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DTE Energy: FREE Energy Efficiency Kit by Mail ($25 value!)

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Are you a DTE Energy Residential customer? You won’t want to miss this offer!

It takes a good 15-30 minutes of your time, but in return you’ll receive a FREE Energy Efficiency Kit by mail (a $25 value) and some great tips on ways you can actively reduce your energy bill. Though contents of the kit may vary, it includes items like CFL lightbulbs, outlet protectors, a nightlight, low-flow showerhead and faucet attachments!

Thanks to Gaynor for sharing a photo of the Energy Efficiency kit she received from DTE Energy last month!

  1. Begin at this DTE Energy link. Click Open My Energy Analyzer to get started.
    You’ll need to log in or create a DTE account, so you might want to have your DTE statement at hand.
  2. Complete all of the sections one by one: Home, My Appliances, My Energy Bills, Find Ways to Save.
    You’ll find a pdf checklist here so you won’t miss a step.
  3. Complete ALL of the steps. After Find Ways to Save, click the Next button to view your full report.
  4. MyEnergy Analzyer knows your address (as a customer) and will automatically send your FREE Energy Efficiency Kit. Look for it in the mail within 3 weeks. You don’t need to do anything additional to request it. If you need help along the way, call 1-877-856-2455 during business hours.

If you’re a Consumer’s Energy or SEMCO Customer instead, complete the form here to have your FREE Energy Efficiency Kit delivered and installed, courtesy of FLAME Heating & Cooling.

How long did it take YOU to complete all the information? Did you learn any good tricks for saving money on your monthly bill along the way?

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  1. 1

    it wont let me finish it :( i get to this and it wont take me further … darn it
    My Home Profile
    Describe your Home Profile by answering these questions. When you finish, click Next at the bottom of the page to save your answers. We will analyze your home profile and give you energy-saving ideas on the very next page.
    Go to Home Profile Results Next

    • 2

      me too, tried three times then gave up! Same as you

      • 3

        Instead of clicking the next button on that page, go back, you have to click on each tab to do each one, after doing my home ,click the tab next to it,then click weatherization in that and so on. after u see your report, if u go back to the analyze page, on the bottom right it will say “congratulations, check your mail for your kit. Hope this helps, as it is a little confusing.

  2. 4

    I’m a customer of both, so I just went with Consumers Energy.

  3. 5

    Anna – It did the same thing for me, after completing the first two pages!

  4. 6

    Anna log back in to your DTE account and at the top on the right is a box that says finish your analysis to get your free $25.00 kit. cLICK ON IT AND THEN YOU CAN FINISH…i JUST DID IT!

  5. 7

    I couldnt complete the DTE one either – got to energy anylizer and it wouldnt go forward

  6. 8

    I did it! It took about 10 minutes to complete. Thanks B2B!

  7. 9

    My packet just arrived. One of the lightbulbs was smashed in transit. Liked the faucet nozzles.

  8. 10

    I didn’t have to fill out a survery. Mine said that they will contact me. uh?