers and mow the grass one last time. Would greatly appreciate and would love to try the Cinch Door Seal Kit!

  3. 5

    Grayce says

    I try to make suggestions to my husband but he feels that our house is “fine just the way it is”. This seems like it would be somthing nice an easy I could do myself :)

  4. 6

    Michelle Ross says

    I put plastic on all my windows and use the sticky foam stuff around the door frame. My sliding glass door also gets shrink wrapped. This year I am going to attempt to caulk the windows.

  5. 7

    Colleen says

    We try to put up the new weather strips before the weather gets too cold, put plastic on the windows. By spring the front windows have more tape plugging the holes the dogs made than plastic, but we do what we can.

  6. 8

    lisa says

    We don’t usually do anything, but we have a very drafty sunroom that could really use this!

  7. 9

    Tammy says

    I purchased As Seen on Tv door draft stoppers. The seal at the bottom of our door fell off and this would be great to have this installed on the door to save all the money that is going out the door.

    I also use plastic on my windows to help stop some of the drafts that come in.

  8. 12

    Tonya says

    Usually we shrink wrap the windows and shut off the outside faucets and leave the bathroom faucets dripping.

  9. 13

    Chris says

    I make sure the new weather strips are up on the door before the weather gets cold. I haven’t done that yet this year.

  10. 14

    Brandy Trost says

    Last year my mom gave me a cloth with foam rolls that you slide it under the door. It was too bulky and my door would not shut. I have not tried anything else this year but I can feel the cold air coming from under the door when you walk past it. Trying this new device might be exactly what I need. I have a little baby that’s getting ready to crawl and I need to eliminate the draft.

  11. 15

    emily says

    I need weather stripping to prepare for winter. This would be perfect.
    I have a slider and 2 doors that need to be prepared.

  12. 17

    Stacey B. says

    I need to look into something for the door to the garage. This looks like a wonderful idea.

  13. 20

    Amy P says

    We got new windows a few years ago. Debating on getting new doors or insulation for the attic this year…if I won this, we would do the insulation!

  14. 23

    Megan P says

    We unfortunately don’t do anything. We NEED to do something about our door and doorwall though. They let in way too much cold air. :-(

  15. 25

    Kim G says

    W prepare our doors and home for winter by checking the door weather stripping, drafts around windows and to see if the foam inserts under outlet covers are still working.

  16. 26

    Ondrea says

    I make sure all the windows are fully closed (seems simple), I put up eco-curtains and tuck towels under the attic door.

  17. 27

    Kathleen Winfrey says

    This is a good idea! i will suggest this to my dad, I think he’ll be needing this.

  18. 28

    nina says

    This year we will be plastic wrapping our windows in plastic, really noticing a draft this fall. love the idea of the cinch for the door jams!

  19. 30

    demetra says

    We do nothing for the door (even though there is a draft) but we change the filter for the furnace.

  20. 32

    Amber says

    Honestly we have not done anything to our doors to prepare for winter, we have only put plastic on our windows.

  21. 35

    Colleen Grathoff says

    We make sure that all windows and doors are caulked properly. We also clean our furnace and make sure it is working properly.

  22. 37

    Heidi says

    I plastic the windows and sky lights to help prevent air from sneeking through. I replace the old furnance filter with a new one. Nothing for the doors, though noticed last year that it was letting in quite a draft. Would love to try these door strips.

  23. 38

    Stephanie says

    We have some older windows in the bedrooms that we have to seal to keep out the winter draft.

  24. 39

    Tracy T says

    To get my home ready for winter I change the furnace filter and get a checkup/tuneup for it, make sure the door to the attic is snug, reprogram the thermostat, put up insulated curtains in the living room, and I usually put plastic on the windows.

  25. 40

    Kristna Jacobsen says

    We don’t do much but this is our second winter in this home and we are looking to do much more this year.

  26. 42

    Danielle Buchowski says

    My family moved 2 months ago so I’m not sure how well this home will keep the cold out but I’m nut thinking it will do it very well. I really need this

  27. 44

    Tina krassa says

    I use special curtains to block out the cold air in the winter (and sun in the summer) on the majority of my windows.

  28. 45

    Dawn Levian says

    I normally end up buying that saran wrap type stuff and sealing the windows which I am not sure it works great but Michigan winters can be cold and I do what I can do.

  29. 46

    megan says

    We get out the blankets and throws that are numerous in our house. Also, I get the energy bill set up on budget payments every fall to prepare for the ridiculously high payments…It would be nice to see how effective this might be…Unfortuantely, I now have critters so that would be first on my list right now. Then maybe I can take care of trying some of these ideas. Thanks.

  30. 47

    Rachael says

    We recently bought a new backdoor because the air was coming in so much from an old door. We also get out the heaters and warm blankets when we watch movies in the basement!

  31. 49

    Patty says

    We put plastic on the windows and towels between the doors. Need to find a better solution.

  32. 50

    Amy W says

    I put plastic on all the windows. I’ve seen a couple ideas here I might try!! Thanks everyone for sharing!

  33. 51

    Melissa says

    We check our doors and windows to see if there are any repairs to be made: caulk, weather stripping, etc.

  34. 52

    Lnda vella says

    I make my husband dress like an eskimo and I turn the heat down as we have propane and it is expensive and we are on a budget

  35. 53

    devon says

    To prepare our home for winter we put the storm windows in the screen doors, put plastic on and recaulk the drafty windows.

  36. 54

    linda says

    Since our door is only 4 years old we haven’t done anything but this will change since it rained IN our house under our door during the last bad storm! Need a new bottom strip for sure.

  37. 55

    Michele Erdman says

    We usually try to seal it up with newspaper and tape…this would be much simpler!!

  38. 56

    Lori says

    We usually plastic wrap our doorwall and we always put a rolled up towel by our back door. I would like to have someone caulk all of our windows again.

  39. 58

    Stephanie C. says

    We put High Density Extruded Polystyrene (pink foam) in my son’s room window along with the plastic to keep out the cold (his room is the coldest). Then we use plastic on all the other windows and a handmade (from a craft show) draft stopper at the front door (this door needs the most help along with our doorwall). We also put up Polystyrene (white foam) in the inside of our garage door to keep the garage warmer. We have a pretty drafty house, lol.

  40. 61

    Mary says

    I repeat myself over and over insisting that my kids “shut the door, are we heating the outside too?” just like my parents did!

  41. 62

    Jennifer Grawburg says

    I put plastic on the upstairs windows and keep the bathroom door upstairs shut and place a draft dodger at the bottom.

  42. 68

    Jamie says

    I’ve been meaning to try something like this. We just installed a new door so now our front door needs to keep out the air. We usually just lock the windows and use some decorative pillow thing along the doors.

  43. 69

    April Morrison says

    I just put on a draft stopped on the bottom of my door about 10 minutes ago! I can see it won’t be enough, though. I hope to win. Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. 70

    Beth G says

    We don’t do the weather stripping like we should – keep meaning to get supplies and forget – this would be really helpful!

  45. 72

    Shanna Thomas says

    We use old towels to block the draft coming in from the front door, laundry room door, and the garage door

  46. 74

    Andi says

    I close off registers in rooms that don’t need as much heat. I will also put plastic on a few windows. I have even sealed off the fireplace after the holidays, and that made a big difference!

  47. 75

    Jennifer R says

    Plastic on windows. but we’ve been trying to decide what to do with the door, this would be great.

  48. 77

    Sheila Conner says

    Not enough, my house is very cold and has too many doors and windows. One of my doors has light coming in through the bottom, I’d love to see if this would help that.

  49. 78

    Cassie says

    I tell my husband every year we need something like this for the front door… and every year we have the same draft. If I had this, I could do it myself.