B2B Anniversary Giveaway: Enigma Necklace from Lia Sophia

Bargains to Bounty started out as a tiny little money-saving blog three years ago. Can you believe it’s been that long? In celebration of the past 3 years and in thanksgiving for thousands of amazing readers, we’re teaming up with terrific local businesses and continuing to roll out fun giveaways through the month of March.

About Lia Sophia

Lia Sophia is a company rooted in family, whose mission is to connect women to their dreams – from obtaining beautiful jewelry to empowering their financial futures. Founded more than 25 years ago as Lady Remington by Victor Kiam, is now operated by his son, Tory Kiam/President.  He has renamed  the company after his 2 daughters Lia & Sophia.  lia sophia remains family owned.  We pride ourselves on offering fashion forward jewelry with a lifetime replacement guarantee and business-building opportunities.

 Our new Spring/Summer 2012 catalog is in its 1st month of launch, and Michelle wants to help B2B celebrate it’s 3 year anniversary by offering you the chance to win a beautiful piece of jewelry FREE!


Lia Sophia can offer you three special opportunities!

  • As a Customer: Enjoy 50% off every third item (make the 3rd item the most expensive)
  • As a Hostess: Enjoy a generous Hostess Program!  Our average Hostess receives up to $250** or more in FREE jewelry plus special discounts!  You will receive a vintage piece of lia sophia jewelry FREE by just saying yes to hosting a show by 4/27/12*
  • As an Advisor: Enjoy fabulous personal discounts and the opportunity to earn fantastic profits.  Did you know that lia sophia Advisors can earn an average of $200^ per show working a flexible schedule?

*Lia Sophia parties will be scheduled if hostess is within 60 miles of Lincoln Park, MI.
**Based on Lia Sophia show average of $650
^Pre-taxes with 30 percent profit paid on average show of $650

photo of Lia Sophia Enigma Necklace

Lia Sophia Enigma Necklace

Enter the Giveaway

 The piece you are entering to win has just been added to Lia Sophia’s Spring/Summer catalog.  The Enigma necklace is an adjustable 31-34″ necklace that solves your style mystery with this gorgeous antique silver statement pendant necklace with cut crystal accents.  The retail price is $68 – wouldn’t FREE be better?

One lucky B2B reader will receive a

  • Lia Sophia Enigma Necklace ($68 value)

In order to enter the giveaway, please complete the options on the widget below for your chance to win. Entries will be accepted through March 20, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. The winner will be announced on the widget at the close of the giveaway and notified via email as well.

*If you have trouble leaving a comment through the widget, please try to click on the comment link below and add in manually. The Rafflecopter widget has been a little finicky lately.*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    • 5


      I’m glad to see there are lots of you who love lia sophia! I see a few requests to be put on a mailing list, you are welcome to email me michellehockett3@gmail.com with your first/last name and email. I send out monthly updates with specials and such!
      Thanks, Michelle :)

  1. 10

    jeannie says

    I have a number pieces of Lia Sophia, this one would be beautiful with a couple outfits I have! I just love long necklaces!

  2. 11

    lisa says

    Right now just earrings my nephew broke my necklace a while ago and I haven’t gotten the chain fixed..

  3. 17

    Jennifer says

    I have loved Lia Sophia jewelry for several years now!! This giveaway has combined two of ky favorite past-times…couponing and acquiring jewelry! Thank you!!

  4. 18

    Jennifer says

    Oh and of course I’d like to be added to Michelle’s PartyLite email list. I tend to wear necklaces the most. Enigma is beautiful!

  5. 22

    kari says

    There wasn’t a place to leave an answer to the question…are we supposed to answer here??…..I wear rings most often.

  6. 29

    Jennie says

    I love to wear costume jewelry, because since it’s extremely affordable I can buy multiple pieces to mix and match all my outfits. I love all Lia Sophia designs, but I only have a few pieces so far. I’d love to accquire more!

    • 30


      WOW! Lots of you ladies love your lia sophia! This makes me smile!

      And I know you all love getting stuff FREE! If you have never hosted a lia sophia party, it is the way to get TONS FREE! Just give me your invite list and I’ll do the rest! Have a few snacks (probably some you got free:) and I bring the shopping to you!

      I live in Lincoln Park and will travel up to 60 miles to party! Just for saying yes to getting FREE jewelry, you will get a vintage piece FREE and the chance to earn any one item up to $100 FREE!

      Don’t delay, email me today to set your party day!

      Michelle :)

  7. 31

    Carrie says

    I wear earrings every day but want to start wearing other pieces. What a great giveawy to expand my collection!

  8. 32


    I usually wear necklaces and rings because I can put them on without help. :-) I love bracelets, but the clasp kinds are hard to put on. I like earrings, but I forget to put them on. Right now I like stronger, less dainty necklaces, in case I forget to take them off before nursing my little one. She has quite the grip and she and her older sister have been the ruin of several of my chains.

  9. 33

    Lindsey says

    I wear rings every day! Earrings when I feel like it, but with a 3 year old and a 1 year old, it’s mostly when I can remember to!

  10. 36

    Jennifer Madigan says

    I love the necklace that my husband got me. It’s one of my favorites and I wear it a lot.

  11. 39

    MaryLou says

    The piece of jewelry I wear most are my husband’s grandmother’s antique earrings & of course my wedding ring. Thanks for the chance to win! I love Lia Sophia jewelry ♥

  12. 40

    Missy says

    I always wear earrings and occasionally necklaces. I have a hard time deciding which length with which neckline on my clothes.

  13. 52

    Jen says

    I LOVE all sorts of jewelry! I am never without earrings (4 on each side), my wedding ring set,another ring on the opposite hand, bracelets and a necklace.

  14. 56

    Bola says

    I got a set of Lia Sophia jewelry from a party I attended 2 years ago and i still get compliments from people everytime i put it on.They stand by their word of Life time warrantee.

  15. 58

    Nora C says

    The only jewelry that I regularly wear is my wedding band set, but I do throw on a necklace and/or bracelet when I feel like dressing up.

  16. 59

    Stephanie Booza says

    Lia Sophia’s pieces are beautiful. On an average day I always wear my watch, Pandora bracelet and ring. I like to dress it up when I go out!

  17. 66

    Jessica says

    I usually wear simply and plain jewerly on a daily basis because of my work but when I do get to go out I love getting all dolled up .

  18. 74

    Bethany Goff says

    I used to sell lia sophia jewelry, so that’s mostly what I have in my jewelry collection! Most of the time, the jewelry I wear are casual earrings, and then on Sundays I wear nicer earrings and add a necklace for church.

  19. 80

    Lori S. says

    I love Lia Sophia jewelry! Their necklaces are beautiful and versatile for wearing with various outfits, dressing for night or day. Gotta love that!

  20. 82

    Jackie R. says

    I wear watches and bracelets most often. But will add necklaces and earings here and there. Would love to have some new jewelry pieces though!

  21. 83

    SalBug says

    I wear earrings every day without fail – – well, earrings and my wedding ring, of course!

  22. 89

    Sherry Summers says

    One of my favorite pieces is a Lia Sophia……miss dressing up for work but this piece would even look great with jeans. Totally a must have :)

  23. 90


    Loving the comments! I usually try to wear American made pieces, but this necklace is gorgeous and it matches my colors.

  24. 91

    Andrea C says

    I have two young children and I don’t wear that much jewlery that I like to wear other than my diamond earrings & wedding rings. I’m not very good @ putting accessories together

  25. 93

    KIM says

    I have some lia sophia pieces, but I wear the standard four pieces every day, wedding ring, mother’s ring, silver hoops, and a cross necklace…I’m pretty laid back-but love snazzing it up for a night out!!