Check your Meijer mPerks: Select members get $2 off $2 or $5 off $5 coupons!

New mPerks coupons appear each week, so you’ll want to check your account regularly. While there’s no guarantee you’ll receive one of these discounts, there have been reports that some members have this coupon available, valid through Tuesday, July 17, 2012:

  • $2 off your next purchase of $2 or more
  • $5 off your next purchase of $5 or more

Another reason to celebrate? There are no grocery or health/beauty restrictions this time! I didn’t receive a coupon in my account, but other readers have. These coupons are my FAVORITE thing about mPerks!

Would you like to sign up for mPerks? Click here so that you don’t miss the next great Meijer offer!

Looking for Meijer deals? Find this week’s best Meijer sale+coupon matchups!

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  1. 1

    Meagan S says

    Where would the coupon be located? Would it be in one of the pages with the other coupons?

  2. 3

    shannon says

    3 accounts, and NOTHING. I got nothing last time either :(. This stinks! I haven’t gotten anything since the time I snagged the 5.00 off on all 3 accounts. That was the time it was an error, and they shut it down pretty quickly but I clipped them before they did. I guess they’re making up for it with me! Wonder if I’ll ever get one again!

  3. 7

    VANESSA says

    I have not received anything the last three times!!! I think they have begun to give out fewer of them.

  4. 9

    Jenn says

    Between all of my friends and I (14 of us) we only had 6 accounts that had them. I agree…they are passing out way less because we almost always used to all get one.