Meijer Ad Matchups: December 11-17, 2011

The Best Deals at Meijer: December 11-17, 2011

These deal matchups were calculated using a Meijer Ad for Detroit Area Stores, which double 2 identical coupons up to $0.50 per transaction. This list is was compiled in collaboration with Coupons Equal Cash. It will be edited and UPDATED throughout the week, so remember to check here again before you shop. If you like these Meijer scenarios, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to daily email updates so that you won’t miss a deal!

LAST POST UPDATE: Tuesday, December 13 at 11:00 a.m. EST

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Meijer Matchups: GROCERY

$1.67 Velveeta Skillet Dinner 12.86-15.66 oz
-$0.50/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon (expires 12/16!), use 2
-$0.50/1 Velveeta printable coupon (Facebook), use 2
Bonus: Buy 2, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order.
Pay $0.34 for 2, get a $1.00 checkout coupon to use on your next order
FREE + $0.66 moneymaker after coupon and checkout coupon savings

$0.59 Freshlike Vegetables 14.5-15.25 oz can, select varieties
-$0.50/3 Freshlike coupon (from 11-20 SS)
$0.26 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$0.49 Meijer Chicken or Beef Broth 14.5 oz or Meijer Condensed Tomato, Chicken Noodle, Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup 10.5-10.75 oz, excludes low sodium

$1.00 Rice-A-Roni 3.8-7.2 ox or Pasta Roni 4.6-6.2 oz
$2.00/5 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$0.60 each when you buy 5 with coupon

$1.50 Pillsbury Cookie Mix, 17.5 oz pouch
-$0.40/1 Cookie Mix coupon (from 11-6 RP)
$0.70 each after coupon

$1.25 Progresso Soup 18.5-19 oz
-$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (1 time use; exp 12-11!)
-$1.00/4 Progresso coupon (from 10-23 or 12-11 SS or 11-13 GM)
$1.00 each when you buy 4 with coupon

$1.50 Pillsbury Frosting 15-16 oz or Brownie Mix 19.5 oz select varieties, excludes reduced sugar varieties
-$0.35/1 Frosting or Brownie coupon (from 11-6 RP)
$0.80 after coupon

$1.25 Dei Fratelli Canned Tomatoes, 28 oz
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon

$1.00 each when you buy 4 with coupon

$1.67 Kraft Velveeta Shells and Cheese Dinner 9.4-12 oz, Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese 14 oz, Deluxe Homestyle Dinner 12.6 oz
-$0.50/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.17 after coupon

$1.67 Mott’s Apple Sauce, 6 ct cups or 23-24 oz jar
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.17 each when you buy 2 with coupon (stock up price for 6 ct cups only)

$1.99 Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Crackerfuls or Toasted Chips
-$0.50/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$1.00/2 Nabisco printable coupon
$1.24 each when you buy 2 with coupons

$2.50 Juicy Juice 64 oz or Slim Packs 8 ct
*Buy 4 Juicy Juice, get $3.00 off instantly. Limit 1 offer per transaction.*
-$2.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.25 each when you buy 4 with coupon
Note: There were $1.00/2 Juicy Juice coupons from the USA Weekend magazine in the 11-6 newspaper. If you have them and use 2, you’ll pay only $0.75 each!

$2.19 Nestle Toll House Morsels 10-12 oz or Baking Cocoa 8 oz
-$1.75/4 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use, if your account received it)
-$1.25/3 Toll House Morsels coupon (from 11-6 RP) or $0.50/2 Morsels printable, use 2
As low as $1.25 each when you buy 4 with coupons

$1.29 Aunt Millie’s Family Style Bread, Hamburger or Hot Dog Buns

$2.00 Pillsbury Quick Bread Mix 14-18.1 oz or Brownie Mix 13.5-19.4 oz
-$1.50/4 Quick Bread Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use, if your account received it)
-$0.35/1 Quick Bread coupon or $0.35/1 Brownie Mix coupon (both from 11-6 RP)
$1.30 after coupon

Deal Scenario:
Buy 4 Pillsbury Quick Bread @ $2.00 each = $8.00
Use 4 $0.35/1 Quick Bread coupons (only 2 will double) = (-$2.10)
Use $1.50/4 Meijer mPerks digital coupon = (-$1.50)
$1.10 each when you buy 4 with coupons

$1.59 Barilla Plus Pasta 14.5 oz, Lasagne, Manicotti or Jumbo Shells 8-16 oz
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.34 each when you buy 4 with coupon

$2.00 Vlasic Pickles, 16-24 oz
-$1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.67 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$2.00 Barilla Pasta Sauce, 24 oz select varieties
-$1.00/4 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.75 each when you buy 4 with coupon

B1G1 Thomas’ English Muffins, 6 ct

B1G1 Lay’s Potato Chips, 10-10.5 oz (reg $4.29)
$2.15 each when you buy 2 on sale

$2.50 Kellogg’s Cereals – Frosted Flakes 14 oz, Corn Flakes or Crispix 12 oz or Raisin Bran 15 oz
*Buy 4 Kellogg’s Cereal, get $2.00 off instantly*
$1.00/3 Kellogg’s printable coupon, use 1 or $1.00/2 printable, use 2
$1.50-$1.75 each when you buy 4 with coupons

$2.00 Meijer Instant Oatmeal
$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.00 Meijer Pastry Treats, 12 ct

$2.00 Meijer Kettle or Regular Potato Chips or Tortilla Chips
$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (Tortilla Chips) (limit 1 use, expires 12-11!)
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.50 General Mills Cereal – Cheerios 14 oz, Lucky Charms or Golden Grahams 16 oz, Kix 12 oz, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios 12.9 oz, Fruity Cheerios 14 oz or Honey or Berry Berry Kix 12 oz
-$1.00/2 General Mills coupon (from 12-11 SS or printable) OR
$0.75/1 Golden Grahams printable coupon here or here
$1.75-$2.00 each after coupon

$2.50 M&M’s Packaged Candy, 9.9-12.6 oz
-$1.00/2 Holiday M&M’s coupon (from 12-4 RP)
$2.00 each when you buy 2 with coupon

Buy 4 Holiday M&M’s @ $2.50 = $10.00 (sale through Dec 17)
Buy 1 Meijer Flour and 1 Meijer Sugar = $4.28
Use 2 $1.00/2 Holiday M&M’s coupons (from 11-13 RP) = (-$2.00)
Pay $12.28, get a $10.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order!
Final Cost: $2.28 for all 6 ITEMS!
That’s like paying $1.14 each for Flour and Sugar and getting M&M’s FREE!
Recipe: Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies

$2.50 Keebler Town House or Club Crackers, 9.5-16 oz
-$1.00/2 Keebler coupon (from 11-13 or 12-11 RP or printable)
$2.00 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.00 Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 22-30 oz
-$0.25/1 Hellmann’s coupon (from 11-13 RP, exp. 12/11!)
$2.50 after coupon

$2.50 Comstock Pie Filling 15.75-21 oz, select varieties
-Buy 2 Get FREE Duncan Hines Cake Mix coupon (from 11-6 SS)

$5.89 Diamond Shelled Walnuts 16 oz or Chopped Pecans 8 oz
-$0.50/1 Diamond coupon (from 11-6 RP)
$4.89 after coupon

$2.50 Ocean Spray 100% Juice Blends, 100% Fruit and Veggie Juice or Ocean Spray Light 64 oz

$7.99 Maxwell House Ground Coffee 31.5-34.5 oz, excludes Columbian
*Buy 2, save $5.00 instantly at the register*
$5.49 each when you buy 2 on sale
Bonus: Buy 2 Maxwell House Coffee (33-34.5 oz), get a $3 Checkout coupon valid on your next order.

Buy 2 Maxwell House Coffee @ $7.99 = $15.98
Save $5 instantly when you buy 2 = (-$5.00)
Pay $10.98 for 2, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order
Final Cost: $3.98 each after coupons and checkout coupon!

25% off Bertolli Olive Oil, 17-51 oz
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon

25% off Splenda Sweetener – 9.7-14 oz Granulated, 80-400 ct Packets, 3.8 oz Box or 18-32 oz Brown Sugar Blend
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$1.00/1 Splenda coupon (from 10-30 SS)

Meijer Matchups: FROZEN

$0.99 Freshlike Frozen Vegetables 16 oz, excludes with sauce and blends
-$0.50/2 Freshlike coupon (from 11-13 SS), marked “do not double”
$0.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.00 Weight Watchers Smart Ones 4.36-11.5 oz
-$1.00/2 Smart Ones Satisfying Selections (if included) or $3.00/10 Smart Ones coupon (both from 8-7 SS)
$1.50 – $1.70 each after coupon

$2.00 Eggo Waffles, Pancakes or French Toaster Sticks 10.75-16.4 oz
-$1.00/3 Eggo printable coupon
$1.67 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$2.88 Sara Lee Oven Fresh Fruit Pies 27-37 oz
-$1.00/1 Sara Lee coupon (from 10-23 RP)
$1.88 after coupon

$2.50 Totino’s Pizza Rolls 40 ct or Stuffers 14 oz
-$0.40/2 Pizza Rolls coupon (from 10-2 GM or 12/11 SS) or $0.75/1 Stuffers coupon (from 10-2 GM)
$1.70 – 1.80 each after coupon

$2.00 Meijer Frozen Potatoes 24-32 oz

$2.50 Marie Callender’s Pie Shells 2 ct/16 oz

$2.50 Meijer Frozen Fruit 10-16 oz, assorted varieties, excludes 16 oz blueberries and Meijer Organics

$2.50 Jack’s Original Pizza 15-18.9 oz or DiGiorno for One or 200 Cal Pizza 5.9-9.2 oz

$3.99 Tyson Bagged Chicken 25.5-32 oz

$4.99 Edwards Pie 25-36 oz

Meijer Matchups: DAIRY

$2.59 Smart Balance Milk, half gallon
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$1.50/1 Smart Balance coupon (from 11-20 SS or printable), use 2
$0.59 each when you buy 2 with coupons

$1.25 Meijer Cinnamon Rolls, 12.4 oz
$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$0.75 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$0.99 Meijer Whipping Cream 8 oz

$2.00 Kraft Big Slice Cheese
-$0.50/1 Big Slice printable coupon
$1.00 after coupon

$1.25 Meijer Crescent Rolls 8 oz, Big and Flaky 11.25 oz or Pizza Crust 10 oz

$1.33 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8 oz brick, Original or 1/3 Less Fat

$1.99 Dannon All Natural or Light & Fit Yogurt 32 oz or Activia Tub 24 oz
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.00 Pillsbury Pie Crust 14.1 oz, Cookie Dough Ready to Bake 16 oz, Chub 16.5 oz, or Simply Cookies 14 oz, or Sweet Moments 5.6 oz
-$0.50/2 Pie Crust coupon (from 11-20, 12-4 or 12-11 SS or printable or here) or $1.00/2 Cookie Dough coupon (from 11-6, 12-4 or 12-11 SS or printable or here) or $1.50/3 Cookie Dough printable or here
$1.50 after coupon

$1.67 Kraft Shredded Cheese, Cheese Cubes or Crumbles 5-8 oz

$2.50 Coffee-mate Flavored Creamer 32 oz
-$0.75/1 Coffee-mate printable coupon (Facebook)
$1.75 after coupon

$2.00 Meijer Butter Quarters 16 oz

$3.28 Silk Soymilk, half gallon
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$0.55/1 Silk coupon (from 11-13 SS), use 2
$2.23 each when you buy 2 with coupons

$2.50 Meijer Gallon Milk, excludes chocolate and organics

$3.00 Kraft Grated or Shredded Parmesan Cheese 7-8 oz

$3.99 Tropicana Pure Premium Orange Juice, 89 oz
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$3.49 each when you buy 2 with coupon

Meijer Matchups: MEAT & DELI

$1.19/lb Meijer Split Chicken Breasts

$1.29/lb Cook’s Shank or Butt Portions Ham (limit 2)

$1.47/lb Cook’s or Hormel Spiral Sliced Half Ham (limit 2)

$1.59/lb Sugardale Whole Boneless Ham

$1.99/lb Center Cut Half Pork Loin

$2.79/lb Ground Beef from Round

$3.99/lb Boneless Top Round Roast or Family Pack Steaks

$4.99/lb Boneless Top Sirloin Steak, family pack

$4.99 Markets of Meijer Rotisserie Chicken

$1.67 Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners or Bologna 16 oz, excludes beef, cheese and fat free or Fun Pack Lunchables 9.5-10.8 oz
*Bonus: Buy 3 Get 1 FREE instantly, limit 2 FREE per transaction*
$1.25 each when you buy 4 on sale

$2.50 Hillshire Farm Lit’l Smokies 13-14 oz
-$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon
-$1.00/2 Lit’l Smokies printable coupon
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon
Recipes: Pigs in a Blanket, BBQ Lit’l Smokies

$2.50 Meijer Sliced Bacon 12 oz, Turkey Bacon 12 oz, or Canadian Bacon 5 oz
$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$2.00 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.99 Gorton’s Fish Sticks, Battered or Breaded Fillets or Tenders 17.3-24.5 oz
-$0.50/1 Gorton’s coupon (from 9-11 SS) or $1.00/2 Gorton’s printable coupon
$2.99 – $3.49 after coupon

$3.00 Stacy’s Pita Chips or Sabra Hummus 6-10 oz

$3.99 Pilgrim’s Pride Southern Style Breast Strips 32 oz frozen

$7.99 Meijer Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 64 oz bag, frozen ($2/lb)

Meijer Matchups: PRODUCE

$1.33 Dole Classic Romaine 9 oz, Just Lettuce 11 oz, or Greener Selection 12 oz
$1.50 Red, Yellow, or Orange Bell Peppers
$1.69/lb Greenhouse Tomatoes on the Vine
$1.99/lb Asparagus
$2.19/lb Honeycrisp Apples
$2.50 Organic Russet Potatoes 5 lbs
$2.88 Homegrown Russet Potatoes 10 lbs
$3.00 California Sweet Seedless Navel Oranges 4 lb bag
$3.29 Organic Navel Oranges 4 lb bag
$3.99/lb Extra Large Sweet Cherries
$4.99 Sweet Seedless Clementine Mandarins 5 lb box

Meijer Matchups: CLEANING + PAPER Products

$2.00 Vanity Fair Napkins, dinner/dispenser 40 ct or everyday 100 ct
-$1.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
-$0.65/1 Vanity Fair coupon (from 10-23 RP), use 2 or $1.00/2 printable, use 1
after coupon

$1.25 Kleenex Facial Tissue Flats or Cubes – 75 or 120 ct ultra soft, 68 ct antiviral, 90 or 184 ct basic, 174 ct basic colors
-$0.50/3 Kleenex coupon (from 12-4 SS)
$0.92 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.50 Finish Quantum Powerball Tabs, 10 ct
-$1.00/1 Quantum coupon (from 11-20 SS)
$2.50 after coupon

$3.99 Dynamo Liquid Laundry Detergent, 100 oz assorted varieties
-$1.00/2 Dynamo/Fab/Ajax coupon (from 10-2 SS)
each when you buy 2 with coupon

$9.99 Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent, 100 oz assorted varieties
Bonus: Buy 2 Gain 100 oz, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Limit 1 offer per transaction.

Meijer Matchups: BABY Items

$0.75 Meijer Stage 2 Baby Food, 2 pk 4 oz

$9.00 Gerber 2-pack Blanket Sleepers, 12 mos – 4T
-$2.00/2 Gerber Blanket Sleepers printable coupon
each when you buy 2 with coupon

Meijer Matchups: HEALTH & BEAUTY Items

B1G1 Identical Item Sundown Vitamins or Supplements
$1.00/1 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
-$1.00/1 Sundown coupon (from 11-6 or 12-11 RP or printable)

B1G1 identical item Osteo Bi-Flex Vitamins or Supplements
-$6.00/1 Osteo Bi-Flex coupon (from 11-6 RP) or $5.00/1 coupon (from 10-9 RP)

B1G1 identical item Meijer Vitamins or Supplements
$1.00/1 Meijer mPerks (Vitamin C) digital coupon (limit 1 use)

$4.50 Dimetapp Cold, 4 oz
-$1.00/1 Dimetapp coupon (from 11-13 or 12-11 RP)
$3.50 after coupon

Meijer Matchups: PET Items

$9.99 Kibbles ‘n Bits Dry Dog Food, 16-17.6 lbs
*Buy 1 Kibbles ‘n Bits 16-17.6 lbs, get 3 Milo’s Kitchen Dog Treats FREE instantly at the register*
-$1.00/1 Kibbles ‘n Bits coupon (from 11-13 RP)
$8.99 after coupon + 3 bags of free treats!

Bonus: Buy $50 or more of ANY Purina Cat or Dog Food, Treats or Tidy Cats Litter, get a $12.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Limit 1 offer per transaction.

$1.25 Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats, Crispies or Indoor Crunchy Cat Treats, 2.1 oz
-$1.50/2 Friskies coupon (from 12-4 SS) or Buy 1 Friskies, get 1 Friskies Crispies Treats free coupon (from 9-25 RP)
$0.50-$0.75 each after coupon

$1.00 Purina Fancy Feast Appetizers, 2 oz
-$1.00/3 Fancy Feast coupon (from 12-4 SS)
$0.66 each when you buy 3 with coupon

$0.84 Purina Mighty Dog, 5.5 oz can
-$2.00/12 or $1.00/6 Mighty Dog coupon (from 10-30 RP)
$0.67 each after coupon

$2.50 Purina Tiny T-Bonz Filet Mignon, 10 oz
-$1.50/2 T-Bonz coupon (from 9-11 RP, exp 12-11!)
$1.75 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.50 Purina Busy Strips or Busy Dental Bone, 5 oz
-$1.50/2 Busy coupon (from 9-18 SS)
$1.75 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$5.99 Purina ONE Beyond Dog Food, 3.5 lbs
-$4.00/1 ONE Beyond Dog Food coupon (from 10-9 SS)
$1.99 after coupon

$2.50 Purina Beggin’ Strips, 6 oz
-$1.00/2 Beggin’ Dog Snack coupon (from 9-11 RP, exp 12-11!)
$2.00 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.50 Purina Friskies Cat Food, 6.3 lbs
-$0.50/1 Friskies coupon (from 10-30 RP)
$2.50 after coupon

$5.99 Purina ONE Beyond Cat Food, 3 lbs
-$1.00/1 ONE Beyond Cat Food coupon (from 11-13 SS)
$4.99 after coupon

$7.99 Purina Tidy Cats Scoop Litter, 20 lbs small spaces or breathe easy
-$1.00/1 Tidy Cats coupon (from 9-11 RP, exp 12-11!)
$6.99 after coupon

$14.29 Purina Beneful Dry Dog Food, 15-15.5 lbs all varieties
$3.00/2 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$12.79 after coupon

Meijer Matchups: PRICE DROPS

Price drops are Meijer discounts that usually last for a few weeks at a time. These prices can vary by store, so if you don’t see a sign at your location, be sure to check the cost at a price scanner before purchasing. According to the store ad, Meijer will not issue rainchecks on price drop items.

$0.79 Ice Mountain Sparkling Natural Spring Water, 1 liter lemon or lime (price drop through Dec 18; reg $0.99)
-$1.00/1 Ice Mountain Sparkling printable coupon no longer available
FREE after coupon

$1.25 International Delight Coffee Creamer, 16 oz select varieties (through Jan 1)
-$0.75/1 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
-$0.75/1 International Delight printable coupon
FREE after coupon

$1.50 Nivea Lip Products, select varieties
-$3.00/2 Nivea coupon (from 12-4 RP)
FREE when you buy 2 with coupon – great military care package item!

$1.00 Mentos UP2U Gum (through Jan 1)
-$1.00/1 Mentos UP2U coupon (from 10-9 SS, exp 12-31)
FREE after coupon

$0.59 Beech Nut Stage 2 1/2 Baby Food (regular price – may vary by location)
-$1.10/4 Beech Nut printable coupon
or $1.85/15 printable coupon
$0.32-$0.47 each after coupon
Bonus: Buy 10-14 Beech Nut Stage 2 1/2 Baby Food in one transaction, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 15-19, get $2.00; buy 20 or more, get $3.00. (10/21-12/25)

Buy 10 Beech Nut 2 1/2 Foods @ $0.59 = $5.90
Use 2 $1.10/4 coupons = (-$2.20)
Pay $3.70 for 10, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order
Final cost: $0.27 each after checkout coupon savings!

$0.60 YoCrunch Yogurt, 6 oz cups (through Dec 18)
-$0.50/5 YoCrunch printable coupon
$0.40 each when you buy 5 with coupon

$1.47 KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, 18 oz (through Jan 1)
-$0.50/1 KC Masterpiece coupon (from 9-25 SS)
$0.47 after coupon

$2.49 Benadryl Anti Itch Stick (regular price)
-$2.00/1 Benadryl coupon (from 6-19 RP, exp 12-31)

after coupon

$1.25 Purina Friskies Cat Treats (through Dec 25)
-$1.50/2 Friskies coupon (from 12-4 SS)
$0.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$0.98 Campbell’s SpaghettiOs with Meat (through Dec 25)
-$0.50/5 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
-$0.50/5 SpaghettiOs printable coupon
$0.78 each when you buy 5 with coupon

$1.67 Mt. Olive Pickles, select varieties (through Jan 1)
-$0.50/1 Mt. Olive pickles coupon (from 11-13 SS, exp 12-24)
$0.67 after coupon

$1.67 Krusteaz One Step Muffin Mix (through Dec 25)
-$0.50/1 One Step coupon (from 10-9 SS)
$0.67 after coupon

$1.39 Morton Season All Seasoned Salt, 8 oz (through Dec 25)
-$0.35/1 Season All coupon (from 11-13 RP)
$0.69 after coupon

$1.25 Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix, 8 ct (through Jan 1)
-$0.50/2 Swiss Miss coupon (from 11-13 SS, exp 12-31)
$0.75 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$3.79 Maalox Advanced Multi-Symptom, 12 oz (through Jan 1)
-$1.50/1 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
-$1.50/1 Maalox Advanced printable coupon
$0.79 after coupon

$1.69 Morton All Purpose or Natural Sea Salt, 26 oz (through Dec 25)
-$0.35/1 Sea Salt coupon (from 11-13 RP)
$0.99 after coupon

$0.99 Daisy Sour Cream, 8 oz (through Jan 1)

$1.50 Shedd’s Spread Country Crock, 15 oz or 2 ct 7.5 oz (through Dec 25)
-$0.25/1 Country Crock coupon (from 11-13 RP)
$1.00 after coupon
Bonus: Buy 2 Country Crock, get 1 Meijer Frozen Vegetable (12-16 oz) FREE through 12-24.

$2.00 YoCrunch Yogurt Parfait, 4 pk 4 oz (though Dec 18)
-$0.50/1 YoCrunch printable coupon
$1.00 after coupon

$1.50 Wonka Exceptionals Chocolate Bar, 3.5 oz (through Jan 1)
-$1.00/2 Wonka coupon (from 10-2 SS, exp 12-31)
$1.00 each when you buy 2 with coupon

$2.50 Hot Pockets Snackers (through Dec 18)
$3.00/3 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$1.00/2 Snackers printable coupon
$1.16 each when you buy 3 with coupons

$2.24 Old Orchard 100% Apple Juice with Calcium, 64 oz (through Jan 1)
$0.50/1 Old Orchard printable coupon
after coupon

$2.79 Greased Lightning Multipurpose Cleaner, 32 oz (through Dec 25)
-$1.00/1 Greased Lightning printable coupon
$1.79 after coupon

$2.99 Imagine Organic Soups, select varieties 17 oz cartons (through Dec 25)
-$1.00/1 Imagine coupon (from 10-16 SS)
$1.99 after coupon (reg $4.79)

$3.00 McCann’s Irish Oatmeal, 16 oz box (through Dec 25)
-$1.00/1 McCann’s printable coupon
$2.00 after coupon (reg $3.69)

$2.79 Hillshire Farm Deli Carvers Lunchmeat, 9 oz (through Jan 1)
-$0.75/1 Deli Carvers coupon (from 11-6 RP) or $0.55/1 printable
$2.04-$2.24 after coupon

$3.29 Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate (through Dec 25)
-$1.00/1 Oregon Chai printable coupon
$2.29 after coupon (reg $3.85)

$9.99 Rubiks 360 Game (through Jan 1)
-$3.00/1 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use; exp 12-18)
$6.99 after coupon (reg $14.00)

$12.99 Connect 4×4 Game (through Dec 18)
-$5.00/1 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$7.99 after coupon (reg $17.47)

$15.44 Bop It Bounce (through Dec 17)
-$5.00/1 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use)
$10.44 after coupon (reg $18.44)


Unless otherwise stated, all Catalina offers are limited to one per transaction. Read more about what to do if your Catalina coupon doesn’t print as expected.

Buy 2 or more McCormick Gourmet Collection Herbs or Spices in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 3 or more, get $3.00. (11/13-12/25)

Select Catalina promotions are listed at Coupon Network and/or on the Meijer Mealbox website under the “Custom Coupons” tab. Mealbox listings do not always contain all of the details (usually just the first tier of purchase requirements). Please comment if you have additional information.

COLOR-CODED DEALS for your convenience – final prices are listed with

  • FREE items in red
  • STOCK UP prices in green
  • AVERAGE savings in black (purchase these items only if needed)


View Meijer’s official coupon policy online (print it if needed for reference!).

  • Metro Detroit Meijer stores will double manufacturer coupons up to $0.50, but no more than 2 identical coupons per transaction. Additional identical coupons and any store coupons will be redeemed at face value. You may want to call your location before shopping to verify. For best savings on multiple items with coupons that will double, divide your order into multiple transactions or shopping trips.


You may want to print a copy of the Meijer Mealbox store policy and keep it with your shopping list to show your cashier (in case they aren’t familiar with corporate policy):

  1. Mealbox coupons may be used in addition to manufacturer coupons.
  2. Mealbox coupons may be used each time a condition is met, which could be multiple times per transaction. (For example: a coupon for $1.00 off 2 soups can be used multiple times if you have a coupon printed and the number of soups purchased matches, i.e. 2 coupons = 4 soups.)
  3. Mealbox coupons cannot be doubled or tripled at any time.
  4. Stores have the right to limit the quantity of items to normal retail purchases per transaction.


  • mPerks coupons are considered Meijer coupons, along with Mealbox coupons. One Meijer coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item will be accepted.
  • These coupons are for one-time use only.
  • mPerks coupons will NOT double at the register. They are specific to your account and cannot be shared.
  • New mPerks coupons are added each week and refreshed on Mondays. You may want to check available mPerks savings regularly and add them to your account, as they can become unavailable at any time.
  • Read the mPerks FAQ for more information.
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  1. 1

    LaTasha says

    Thanks for the early matchup!! There is a $1/2 Juicy Juice from the USA World article. I believe it came out oct/nov, im not for sure. The coupon expires on 12/18!

  2. 2

    Dawn says

    Thank you so much! God bless you for all the hard work you do! Super excited for the Juicy Juice sale…getting down to 4 bottles and in our house that’s an emergency! Lol!

  3. 3

    kelly says

    My mPerks seems to NEVER work anymore. Should I put it in first or last?? Thanks again for the match ups! You are the best!!!

    • 4

      Jenna O says

      After you enter it on the screen- do you enter your password on the credit card pin pad? If you don’t enter your password it will not go through. HTH! :)

      • 5

        kelly says

        Yes I do put my PW on the credit card pad. I have had the last 3 trips not have the mPerks come off. The service desk is great, they just give me the $$$ but it is a pain in the butt to walk over. Kind of defeats the purpose.

        • 6

          Nikki says

          The service desk at the Meijer I go to told me that they have nothing to do with mPerks and I have to call a 1-800 number to talk to someone and then they have to investigate my purchase in order to get the coupons that didn’t come off. It’s almost not worth the hassle.

          • 7

            Annfairfax says

            Nikki, That’s what my Meijer says as well. They don’t get involved.

            This is making the “Perks” worthless and time consuming with no reward :-(

          • 8

            Carrie says

            It says right on their website to take your printed list (which that is a hassle and waste of ink), but if you print off your “Clipped Coupons” and take to customer service they are supposed to handle it otherwise they have no way to verify what discounts you were supposed to get

          • 9

            Nikki says

            I had my printed off list, and they still said that they had nothing to do with mPerks. Customer service eventually gave me the money as a coupon, so hopefully it works next time!

        • 10

          Carrie says

          Call customer service instead, they will give you a $ off on your Mperks and, it will show up on the screen if it took, so ask the cashier. Is your problem that it’s not using your Mperks at all or is it that some of the discounts you should have got, you didn’t? Mperks phone number (last 4 digits) will show on the screen and your receipt, just like at kroger. Now if it’s certain items, I’d call customer service, or have cashier check each one to see if you got the proper discount before completing the transaction

          • 11

            kelly says

            I am putting in my number and pin after 1st item is scanned so I don’t forget and NOTHING comes off. My Meijer was great. I didn’t have my list and they asked how much…I got a ball park $$ and they just handed me cash! But still, frusterating.

          • 12

            Louann says

            Kelly, I think you have to put in the number AFTER everything you are buying is scanned, otherwise it doesn’t know what to take the discounts off of. I always do mine before coupons, when I’m done scanning all my items, and I never have had a problem.

  4. 13

    Lisa says

    Not sure how long it was for but the snapware was on price drop last week, many of them snapware items were less thank 3.00 using the 3.00/1 coupon they were free.

    • 14

      Lori says

      Snapware was a great deal. My bill was 64.91 and my balance after my coupons was .91 cents. These are going to be great Christmas presents

    • 24

      Carrie says

      what is snapware and where did you get a coupon for them, are they like the disspossable tupperware items???

      • 25

        Shelley says

        The snapware is in the kitchen area where all the plastic containers, etc. are. I had my 3.00/1 coupons already clipped and in my binder so I am not sure what coupon circular they came from. I used my coupons on Sunday afternoon and what a great deal with them being on price drop. I got the 8 piece sets for only 2.00 after price drop and coupon. This item in particular was definately the best value considering the regular price of $10.00. There was lots of items for free or under .50 cents though too.

        • 26

          Shelley says

          Carrie, they have bowls, small and larger rectangular containers, large cereal containers, etc. to mention just a few items.

  5. 27

    Jessie says

    Thank you so much for doing these each week Jolyn! Just a heads up the Progresso mperks exprires the 12th or at least mine does.

    There’s a Mperks for Pillsbury pie crust (expires the 13th) combined with the paper one equals $1.25 each.

    Also there’s a $1 off coupon off any fully cooked frozen chicken product at I wonder if it would work for the southern style strips?

    • 28


      Thanks for the info!

      The Pilgrim’s Pride Southern Style Strips are uncooked frozen chicken, so that coupon doesn’t apply.

    • 31

      laura says

      I was just going to say that! This means they would be about .47 each. I think I’ll wait for a better deal.

      • 32

        Kathy says

        Why would you intentionally go to the uscan to knowingly use a DND coupon to get a better deal? It’s called coupon fraud. The stores lose $ on ppl doing this and I’m glad they’ve fixed it with ppl like you scamming. Couponing is a great way to save money and ppl that do what you are speaking of are hurting those of us that follow store coupon policies. For shame!

        • 33

          Louann says

          Kathy, if the coupon starts with a 5, it is supposed to double. It’s not coupon fraud. True non-doublers start with a 9. I have heard of Krogers where the CS desk will give the doubled part in cash when the coupons don’t double. Supposedly the DND only refers to the redemption company so they know not to give the stores twice the value. The store still gets the regular value plus handling fee on every coupon just the same, whether or not it says DND, so it doesn’t matter to the company if Meijer or Kroger or whoever, wants to give their customers a bigger value on their coupons. I wish they would just take the DND off, because it makes no sense to confuse everyone. I have contacted a few companies myself to ask them to stop putting it on their coupons, and if everyone would do that too, maybe we’d make them stop.

  6. 34

    Diana M says

    Not finding the printable Nabisco cracker coupon – any suggestions ?
    I do see there is a 11/13 SS coupon for .75/2.

  7. 36

    Tiffany says

    I can’t find the International Delight Printable Coupon. Anybody know of a zip code that works? Thanks!!! :)

  8. 39

    Carrie Kopec says

    I am not finding the MPERKS for the $2.19 Nestle Toll House Morsels 10-12 oz or Baking Cocoa 8 oz
    -$1.75/4 Meijer mPerks digital coupon (limit 1 use, if your account received it)
    Is anyone else able to find it? What section is it under? Thanks for your help.

  9. 47

    Melissa says

    Just so you know when I used the meijer mealbox coupon the other day to buy the international creamer the coupon stated it was for 32 oz.

  10. 49

    carrie says

    Just went to meijers and they had the 50 count excedrins on sale for 5.00. There is a mperks for 2.00 off and a printable coupon for 2.00 off.
    I paid 1.18! I am not sure if this sale ends today or if it was a price drop. Happy Shopping Everyone

  11. 52

    Theresa says

    Couldn’t get the Facebook coupon for the velveeta to work. Couldn’t even find it. Any suggestions?

  12. 55

    Jessica says

    yay! I have been waiting for Velveeta Skillets to go on sale ever since I saw that Mealbox coupon! I have a few coupons that were inside the box on previous purchases so check those too! I think they were on the outside of the pasta bag.

    • 56

      Amber says

      The facebook coupon says ‘check back tomorrow’ after you print the max amount. Does anyone know if that means you can print it every day?

  13. 57

    shannon says

    There is a coupon for juicy juice on there facebook page, you have to do the spy disguise , its .55/1 8 pk

  14. 61

    Trisha says

    I could not locate the Smart Balance coupon for 1.50 off, did anyone else have trouble or is just me? The link did not take me to it.

  15. 67

    Sarah says

    May not be on there anymore… I added the international delight abt a week or week and a half ago

  16. 68

    Jenesa Niswonger says

    Got this catalina offer the other day:

    Buy Gerber 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Foods Purees between 12/3/11 and 12/25/11 and save OYNO … Buy 12-14 & get $3.00, buy 15-19 & get $4.00.

  17. 76

    amanda says

    just an fyi for all u out there the meijer on hall rd has been letting me do three identical coupons!

  18. 84

    Jill B. says

    Just wondering about the M&M’s scenario where you get a $10 coupon on your next order. I didn’t see this in the ad or on-line. Where did you find this information so I can tell the cashier in case the coupon doesn’t print out? Thanks for all of your hard work. You’ve saved my family so much money!

    • 85

      Alisa says

      There are signs throughout the store. They were by the flour, sugar and where the M&Ms are sold. They were all over at my store at Hall and Hayes.

        • 87

          Jen says

          My Catalina didn’t print…went to customer service. Meijer at Hall/Hayes said it’s the REGULAR (not holiday) m&m’s that make the deal work. fyi.

          • 88

            emily says

            holiday worked for me, just make sure bagsare the right size. Sometimes oyno coupons just don’t print. They catalina machine takes a rest and it doesnt matter what you bought, if its naptime it wont print.

          • 91

            Jill B. says

            I did the deal with the holiday ones and it worked just fine. FYI – those shopping at the Grand Ledge Meijer, there are absolutely no signs advertising this deal but it did work for me.

          • 92

            Kelly says

            Has anyone tried it with the regular M&M’s? My Meijer is all out of the holiday ones and said they won’t get any more in, but the had regular bagged peanut ones. I didn’t try it becuae I wasn’t sure. Also, can you roll the $10 into your next order and get another catalina? Thanks and happy holidays!

    • 94

      sarah says

      just to let everyone know…. whenever there is no sign for a price or deal i price scan it. it will tell me the price and if there is a deal it will say something like price may be effected by the following and then state the deal. in a store that big it’s impossible to have everything marked correctly.

  19. 98

    Jenna says

    I purchased the Smart Balance milks today, and after 2 were rang up, a catalina printed for $2.00/1!!! I split my transaction into 3 with 2 milks on each so I could get 3 catalina’s, and then went back and purchased 3 more milks… 9 milks for $5.09! With my little one going through a growth spurt, this came just in time! I am one VERY happy mommy! MERRY CHRISTMAS EARLY! =)

    • 99

      Jennifer says

      I bought 2 Smart Balance milks today and I got a catalina for a free Smart Balance Milk. I was so excited!

      • 100

        Amber says

        I bought 6 in one transaction and got a $2 off one coupon. I had forgot about you splitting yours up so I’m going to have to do that next time. Did you get a $2 off coupon for each transaction you did?

  20. 103

    savysaver says

    What is the best way to freeze the Smart Balance carton milks? Do they still taste the same after freezing them?

    • 104

      Kathryn says

      I dont know how they freeze. But I know they a veryyy long expiration date. Like mine that I bought on the last sale, like a month or 6 weeks ago, don’t expire until the end of january

      • 105

        Jenna says

        The ones I purchased today expire February 11, 2012… I put 5 in my fridge and 4 in the deep freezer. They taste fine after freezing, but the longest they are ever in the freezer at my house is 2-3 weeks!

        • 106

          Renee J. says

          I have had great results freezing them! The last sale I purchased about 14 of them and only one container failed. What I mean by that is that it started to leak when it was thawing in the fridge. My kids have never complained about the thawed milk they think it tastes fine.

  21. 107

    Mary Ellen says

    I can’t get the velveeta skillet coupon to come up on facebook. Anyone else having that problem?

  22. 109

    Monica says

    Freezing the milk – I just put one in my freezer and when it was time to come out about 2 weeks later, I had no problem. I just froze one carton of Smart Balance and after it thawed out (it took forever – 2 days – from freezer to refrigerator. Next time I’ll keep in on the counter for awhile to thaw out) I gave it to my boys and they never tasted a diffence. I thought it tasted the same too but it’s good my boys thought so too. Now to freeze the milk from today’s sale! I did have a problem this time when checking out. The Meijer’s register at self check out (on the cashier’s end not on mine) said I reached the coupon threshold? The cashier wasn’t going to let me use anymore coupons? After talking with the manager, they did but I didn’t know of any coupon limit at Meijer? Any one else have this problem?

    • 110

      Jenna says

      I had this, too, and my cashier overrode it. She said “The computers can tell it’s Sunday” and continued on. My cashiers have never given me a hassle up here in Traverse City! =)

      • 111

        AJ says

        never had a problem like this in lansing, not even with over $80 in coupons from that $5/5 kraft deal earlier this year.

  23. 112

    Marianne says

    Many are posting that the coffee is ringing up 7.49 and not 7.99 so some additional savings there. Does anyone know if you buy 4 or 6 if the 2.50 comes off of all? I would like to do this for work but not turn in a bunch of separate receipts-the price is still much cheaper than what we normally pay anyway regardless of the $3 oyno. Our regular price on those is $12.98.

    • 113

      AJ says

      lansing meijer had the coffee for $7.49 tagged on the shelf. I’m pretty sure theres a limit of 1 per trans for the $5 off instantly, and you would only get the one $3 cat after the purchase anyway. You’re better off making two transactions to be safe (say you picked up two and then decided it wasnt a bad enough deal to pass up two more)

  24. 114

    Diana says

    Does anyone know if the Catalina would “Roll” for the Maxwell coffee?? If I use the same $3 Cat to pay for the next two Maxwell coffee, would it still print out another $3 Cat? Thanks. :)

      • 118


        I just happen to get a Meijer coupon in the mail yesterday for 10% off of all dog purchases. Thought this would work well with the Purina deal that is going on so I bought dog food last night. My total before coupons was about $51, but the 10% off Meijer coupon made the total less than $50 so the catalina didn’t print out. I had to redo the order so the total was still $50 after the 10% off Meijer coupon. Got plenty of dog food now though!

  25. 119

    Diana M says

    The weight watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections are not included in the sale – at Brighton.

  26. 120

    Makiea J says

    I checked my mperks this morning there was a coupon for $2.00 off 5 Rice- a- roni pair it with the $1.00 off 5 mealbox coupon.This sundays paper there was a .50/3 coupon for allens family products and there was a picture of freshlike veg. so i guess its included.

  27. 123

    Tami says

    Does anyone have any extra $1.00/1 ONE Beyond Cat Food coupons (from 11-13 SS) that they don’t need/want? I might have some coupons you’d like I could trade you for, let me know. I travel I-75 between Detroit and Pontiac daily, so if you are close, we could meet at a coffee shop. I’m at tlynna (at)

  28. 125

    Anna says

    The Nivea lip is back to normal price, tried to use a few more coupons today, they rang up 2.49.

    • 127

      Jennefer says

      My store never marked them down. Thankfully I had the price drop printed out when I went last week and was able to get a bunch of them. Since the store didn’t mark them down they were fully stocked and I was able to get all I needed and didn’t even make a dent in their stock. Whenever I see something on the price drop list on the Meijer site, I print it. My store is horrible with marking things down.

  29. 128

    Maria says

    I clip my coupons as they come, so I’m not sure what insert it was in, but I have a Ocean Spray MQ for $1/2 Ocean Spray 64oz grapefruit juice or juice drinks that would take this to $2 ea. when you buy 2.
    Also, if you bought a box of the regular Cheerios that said “$5 in coupons inside”, there is a MQ for Maxwell House for $1/2 which makes the deal $3.49 ea. when you buy 2.

  30. 129

    Nancy says

    I tried to get a q for carrots from the Recycle bank Sat. night. I know some people were having trouble with printing that q also. When it would not let me print the q I just selected another q and then the carrot q before checking out I removed the q I didn’t want and printed only the carrot q. Hope this makes since. There is more than one way to skin a cat I say.

  31. 136

    Melody says

    I bought two of the Smart Balance milks today and got a coupon for a free one on my next trip! :) Hope some of the rest of you get the same!

  32. 140

    Stacey B. says

    There was a coupon on the Kellogg Rice Krispies for a free bag of M&Ms with purchase of two boxes of select Kellogg cereal. The coupon took off the max amount of $3.49. I used two of these coupons with the purchase of 4 boxes of cereal and got two of the bags of M&Ms. I used the coupon for $1/2 M&Ms for the other two bags with the flour and sugar. I had previously used my coupons for cereal when I spotted the coupons on the boxes. With the OYNO of $10, makes for pretty cheap 4 boxes of cereal, 4 bags of M&Ms, flour and sugar.

  33. 141

    Amy says

    I bought smart balance milk today and none of the orders printed out a cat. coupon. Anyone else get any prints from it today? (tuesday? ) If so which meijer did it work at?

  34. 142

    Brooke says

    Kmart has a coupon book with $1 off Maxwell house coffee manufacture coupon inside and can be combined with meijers current coffee sale

  35. 145

    emily says

    if you print the cookingw/ kraft coupons -oscar mayer ready bacon is 2.49-only 1.49 after coupon
    crisco oil is still 2.99-w/ .50/1=1.99-spray is 2.09-.50/1=1.09

  36. 148

    Michelle S says

    There is a movie ticket deal on smp of M&M’s
    Buy 2 bags of M&M’s and (1) 3pk or larger of orville redenbacher popcorn in a single transaction get $9 entertainment cash.

  37. 150

    Heather says

    I got the nestle morsel coupon but it printed out of catelina machine and it states as store coupon. Its a new smaller coupon and it printed out a bunch of others as well in two long strips. So I got got 4 bags for $5.

  38. 151

    Rebecca says

    Hello! When I click on the link for the printable coupon for $1 off Ice Mountain water that product isn’t on the website. How can I get that coupon?

  39. 153

    Toni says

    All You Dec has a $1/1 country crock coupon. This makes the country crock price drop $0.50/each instead of $1 :-)

  40. 154

    Brandy says

    I bought 2 Maxwell House coffee’s and the $3 off you next order didn’t print out, what should I do?

  41. 155

    Dude says

    Can you use multiple OYNO catalinas on a single order? I mean different ones, like one from the M&Ms deal, plus one from the Maxwell House deal, etc? Thank you.

    • 156

      Jennefer says

      It will depend on your cashier. If they don’t say only one per order, you can use as many as you want. If they DO say that, it depends on how the cashier interprets it. Most of the time I am able to use multiple but different cats, but there are those cashiers who read the Limit one per order and take it as only one catalina period.

  42. 157

    Michelle R says

    Just purchased 3 of the Velvetta Skillet dinners and received a $2 Catalina off my next order. Just thought that I would share. Merry Christmas everyone!!