Kroger Deals and Coupon Matchups: August 6-12, 2012

These Kroger deal matchups have been created using the Kroger store ad for the Metro Detroit area, where coupons double up to $0.50 (limit 3 identical coupons per order). I’ve listed only what I consider to be the best deals for your money this week.

LAST POST UPDATE: Sunday, August 5 at 9:00 p.m. EST

Kroger DEAL of the DAY CartBuster coupons are back – check each day through August 11 to load a new digital coupon to your Kroger card (some may be higher value than usual)!

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$0.99 Nestle Nesquik Powder, small pouch (reg price)
$0.50/1 Nesquik coupon (from 5-20 SS, exp 8-12)
FREE after coupon

$1.00 Haribo Gummi Cola or Bears (reg price)
-$0.30/1 Haribo printable coupon *back again!*
$0.40 after coupon

$0.59 Powerade or Powerade Zero, 32 oz

$1.34 Frank’s RedHot Sauce, 5 oz (through Oct 7)
-$0.35/1 Frank’s coupon (from 7-29 SS, exp 9-30)
$0.64 after coupon

$1.00 Uncle Ben’s Country Inn Rice (through Aug 12)
-$1.00/3 Uncle Ben’s printable coupon (register/login)
$0.67 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$1.00 Martha White Muffin Mix, pouch (through Dec 30)
-$1.00/4 Martha White printable coupon
$0.75 each when you buy 4 with coupon ($0.50 ea if your store doubles to $1)

$1.99 Roman Meal Bread (through Aug 12)
-$1.00/1 Roman Meal printable coupon
$0.99 after coupon

$2.00 Weber Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz (through Sept 9)
-$1.00/1 Weber coupon (from 6-17 or 7-15 SS)
$1.00 after coupon (FREE if your store doubles to $1)

$1.00 Kroger Tortilla Chips

$1.99 Kellogg’s Cereal, 8-18.7 oz select varieties (through Aug 12)
$1.00/2 Kellogg’s printable coupon or $1.00/2 Kellogg’s printable or
-$0.70/1 Frosted Flakes coupon (from 7-8 RP) or
-$0.70/1 Krave coupon (from 7-8 RP) or
-$0.70/1 Raisin Bran Cinnamon Almond 14.5 oz coupon (from 7-8 RP) or
-$0.70/1 Crunchy Nut Caramel Nut 13.4 oz coupon (from 7-8 RP)
$1.29-$1.49 after coupon ($0.59-$0.99 if your store doubles to $1)

$1.67 Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, 8 ct (through Aug 12)
-$1.00/3 Pop Tarts coupon (from 6-24 or 7-29 RP)
$1.33 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$1.99 Keebler Cookies, 6.6-15 oz select varieties
-$0.55/1 Cinnamon Roll Cookies coupon (from 7-29 RP) or $0.55/2 Keebler coupon (from 7-29 RP)
$1.44-$1.72 each after coupon

$2.00 Lay’s Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, 8.5 oz (through Aug 12)
-$1.00/2 Kettle Cooked coupon (from 7-22 PepsiCo)
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$1.67 Kroger Chewy Granola Bars, 6-12 ct or Instant Oatmeal 8-12 ct (reg price)

$2.79 Mott’s for Tots Apple Juice (through Feb 3)
-$1.00/1 Mott’s for Tots printable coupon
$1.79 after coupon ($0.79 if your store doubles to $1)

$2.89 French’s Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce, 12 oz (through Aug 19)
-$0.50/1 Dipping Sauce printable coupon
$1.89 after coupon

$2.49 Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Bars
-$1.00/2 Nutri-Grain printable coupon
$1.99 each when you buy 2 with coupon ($1.49 ea if your store doubles to $1)

Kroger: NATURE’S MARKET (Natural/Organic)

$1.00 ZonePerfect Bar (reg price)
-$0.55/1 ZonePerfect coupon (from 7-15 or 8-5 SS)
$0.45 after coupon (FREE if your store doubles to $1)

$1.25 Mom’s Best Naturals Instant Oatmeal (through Aug 19)
$1.50 Mom’s Best Naturals Cereal (through Aug 19)
-$1.50/3 Mom’s Best printable coupon
$0.75-$1.00 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$1.00 Silk Soymilk Singles, 8 oz (through Sept 9)
-$1.00/4 Silk coupon (from 7-15 SS)
$0.75 each when you buy 4 with coupon

$1.00 Martinelli’s Lemonade, 10 oz
-$1.00/5 Kroger digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$0.80 each when you buy 5 with coupon

$2.00 Garden of Eatin’ Tortilla Chips, 7.5-8.1 oz (through Aug 19)
-$1.00/2 Garden of Eatin’ printable coupon
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon ($1 ea if your store doubles to $1)

$2.00 Kettle Brand Baked Chips, 4 oz (through Aug 12)
-$1.00/2 Kettle printable coupon
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.00 Kettle Brand Chips, 13 oz
-$1.00/2 Kettle printable coupon
$2.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.99 Simple Truth Organic Milk, half gallon

Kroger: FROZEN

$1.00 Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade (through Feb 3)
-$0.75/2 Minute Maid coupon (from 7-22 RP)
$0.63 each when you buy 2 with coupon ($0.25 ea if your store doubles to $1)

$2.49 Lean Cuisine Entrees
*Buy 6 or more, pay only $2.00 each*
-$1.00/4 Lean Cuisine coupon (from 4-29 SS, exp 7-31 or printable), use 2
$1.75 each when you buy 8 with 2 coupons

50% off Pepperidge Farm Breads or Desserts, 9.5-19.6 oz (reg $3.59-$4.69)
$1.80-$2.35 on sale

$2.99 Breyers Ice Cream, 48 oz (through Aug 12)
-$0.50/1 Breyers printable coupon
$1.99 after coupon

$2.50 Luigi’s Italian Ice, 6 ct cups (through Sept 30)
-$0.75/2 Luigi’s coupon (from 7-22 RP)
$2.13 each when you buy 2 with coupon ($1.75 if your store doubles to $1)

50% off Birds Eye Voila Skillet Meals, 21-23 oz (reg $6.59)
-$0.50/1 Voila printable coupon
$2.30 after coupon

$2.99 Turkey Hill Ice Cream (through Aug 12)
-$1.00/2 Turkey Hill coupon (from 7-29 RP)
$2.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.99 Freschetta Pizza
-$1.00/1 Artisan Crust coupon (from 4-22 SS), if included in sale
$2.99 after coupon

Kroger: DAIRY

$2.00 Yoplait Yogurt, 2-8 ct or 32 oz (through Aug 12)
-$0.75/1 Greek Yogurt 2-4 pk coupon or $0.75/1 Light with Granola coupon (from 7-15 SS or printable) or
-$0.75/2 Yoplait Kids coupon (from 6-10 or 7-8 SS or printable) or $0.35/1 Kids coupon (from 8-5 GM)
$1.25-$1.63 each after coupon ($0.50-$1.25 ea if your store doubles to $1)

$2.49 Kroger Gallon Milk, includes chocolate

Kroger: MEAT and DELI

$2.49/lb Fresh Ground Chuck, 3 lbs or more

$2.99/lb St. Louis Style Ribs or Pork Chops

$3.99/lb USDA Choice Boneless Chuck Roast

$6.99/lb USDA Choice T-Bone or Porterhouse Steak

$1.00 Seafood Snackers (through Sept 9)
$0.50/1 Seafood Snackers printable coupon
FREE after coupon

$2.50 Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage, 13-14 oz
-$0.55/1 Hillshire Farm coupon (from 7-8 RP)
$1.95 after coupon

$3.00 Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunch Meat, 8-9 oz tub
-$0.35/1 Hillshire Farm coupon (from 6-17 or 7-8 RP)
$2.30 after coupon

$2.99 Johnsonville Smoked or Breakfast Links, 12-14 oz
-$0.55/1 Johnsonville coupon (from 6-10 SS)
$2.44 after coupon


$0.30 Michigan Sweet Corn
$0.88/lb Michigan Kale
$1.00 Michigan Celery
$1.00 Red, Yellow or Orange Bell Peppers
$1.00 Mini Seedless Cucumber
$1.50 Jumbo Cantaloupe
$1.67 Broccoli, bunch
$1.68/lb Red, Black or Green Seedless Grapes
$1.78/lb Northwest Red Cherries
$1.98/lb Organic Red or Green Seedless Grapes
$2.00 Organic Cantaloupe
$2.99 Clementines, 3 lb bag


$2.00 Stayfree Pads, 14-24 ct select varieties (through Aug 12)
-$2.00/1 Stayfree coupon (from 7-22 SS)
FREE after coupon

$1.00 Carefree Liners, 20-22 ct (reg price)
-$0.50/1 Carefree coupon (from 7-22 SS)
FREE after coupon

$0.99 Suave Deodorant, 1.4 oz (through Aug 12)
-$0.75/1 Suave coupon (from 7-29 RP)
$0.24 after coupon

$1.99 Pampers Baby Wipes Tub, 64 ct (through Aug 12)
-$0.50/1 Pampers coupon (from 7-29 PG)
$0.99 after coupon

$1.99 L.A. Looks Hair Gel (reg price – may vary by location)
-$1.00/1 L.A. Looks coupon (from 5-6 RP, exp 8-6)
$0.99 after coupon (FREE if your store doubles to $1)

$3.99 Always Radiant Pads or Tampax Radiant Tampons 12-16 ct
-$2.00/1 Always or Tampax coupons (from 7-29 PG)
$1.99 after coupon

$7.79 World’s Best Clumping Cat Litter, 8 lb bag (through Aug 12)
-$5.00/1 World’s Best printable coupon*
$2.79 after coupon
*Note: Some Kroger locations will refuse printable coupons over $1.00, even if legitimate. Proceed with caution.

$5.99 Bounty Paper Towels, 6 Big Rolls, 8 Regular Rolls or 8 Basic Large Rolls
-$0.25/1 Bounty coupon (from 7-29 PG)
$5.49 after coupon

B1G1 Nature Made Vitamins or Supplements
-$1.00/1 or $2.00/1 coupons (from 7-29 SS or printables)


$0.15 Oxford Twin Pocket Portfolio

$0.25 Top Flight Spiral Notebook (limit 12)

$0.89 Bic Cristal Pens, 10 ct (through Sept 9)
-$1.00/2 Bic coupon (from 7-29 SS)
$0.39 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$0.99 Bic Brite Liner Highlighters, 5 ct (through Aug 12; reg $3.49)
-$1.00/2 Bic coupon (from 7-29 SS)
$0.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$0.49 Crayola Crayons, 24 ct (limit 6)

$0.50 PaperMate Write Bros. Pens, 10 ct (limit 6)

$0.50 Top Flight Composition Book

$0.75 Top Flight Filler Paper, 150 sheets

$0.79 Dixon #2 Dixon Pencils, 10 ct

$0.99 Sharpie Permanent Markers, 2 ct

$2.29 Scotch Packaging Tape
-$0.50/1 Scotch printable coupon
$1.29 after coupon

$1.49 Office Works Mesh Pencil Pouch

$1.49 Elmer’s Glue Stick or Glue All, 1-3 ct

$12.99 Mead Five Star Multi-Access Binder or Flex Notebinder
-$2.00/1 Five Star coupon (from 8-5 RP)
$10.99 after coupon


The following matchups are good deals for those who shop a store that doubles coupons to $1 (select stores in Saginaw and Genessee counties along with the Howell location – view a full list here or a map of stores here).

$2.19 Heinz White Vinegar, 32 oz (reg price – may vary by location)
$2.89 Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar, 32 oz (reg price – may vary by location)
-$1.00/1 Heinz coupon (from 6-24 SS, exp 8-31)
$0.19 or $0.89 after doubled coupon

$1.37 Gerber Organic Baby Food Pouches (reg price)
-$1.00/2 Gerber Organic printable coupon
$0.37 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.99 Pepperidge Farm Jingos Crackers (reg price)
-$1.00/1 Jingos printable coupon
$0.99 after doubled coupon

$2.99 WhoNu Cookies (reg price)
-$1.00/1 WhoNu printable coupon (Facebook)
$0.99 after doubled coupon

**SavingStar eCoupon Reward/Rebate is one-time use only. Pay-out request can be made when accumulated total reaches $5.00 or more. Click here for more details.

View this week’s complete Kroger Ad.

Kroger Catalina Promotions

Unless otherwise stated, all Catalina offers are limited to one per transaction. Read more about what to do if your Catalina coupon doesn’t print as expected.

Buy $7.00 of Oral-B toothbrushes in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order (7/20-8/5). Thanks, Kelsey!

Spend $30.00 – $39.99 on any Purina pet products, get a $5.00 coupon valid on your next order OR spend $40.00 or more, get a $10.00 checkout coupon. (7/23-8/5). Thanks, Kelsey!


You can now view the Kroger coupon policy for Michigan online.
Please that Kroger’s coupon policy clearly states in each store ad: Limit 3 Manufacturer’s Coupons will be Doubled (up to $0.50) per Like Items Purchased.

You WILL need a Kroger card to take advantage of these offers; sign up for one at the Customer Service desk if you do not have one!

NOTE on Printable Coupons: Some Kroger stores have been denying the redemption of any printable coupon over $1, so proceed with caution when using printable coupons. You can view/print the Kroger Print-at-Home Coupon Acceptance Policy here, which does not specifically restrict the use of printables over $1.

SELECT Kroger stores outside of metro Detroit (some stores in Saginaw and Genessee counties along with the Howell location – view a full list here or a map of stores here) will double manufacturer’s coupons up to $1.00! This can mean a great savings (and some potential free items each week). If your travels happen to take you north, check the Kroger ad (search by zip code) for the areas you’re passing through. You just might want to pack your coupons, too!

Load digital coupons to your Kroger card before you shop: visit Cellfire, P&G eSaver, Shortcuts and Kroger Digital Coupons. Each website lists the e-coupons that can be loaded onto your Kroger Card so that you can save even more! E-coupons are limited to one use per card and will NOT double. Kroger digital coupons may NOT be combined with actual paper manufacturer coupons.

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  1. 1

    Kristen says

    Has anyone checked the ounces on the Minute Maid frozen treats? I thought the coupon was for a higher ounce package but it might have only been the printable I had.

    • 2

      Jennifer says

      The minute maid frozen treats coupons I believe say that they are for any size. I have used a ton of the minute maid coupons for the 4cts and they are awesome! You get a bunch of the boxes and it works out to be .25 cents a box.

  2. 3

    Lindsey says

    When I went to smartsource to print off the .50 birds eye voila coupon, one came up for $1.75 off any 1 voila product making them only $1.05 each with coupon (I did not enter a zip code when I brought the page up)

  3. 4

    emily says

    its not the 24oz for the .50 coupon, i think its 16oz.
    the barilla pasta for $1 ends 8/5

  4. 5

    Jennifer says

    The pampers coupon in the 7/29 PG states $1/2 wipes not that it makes much of a difference. I just wanted to double check and make sure I wasn’t missing the one that states .50/1?

  5. 6

    rachel says

    anyone else getting snubbed on the martha white coupon,…? i’ve been trying for 2 weeks, the only coupon offer is $1/2 hungry jack…no matter which video…any suggestions?

  6. 9

    Jes says

    can you please tell me if there was coupons in this past sundays paper (8/5) thank you!!

  7. 14

    LL says

    Bic Silky Smooth razors are 2.99. Free with the 3/1 q. I also received the following. Buy del monte canned fruit or veggies 11oz or larger between 8/6 and 9/2. Buy 4 get 1.00 onyo or 5 get 1.50 or 6 get 2.00.

  8. 19

    Sarah says

    World’s Best Cat Litter 8lb
    – use $5/1 World’s Best Cat Litter coupon – Smartsource
    – submit try-me-free rebate – WBCL website
    = Money Maker!

  9. 23

    kathy r says

    Ajax dish soap 14oz is 10/$10 bought it yesterday but didn’t realize there was a coupon .50/1 so, s/b free

  10. 24

    Jonathan says

    If anyone still has the $1/2 Milky Way coupon from a few weeks ago, they are .99 and Buy 2/Get 1 Free. So, three free candy bars with one coupon – sweet!!! :)

  11. 25

    gail says

    Oxy spot treatment and Oxy pads are on sale for $1.99. last weeks $1.00 off 1 coupon makes them FREE

    • 27

      Marianne says

      I think it was from the SS 8.5 -last weeks inserts. It was a q that had multiple products on the front that said it was good on any Ajax product. I used mine already but I am pretty certain that is the one.