Kroger: Stores in Michigan that double $1.00 coupons

Question: Which Kroger stores in Michigan will double a $1.00 coupon?


You have NO idea how often I’m asked this question. :)

And sadly, there are NO Kroger stores in the metro Detroit area that will double the value of a $1.00 coupon. Stores in our area will double a $0.50 coupon, however, making it worth $1.00 total.

SELECT Kroger stores in Saginaw and Genessee counties along with the Howell location WILL double manufacturer’s coupons with a face value of up to $1.00 (i.e. a single $1.00 coupon deducts twice when scanned for a total discount of $2.00; a $0.75 coupon creates a $1.50 discount, etc.). You can view and zoom in on a map of stores here. This can mean a great savings (and some potential free items each week). If your travels happen to take you north, check the Kroger online ad (search by zip code) for the areas you’re passing through. You just might want to pack your coupons, too!

You will need to scan a Kroger Plus shopper’s card at the beginning of your order to double coupons at any participating store. Without a Kroger Plus card, your coupons are only worth face value at Kroger. You can sign up online or in the store at the customer service desk.

Note that these stores will follow coupon policy more strictly – and can sometimes interpret it differently. You will be limited to 3 identical coupons (some stores are now allowing only 2 identical printable coupons). If you’re visiting a store you don’t normally shop, it may be worth your time to call ahead and verify the policy first.

MICHIGAN KROGER STORES that will double coupon values of $1 or less

  • BAY CITY – 945 N Euclid Avenue (989) 686-3590
  • BRIDGEPORT – 6370 Dixie Highway (989) 777-0881
  • BURTON – 1200 E Bristol Road (810) 234-6863
  • DAVISON – 700 N State Road (810) 653-4175
  • ESSEXVILLE – 2910 Center Avenue (989) 892-8037
  • FLINT – 3288 Corunna Road (810) 235-6435
  • FLINT – 5249 Corunna Road (810) 732-0130
  • FLINT – 5186 Fenton Road (810) 232-7137
  • FLINT – 3838 Richfield Road (810) 736-0320
  • FLINT – 2629 W Pierson Road (810) 785-3431
  • FLUSHING – 1542 E Pierson Road (810) 659-3121
  • FRANKENMUTH – 435 N Main Street (989) 652-2621
  • GRAND BLANC – 12731 S Saginaw Street (810) 695-6384
  • HOWELL – 108 W Highland Rd (517) 552-0126
  • MT. MORRIS – 7188 N Saginaw Road (810) 234-4355
  • OWOSSO – 1315 E M 21 (989) 729-1355
  • SAGINAW – 3860 Dixie Highway (989) 777-1322
  • SAGINAW – 4672 State Street (989) 921-6221
  • SAGINAW – 5025 Gratiot Road (989) 791-9090
  • SWARTZ CREEK – 7084 Miller Road (810) 630-0575

Eager to see the deals you can find at double-to-$1 coupon stores? Take a look at this week’s Kroger coupon matchup posts!

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  1. 1

    lizz says

    You have the wrong address and phone for the Howell store it is:
    108 W Highland Rd
    Howell, MI 48843
    Store: (517) 552-0126
    Pharmacy: (517) 552-0205
    (The one you have listed is the Hartland store- and they only double $0.50)

  2. 4

    Dorice says

    Some Kroger stores that double to a dollar will also take a coupon that is more than a dollar and have it worth two dollars. So if you use a coupon worth $1.50, it would have a value of $2.00. I know the Bay City stores do this, it would be worth asking if you shop at a Kroger that is on the list.

  3. 5

    tracy says

    that is crazy,i love the double coupons,but my bill would go down alot more if my $1 coupons doubled,even though i would really like it,it seems to me like that would make for alot of free stuff,so that would not be good for the companies

  4. 6

    Connie says

    The Howell store is very strict about doubling any coupon. Well worth the gas money if you have 6 or more $1.00 coupons. You do have to get there early in the week because by Friday the shelves can be very empty. Howell will not mark up a $1.50 coupon (for example) to $2.00. Howell’s store is also very old dark and messy.

    • 8

      gmom says

      I have given up on the Howell store – they are always out of almost everything that would double to make it a good deal. I usually leave with 1 – 2 items on my list (none of the free or green items). It is not worth the gas money and I only live 5 miles away. I have been there on monday pm and still no items!! I love a good deal but this store is not worth it.

  5. 9

    Kristy says

    I live in Midland. They only double coupons up to $0.50. I do monthly trips to the saginaw stores because they do double up to $1.00.
    Wanted to share so you can update your list.
    Thanks for having such a great website!!

  6. 11

    Bethany Goff says

    Just wanted to note some coupon restrictions at the Owosso store. If you have internet printed coupons, they will only accept 3 from across the manufacturer. That’s right – the MANUFACTURER, not the brand. They read each coupon to find the manufacturer name. Normal limits apply on regular coupons from the coupon fliers. They also will not double Catalina coupons. Because of these coupon policy changes in this store, I no longer shop there unless I absolutely have to. Love the people who work there, but the new coupon policy really stinks!

      • 13

        Marnie says

        I’m with you Bethany, I have shopped at the Owosso Kroger every week since they opened about 8 years ago,but I only go for a couple of coupon deals now, and get my other groceries at Meijer or V.G.’s. They lost me. Takes too long to check out, and the policies are so way out there now. I’ve complained to corporate many times, but nothing is ever done. The Catalina thing really burns me up!

        • 14

          Bethany Goff says

          They really went overboard on the coupon policy! I understand that they were getting burned by “extreme couponers” and those committing coupon fraud. But I think there has to be a way to reward the honest and ethical couponers while stopping the dishonest and unethical ones. Their policies seems to be an overreaction rather than a real solution.

      • 15

        Kristy says

        I atually think that it is 2 printables per manufacturer now. But it is still worth it to go there. It’s just the printables they are most strict with. I think it adds to the coupon game. We should just expect to get something for nothing without putting a little effort into it.

  7. 17

    Robin says

    The Swartz Creek store will not double any coupon (store or manufacturer) with a Kroger logo on it. For example the ones they send you in the mail.