Diaper Deals: Meijer Pampers Scenario


Buy 2 Pampers Super Pack Boxes @ $24.99 = $49.98
Use 2 $3.00/1 Pampers Box coupons (from 8-26 PG) = (-$6.00)
Save $7.00 instantly when you buy 2 (limit 1 discount/order) = (-$7.00)
Pay $36.98 + tax = $39.77, get a $10 mail-in P&G rebate form at checkout
Final cost: $29.77 for 2 boxes after mail-in rebate savings*
(That’s $0.12-$0.23 per diaper, depending on size)

Thanks, Megan, for sharing your deal on the B2B Facebook page!

*You’ll find more information on the P&G Mail-In Rebate in the store ad this week (page 20). Spend $30 in any participating P&G products (AFTER coupons) to qualify for the $10 mail-in rebate. Limit 1 mail-in rebate form (via checkout coupon) per transaction. Limit 1 rebate application per household.

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  1. 1

    Lindsy says

    I asked Meijer today if they take Babies R Us store coupons and they said YES!! There is a BRU $8 off 1 Pamper coupon for boxes with 88 or more diapers in them.

    • 4

      Kelly says

      Did you ask at Customer Service or the cashier? I have a 19 month old and this deal is awesome!!!

      • 5

        Lindsy says

        I asked at Customer Service and she even scanned the coupon to see if it would show up. It did scan (I didn’t purchase them, just checked!) and she said they would absolutely accept the coupon. I was at the Woodhaven Meijer at West & Allen.

  2. 7

    Rebecca says

    Will the p&g coupons work with my mperks? I have $1/1 cruisers & $101 swaddlers. Both say “none provided” when I click on the terms.

  3. 8

    Daniela says

    @ Rebecca’s I don’t think ur mperks will work with the p&g because they are both manufacturer coupons

  4. 9

    Melinda says

    I ended up paying 17.98 for two using Babies R Us coupons- for some reason they scanned at 9.50?? Plus I got the P&G $10- That’s 2 for 7.98! Can’t Beat That! 😀

  5. 18

    Jennifer says

    Just to clarify…is meijer taking the babies r us AND $3/1 p&g coupons in the same transaction??

  6. 24

    Rebecca says

    Can anyone PLEASE share a Meijer location that has readily accepted the BRU coupon???
    My Meijer (marysville) stated that they only accept competitiors coupons for diapers IF the coupon states both the original price of the diapers and the new price AFTER the coupon, plus the coupon savings (ex: $8.00 off pampers originally $25 now $17). I would LOVE to actually see a coupon that has wording like this because I never have. Basically, they should just say that they won’t accept diaper coupons because I will not be able to find one like this. Ugh :/

  7. 25

    Kristina Bell says

    Meijer will accept coupons from major competitors in each store’s trading area, for Grocery and or for Health and Beauty Care items

    Meijer will accept coupons from major competitors in each store’s trading area for General Merchandise items only if the competitor’s price point is included. The item must be the identical item on the coupon for the match to occur.

    So are diapers grocery/hbc or general merchandise?

    • 26

      Rebecca says

      After my conversation with the service desk, I was wondering the same thing. I sent an email to the corporate office to ask what the policy was regarding diaper coupons. I’ll post when I hear back :)

    • 28

      Amy says

      My diapers rang up under the Grocery portion of the receipt not under General Merch…so the question remains, who is considered a major competitor???
      According to the store I was just as (Hall Rd/Hayes) they would not accept the BBRU coupon because the are not a competitor.

  8. 29

    Amy says

    I just tried at the Hall/Hayes location & they would NOT take the BBRU coupon… cashier told me they didn’t accept other store coupons, customer service told me they they didn’t accept competitors coupons & the manager told me that BBRU isn’t considered a competitor of theirs, even though I pointed out that they sell diapers just the same as meijer. (I also did ask who was considered a competitor & she told me she didn’t know the all the stores but knew that BBRU was not one of them!) Really?!?! Lol… so which store coupons does meijer accept???

    So 3 different answers all resulting in “NO”…I was very pleasant & just wanted an explaination/clarification to the policy but left feeling frustrated & felt I was treated very rudly. I will be filling out the survey & I am almost tempted to return the diapers at this point!

  9. 30

    Beth says

    Howell Meijer would not accept BRU coupons. I asked at the service desk though so I may go back at another time and just try to ring them up and see if they scan.

    • 31

      Beth says

      I went back today and went through the Self-scan. The BRU coupons wouldn’t scan but the cashier entered them no problem. They showed up as $9.50 off rather than $8. I was then able to enter the $3 manufacturer coupons. The catalina printed for me and I look forward to getting my $10 card!

  10. 32

    Melody says

    Thanks so much for sharing this deal. I’m in Dunlap, IN and got 2 boxes of the number 4 diapers. I was able to use 2 $3/1 q’s and 2 of the BRU q’s for $8/1 combine that with the $7 instant savings and the mail in rebate and I got each box for about $5.50. What a FABULOUS deal! They didn’t blink an eye about the $8 q’s and it worked great! Thanks again!

    • 33

      Jamie says

      I’m a little confused how people are able to use the $3/1 coupon AND the $8/1 coupon on one box of diapers? Is it because the $3 is considered a mfr coupon and Meijer is accepting the BRU coupon as a “store” coupon?

      Has anyone tried the BRU coupons in the Rochester Hills Meijer’s?

      • 34

        Melody says

        Yes, I think thats it. It would be like using an Mperk or Meijer printable q with the manufacturer q. sweet awesome deal!

    • 35

      billy says

      Hey Melody at the dunlap store did you go through self scan or regular checkout. I have tried using store coupons there and they said no.

      • 36

        Melody says

        I went through regular checkout. I wasn’t counting on using the BRU q’s and so asked if it was true they take competitors q’s and she said “yep”! That was it! I was so pumped!

  11. 37

    Rachel says

    So, did anyone use these self-scan? It sounded like Melinda did- just wanted to clarify…

    • 39

      Marcie says

      Alisa- did you use the printed our coupons at the 26 mile store or actual ones from the paper? Did you go through the regular check out line or to self-checkout? TIA, I plan to go here today!

  12. 40

    Jenn says

    I just went today and got 2 boxes of newborn diapers and my total with the coups and in store deal was $32, then you also get the $10 mail in rebate, making the total $22 for 2 boxes!

  13. 41

    Shelly says

    I just went to the meijers in warren (12 and mound) and i was able to do the BRU coupon. I had 2 $8 off. and for some reason one of them was $9.50 off and another one was $7.50. i had a paper one and a pamphlet one. i also got the promised $7 off, and $10 gift card so i ended up paying $7.50/box after all the savings :), when they wer starting at $25/box!!

  14. 43

    Rebecca says

    Went to 26/vandyke today. They took the coupons “this one time only” after MUCH deliberating. They didnt want to because they were internet printables and because the diapers were on sale (which was a silly excuse to me considering I use coupons on sale items all the time!) I did thank them though…it was a great deal :)

    I also received an email back from corporate telling me to ask the store manager at my store if they will accept the q’s or not. Frustrating…shouldnt CORPORATE be able to give me an answer since the stores should be following corporate policies? Although it worked out this time, I dont think I’ll be using competitor coupons again….too much hassle :/

    • 44

      Rebecca says

      Oh, my coupons DID NOT scan at the u-scan (the internet printable ones) and the code on them was not recognized by the computer when the cashier typed it in. Maybe the newspaper ones scan??

  15. 45

    LIZETH says

    I am in Fort Wayne and I did the transaction several times with no problem. They did not scan, BUT the cashier entered then without complaining….

  16. 46

    Rebecca says

    I went earlier today and had 2BRU coupons and no manufactures coupons. I paid $29.56…the mail-in rebate printed…I called the P &G phone number listed on the form because I was curious about the wording. The Catalina says you must spend $30 in order to qualify, I was short .44 cents and I wanted to know if the rebate was before or after coupons. I got a supervisor on the phone and she said that the receipt must be $30 at least AFTER all COUPONS. So now I’ll have to go back sometime soon to find a p&g product cheap in the travel section in order to qualify for the mailin rebate. Just thought this would be helpful to share.

      • 48

        Rebecca says

        I only purchased the diapers when I went to meijers yesterday, I spoke to nicki a supervisor at p&g she said that the Catalina doesn’t have enough room to say after all coupons discounts etc. I will just go back this weekend and buy something small in order to spend $30 requirement. Good luck I hope your rebates are sent to you. I still thought it was an awesome deal for diapers. I have a 2 month old so I would have to purchase no matter what, just works out better when I get a great deal.

        • 50


          I’m not sure I agree with that logic/excuse. While the Catalina might be small, there was plenty of room in this week’s Meijer ad to list that technicality – and it’s not mentioned. Meijer usually makes every attempt to specifically list all exclusions. That doesn’t mean that the rebate is guaranteed, either. They can run out of gift cards, deny your claim for any reason. It’s a tricky business, but nice if it works.

  17. 51

    Amanda says

    I would really like to do this deal but the bbrus coupon states 88+ for count I need size 5s does anyone know the count or if I bought smaller sizes do you think they would do an even exchange for a larger size :)

    • 52

      LIZETH says

      Hey! I know that I tried to buy 5’s to stock up for when he is in 5’s and they wouldn’t let me… SOOO i bought more 4’s— SOrry :(

    • 53

      Jasmine says

      Just buy the 4’s now and when the sale is over next week, take them back to exchange them!

    • 54

      laura says

      Amanda I bought size 3 and did an even exchange for the 5’s :) not fair they cost the same and you get less for the same money, still should be able to be used.

  18. 56

    Jen says

    The Meijer in Maumee said its up to each store to decide if the competitor is within the “immediate ” area but that they do accept competitor coupons. So I’m going to try my luck with it and hopefully I don’t hit any snags!!

  19. 57

    Julie says

    How do they know your “after coupon” price? I bought other things (grocery & household items) so how does p&g know that my store coupon was for diapers? The catalina said to circle the purchase price of the items…it didnt mention anything about poonting out coupons. Not trying to cheat the system, just more curious since I already put mine in the mail 😛

  20. 58

    Shell says

    I agree Julie. The coupon amounts are just deducted at the bottom of the receipt, so there wouldn’t be a way for p&g to know the price after coupons. I also think if you didn’t qualify, then the p&g firm would not have printed.

  21. 59

    LIZETH says

    Uh I don’t think they are going to look at the coupons on your receipt… My rebates printed and I paid less than 13 bucks out of pocket… So I hope they honor my rebate! :(

  22. 60

    tracy says

    i was just wondering about the mperks 20% general merchandise,is that including rabbit or hamster food,not dog food tho

  23. 61

    Jamie says

    I used the BRU coupon at Rochester Hills Meijer yesterday (Roch Rd & Auburn), but when I went back today they wouldn’t accept it. Talked to the store manager and he said Corporate said it’s on a blacklist and they aren’t allowed. I asked for the reason and he could only guess at reasons, all of which I poked holes through.

  24. 62

    karinya says

    The $8 BRU coupon was accepted today at the Jackson Meijer! (Michigan Ave location). Hooray!

  25. 63

    Cindy says

    Re-worked this deal to accommodate a size 5 Cruisers scenario. Size 5 Cruisers Super Packs are 72 qty. BRU coupon is for box of 88+. So – instead of buying two super packs, buy 1 giant pack of 104 priced at $34.99, BRU pamphlet coupon gives you $9.50 off (coupon says $8, but Meijer has it programmed to deduct $9.50, not going to argue with that), and then you’ll get $10 with the P & G rebate. This still works out to a pretty good deal $15.49/104=$.1489/diaper. I just did this today at the Southfield, MI Meijers. Used Self-Scan, but needed Cashier assist because my coupons weren’t scanning for other items I was purchasing. She found that she could put either the BRU $8 q or the $3 Mf q through for me, but system wouldn’t allow both. The BRU coupon was definitely in their system… no mention of any “black-list”, and no push-back at all about using the BRU q.

  26. 64

    Kelly says

    Just left Meijers Waterford, stocked up on 4 boxes of diapers used the BRus coupon and the 3-3.00 bought a total of 4 boxes today didnt get the rebate shouldnt I have met the amount??

  27. 67

    Jen says

    Went to the Perrysburg Meijer today and this deal was amazing! Thanks so much for posting it. I had a printed BRU coupon and it would not scan at the self-scan. Cashier was able to manually punch in the numbers and they took of $9.50 each (used 2)! I was also able to use the $3 P&G insert coupon. So in the end after all coupons/discounts/rebates it only came to $4 per box!

  28. 68

    Christina G. says

    Just did this at Meijer in Auburn Hills on Brown Rd. Success! Went to u-scan and the operator didn’t even question the coupons.

  29. 69

    Jen says

    Had no problems doing this at the Maumee location earlier tonight. Used 4 BRU $8 coupons, a $1 mperks, got the 2 mail in rebates, plus I used a $20 off coupon from filling a prescription! Grand total after rebates $16.96 for 4-96 ct. boxes! Thanks for sharing this awesome deal!!