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Meijer: $5 off Total Purchase mPerks discount valid Saturday (Facebook)

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Today, Meijer shared this status on the Meijer Facebook page:

On Saturday at 8 am, we’ll share an mPerks offer code good for $5.00 off your total cart! We’re only sharing this on Facebook, as a thank you to our fans.

Make sure that you like the Meijer Facebook page and check it early Saturday morning to grab your code and load your savings. Once you enter the offer code, the coupon will appear as the first one on the page. There will be some exclusions listed on the coupon itself. It will only be available to clip on SATURDAY, but valid until September 23. $5 off almost anything is a great way to save – and a nice addition to many of the deals this week (including the Signature by Levi jeans offer!).

Once you get the code, you’ll find the OFFER CODE box near the top right of the mPerks coupon page (after logging in). Enter the code and click on APPLY and your savings should successfully load to your account.

Get your shopping list ready – take a peek at the Meijer matchup list this week along with the Meijer 2 Day Sale list! Or use your $5 to get 2 gallons of milk! You can’t go wrong with free money! Thanks, Sarah’s Deals!

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  1. 1

    Is that $5 off Mperks just for Saturday only?

  2. 2

    do you think there will be a limited number of these $5 off to be clipped? I know the code will have to be entered, but I wonder if they are able to track the number that will be used and cap them?

  3. 3

    Wait, I just read this from their site: You may have noticed when you log into mPerks there’s an area to enter an offer code. We’ll share the offer code tomorrow morning that you can enter there, and make the $5.00 off coupon appear. The coupon will only be clippable tomorrow, but will be usable for several days. We’ll have the full details tomorrow at 8am. :)

  4. 5
    Sarah Muennix says:

    Is this for use only online?

  5. 7

    Hi All –

    Thanks for sharing our offer.

    The offer code will be shared at 8am, the coupon will be clippable through the rest of the day, and then it an be used through 9/23.

    After it’s done, we’d love your feedback on how it works and the timing if we were to do more Facebook-exclusive mPerks offers (i.e., should they be offered on a different day)?


    Social Media Specialist

    • 8

      VERY ANGRY– $5 meijers Q was suppost be available all day per Jeremy, but as usual just another program filled with half truths and inconsistant store policies from store to store.
      I will think twice about shopping at meijers
      p.s. B.T.B. your the best website please keep up the good work
      Randy k

  6. 12

    I just clipped 2 $5 mperks coupons!!

  7. 13

    worked great. thanks for sharing! :-)

  8. 14

    Yea! Thanks for the heads-up! Glad I check your site every morning!

  9. 15

    Great! Thanks for posting!

  10. 16

    for those of us who don’t use facebook…you really don’t have to “like” them on facebook, just log into mperks & type in offer code “facebook”

  11. 17


  12. 18

    Went to meijer this morning, tried to use the $5 off did not come off. I was buying the levis. So I thought maybe because of the free gift card it did not work. Went through again with regular groceries, did not come off again! I know the mperks was working because the $2 off Renu worked. The $5 coupon shows in my mperks account, so not sure what is wrong. Customer service line was too long so I will see next week. It is good till the 23rd. And I will contact meijer. Just wondering if anyone else had an issue.

    • 19

      Go to meijer.com/mperks and use the contact link there – in-store customer support is unable to help with the digital coupon program, but their online support should be able to assist you.

  13. 20

    after entering the code you guys have to remember to clip it!!! after entering the code it goes into your account but you still have to clip it?

  14. 21

    it came off fine for me!!! you can still enter the code until midnight tonight, its FACEBOOK!!!

  15. 22

    it came off fine for me!!! you can still enter the code until midnight tonight, its FACEBOOK!!! go, go, go, go! lol

  16. 23

    FYI. You don’t even need to go to their facebook page. Just use the offer code: facebook

  17. 24

    Thank you sooo much for letting us know about this I was able to score a $140 worth of items for $ 4.01 after all my coupons. I also got a ton of kids clothes :)

  18. 25

    I just entered the code and it worked just fine for me.

  19. 26

    Got my mom to sign up for a new account and she was able to clip the $5 facebook and there was also a $2 off $2 purchase in her account when she signed in to clip the facebook coupon. She was so excited about having $7 of free money to spend at Meijer!

  20. 27

    I was not able to clip the 5 off I tried at 10:44 pm and even though I entered the code it did not reflect on my clipped coupon list

  21. 28

    Mercedes and everyone else ;-) When u enter the code it goes to “to be clipped” coupons, NOT, “clipped” coupons.

  22. 29

    I entered the code and clipped the coupon…but when i shopped yesterday the $5 didn’t come off my order.

  23. 31

    I also tried using my account today and the coupon didn’t come off…I am going to contact Mperks and see what they can do

  24. 32
    Michelle S. says:

    Just FYI, I didn’t check the terms, but apparently the discount won’t work on gift cards. I bought a greeting card and a gift card, and all that came off was $3.99 for the greeting card. Wish I had been paying better attention; I would’ve at least grabbed a candy bar or something!