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Finish Line: NCAA Hoodies & Sweatpants as low as $15 each shipped! (reg $40 each)

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2 for $35 NCAA Fleece Apparel + Free Shipping

Mix and match fleece pullover hoodies, full-zip hoodies and sweatpants from hundreds of NCAA schools, including:

  • Central Michigan
  • Eastern Michigan
  • Grand Valley State
  • Michigan State
  • Ohio State
  • Saginaw Valley State
  • University of Michigan
  • Valparaiso
  • Western Michigan

These NCAA hoodies and sweatpants are normally $40 each at FinishLine.com. Through November 22, when you add them in groups of 2 to your cart, you’ll see the updated sale pricing (2 for $35 = $17.50 each!). Use the coupon code NCAAFREE and select economy shipping at checkout to get free shipping to your door.

UPDATE: It gets better!
Finish Line just redesigned their site to make it even easier to use AND added a new coupon code that gives you $10 off $50 AND free shipping. Add 4 participating fleece items to your cart, use NEWSITE10 (valid through Nov 19 ONLY) and pay $60 for 4 items ($15 each!).

These are nice pieces (even the hoods are lined) and would make cozy Christmas gifts for your favorite fan! Be sure to read the comments on this post!

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  1. 1
    Heather M. says:

    You can also use code FINISH5LINE for an additional 5% off! :) I just got 2 for $35.25 with tax and shipping! Score!

  2. 3

    I ran it through Fatwallet.com to get an extra 5% back. Hopefully it will stack with the other offers.

    Thanks though! My sister is a big Ohio State fan and they don’t sell that stuff at Meijer. :)

  3. 4

    How were you able to put the extra code in for the 5%off? I’m only able to put one code in…

  4. 6

    Disregard that question – I had other items in my cart, so the free shipping wasn’t showing up.

  5. 7

    great deal, thanks Jolyn!

  6. 8

    Awesome deal!! Thank you! A nice present for my son!

  7. 9

    I used ebates and got 5% back. Also thanks Heather M. for the code!

  8. 10

    Awesome deal! Thanks so much

  9. 11

    I was able to use the code LOOKGOOD20 and got $20.00 off of $100.00. I got 3 sweatshirts and 3 sweatpants with free shipping for $90.95. Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  10. 12

    These hoodies are good quality too. I worked for finish line as a store manager for 5 years, and have many, many of these hoodies in my house! Wore one tonight actually!

    • 13

      Great! Thanks for the input, Andrea! It looked like most of them were embroidered, but I couldn’t tell on all of them. Are they?

  11. 14

    Thank You for the deal. Surprising my husband with a new U of M sweatshirt for christmas. Got myself one also!!!!!

  12. 15

    for some reason it is not letting me add my sweatshirts to the cart? Any tips? I select the size and quantity and it says “Select Stores” and if I click on that, it does nothing….

  13. 16

    Thank you for the share! Christmas shopping for my dad & brother is now done!

  14. 17

    Wow, I ordered two sweatshirts two days ago and it’s already out for delivery right now. Forgot to use the discount code though for the extra off. :-(

  15. 18

    They aren’t ironed on or anything like that, they are stitched on. There are two different companies that make them. One won’t shrink, and one possibly can. So line dry them, or just go a size to. My NIU one was the only one I got that shrunk up really badly. North Carolina, notre dame, Illinois, Illinois state, and Iowa were all good. I probably have more but can’t remember lol. Haven’t bought one in over a year, but I’m sure the quality is the same or better. Finish line as far as what products they sell, is a good company.

  16. 19

    Not cool…I already ordered four of those.
    Guess I should call and see if they will work with me.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. 20

    okay, i can’t figure out how to add both codes…..once I get to the payment page it doesn’t allow me to put in the second code…help!

  18. 22

    got two M sweatshirts and one thermal M shirt for 47.27 shipped! whoot whoot! Thanks Jolyn:) I’m looking forward to seeing you on tv!

  19. 23

    I’m sure they’ll be fine, I would just check them out when you get them in. If they won’t work, take them to a store and exchange them, or you can mail them in.

  20. 24

    Thanks so much! It’s nice that the extended sizes (XXL, etc.) aren’t more money like on most sites. I have a very tall uncle who needs XXL and it’s great to find such a good price for Christmas gifts! :)

  21. 26

    Yay! I got 2 hoodies, 1 pair of Nike womens gloves and clearance Nike socks. Spent 50.98 used the -10 off of 50 = 40 plus $2 bucks back from Ebates.