Macy’s Backstage Pass: Instant Win Game ($10-$500 prizes)

Macy’s has an easy new instant win game – and they’re awarding $10, $25, $50, $100 or $250 prize codes! Winning codes will be sent to you via email or text message and may be redeemed online (as a gift card) or in-store. Codes are valid through November 14, 2011.

Look for the blue Facebook CONNECT button to enter using your Facebook account.

Visit Macy’s website and click on the blue Facebook button/link to enter with your account or enter by scanning the QR code with your smartphone. You can play up to 23 times daily, though you can only win one prize. B2B readers have reported wins in 10 tries or less. I was able to win $10 on my second try – and Jennifer even reported a $100 win today! Thanks for sharing, Keri!

What did YOU win!?

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  1. 4

    Jennifer says

    If you go through the “easy new instant win game” link above then click on the “Find out more” link, a red box opens and has a FAQ link on the bottom right which should help answer your questions :-)

  2. 5

    T says

    I’m confused as well J! I have a smartphone, however I’m not sure how I do it 23 times a day….like what do I do 23 times a day? :) Who couldn’t use this, so I need to figure it out!!

    • 6

      Sarah says

      I’ve just beet on clicking on the FB link in the post above and after it says I didn’t win, minimizing and clicking again.

  3. 7

    Danielle Farrelly says

    I clicked on the link, clicked the blue link for FB and it asked for access for my facebook, which I gave, and then it said, Sorry, you didn’t win today, try again tomorrow and that was it. So, I guess I will try again tomorrow!!

  4. 10

    Ashley says

    I feel quite dumb, but I cannot figure out how to play multiple times. I am able to play once. I have watched the videos and I do not get another QR code to scan, the only one I see is on the homepage of the sweepstakes. Could someone please help me figure this out? Thanks in advance!

    • 11

      Jaimie says

      After I played once, I wasn’t sure what to do either so I just kept coming back to this page and clicking the link above. If you linked it with FB it will already show your name and you’ll just have to click enter and keep track of how many times you’re doing it. I hope this helps you win!

  5. 12

    Jaimie says

    Thank you so much for posting this! I tried yesterday and didn’t win anything so on my first try today I won $25! Wahoo!! :)

  6. 13

    melissa says

    I just hit the refresh button and won!! woot woot…not sure how much yet I have to check my email, but a good way to start the day :)

    • 16

      Melissa says

      Same thing happening to me. I am glad you commented so I know it is just something with there website this morning.

  7. 17

    Lori says

    Glad to hear that some people are winning something. I have been trying for days and nothing. I guess I will keep trying!

    • 20

      Amit says

      Mine did too but I asked her to call the manager and the manager did it for me and she also said that this type of transaction can’t be done by the cashier and they have to call the Managers. I got a beautiful Sweater for free.

  8. 21

    Amit says

    Did anybody else have any issue using it like Thomas Vu did. I won Twice and got $20 but now I’m worried. Also it says we can add this amount in our Gift cards so do we know if anybody did it?

  9. 22

    Amit says

    Never Mind i read the rules again you can not use to buy Gift card but can enter the codes in the field of Gift card to redeem it.