Meijer mPerks: Select members get $2 off $2 or $5 off $5 digital coupons!

New mPerks coupons appear each week, so you’ll want to check your account regularly. While there’s no guarantee you’ll receive one of these discounts, there have been reports that some members have one of these coupons available, valid through this week:

  • $2 off your next purchase of $2 or more
  • $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more

I didn’t receive a coupon in my account, but other readers have. These coupons are my FAVORITE thing about mPerks!

Would you like to sign up for mPerks? Click here so that you don’t miss the next great Meijer offer!

Looking for Meijer deals? Find this week’s best Meijer sale+coupon matchups!

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  1. 1

    tiff says

    I dont have them either, EVERY time there is a post about possible MPERKS I NEVER ever have them. I sure wish that I knew how they distributed these, ugh. Since I am venting I will also say I hate how almost all my name brand MPERK coupons are now manq. I guess Meijer found a way around there stacking coupon policy terms to their benefit.

    • 2

      jessica says

      I think they give them to accounts that arent used as much i checked my husbands account, mine, my moms, sisters, brothers, brother in law, and sister in laws and none of use got one :-(

  2. 3

    tonya says

    i have the ‘meijer-find-it’ app installed on my phone, and it has all my mperks coupons listed for me, clipped and non-clipped. this makes it super fast and easy for me to check if i got the $2/2 or $5/5. (which i did not) also makes it super easy to be able to clip some that i may have missed while im shopping. mperks used to be a hassle for me because i might forget to clip them from home before i left , this app makes them super easy! hth!

  3. 8

    Shannon says

    Not only did I not get a $2 or $5 off, I noticed that almost ALL of my clipped coupons are now Manufacturer and not Store so they will not combine with other paper coupons :( Glad I have a stockpile!

  4. 9

    Renee says

    I’ve got 3 accounts and none had any money :( I have stopped using mperks lately because almost every coupon is now manuf. coupon and can’t be stacked and I’ve had mperks not come off the last 2 times I tried. The Spaghettios mperk was the latest that didn’t come off.

  5. 10


    i got a 5.00 on my account and a 2.00 on husbands but this is the first for me and i use these acc all the time so i get double the deals

  6. 11

    Christina says

    Last time people said that they found a $2 in their m-perks, I didn’t find one in my account. However, when I went shopping and put in my m-perks number a $2 off from m-perks was on the bottom of my receipt. I was surprised, especially since I knew I hadn’t seen it to clip it. My mom hasn’t been getting these coupons either, and she rarely uses her account. So it really does seem random.