Meijer: mPerks Benefits (including $5 off $5 coupon!)

Meijer has now joined the digital coupon scene: the mPerks Program appears to be live at Meijer! You’ll need a text message-enabled phone to participate, download digital coupons and redeem them at the register! You simply look for the mPerks button at checkout (on the bottom of U-scan or credit card machine screens) and select the button anytime after your first item has been scanned. The computer will then prompt you for your 10 digit cell phone number and the savings will deduct when you meet the coupon criteria.

Just in case you needed an incentive to sign up….
Right now you can digitally clip a coupon valid for $5 off a $5 or more purchase (valid through August 28!)

This program is still new and not all cashiers may be familiar with it yet (though Meijer employees have been testing it for the past month or two). There still appear to be a few snags for some shoppers who sign up. However, those who have tried the mPerks coupon have found that it worked flawlessly. While you’ll want to receive this discount before any coupons are deducted, those who forgot (and entered their mPerks information last) still received the discount. You can opt out of the mPerks program at any time. You can view all the details about mPerks digital coupons in the mPerks FAQ.

Note: mPerks coupons are considered Meijer STORE coupons. They can successfully be combined with manufacturer coupons, but not with other Meijer store coupons (like Mealbox coupons from or Meijer coupons distributed in stores).


Have you tried mPerks? Please share your experience with the rest of us!

Would you like to sign up? Click here so that you don’t miss the next great Meijer offer!

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  1. 1

    dawn says

    I am thinking of trying this, but do you know if it uses a lot of Texts?? I have a limited number and don’t want it to end up costing me more $$ if I run over on txt’s.

    • 2


      I have a pay-as-you-go phone and pay per text, so I’m wary as well. However, I figure that the $5 off $5 coupon this time is worth it – and if they send more texts than I feel is necessary, I’ll opt out (you can quit at any time). So far, only one text was sent to verify my cell number when registering. If it’s similar to Cellfire (where your cell # is texted once as verification, then used only as sign-in info), there won’t be many (if any) future texts at all.

      • 3

        Cindy says

        I get text messages from them about free Redbox rentals and One & Two Day sales. Looking at my text log it looks like I received two in July and one so far in August. Just an fyi.

  2. 5

    Lizeth says

    Got mine set up!!! Can’t wait to try it on this week’s grocery run! Will keep you all posted!

    • 7

      Ashley says

      It was saying the same thing to me but when I tried it again it worked. Also when you are ready to activate it is easier just to “Reply JOIN” when it prompts you too…I tried activating on the website and it kept saying the non-available message again.

    • 9


      If you signed up for mPerks text messages before, this appears to be different. You can sign up now (anyone can), and you’ll have access to the digital coupons. They’ll be loaded to your account when you “clip” them (by clicking on the “clip” button underneath each coupon) – and at checkout, when you enter your cell number, the eligible coupons will deduct automatically.

  3. 10

    Marianne says

    I signed up awhile ago, got some Redbox and Meijer gas price texts but nothing of any dollar value.
    Has anyone received the $5/5?

    • 11

      mindy says

      I signed up awhile ago myself and I only get those kind of text messages also so I went to and signed up through them and it was totally different. I think they are two different things. I would try it again at that website. It will work but it is running really slow and you may get error messages a lot. Just keep trying and backspacing.

      • 12


        I think Mindy’s right – it is two different things. You won’t get a $5 off $5 sent to your phone via text message. You’ll need to register with this new program (which uses your cell number as verification/ID at the register) and you can load it to your account.

  4. 13

    Kris says

    I think it bites that it’s only available to people with cell phones. That leaves a chunk of people out.

      • 15

        Kris says

        Thanks, I did. They wrote back but didn’t seem very interested. Maybe if more people write. I don’t know why they are against a card system? With that we could all join in the savings. I’m happy for all of you with cell phones though that can get the savings!!

        • 16

          Dizzy Mommy says

          I hate to say it but in todays world its kinda like there is a sign at our local grocer that allows people with Iphone to do certain things. Honestly I personally dont know anybody without a cell phone (I am 24). Infact most people I know dont have land lines just cells. I’m not trying to be mean, but they are probably not interested because one) cell phone text dont cost them money like a card would, and two) most people would rather nowadays have it on a cell phone then a card. I ask a friend of mine who works in Grand Rapids for Meijer a few minates ago and that was basically her answer, there just aren’t enough people who would rather it be the other way.

  5. 18

    Jeannie says

    How is everyone getting the $5/$5?? Is it coming via text or do you have to clip it? I can’t find a “clip” section on the meijer webpage. Will someone lead me in the right directions? Thanks.

    • 19


      You have to apply, enter the confirmation code sent to your cell phone, then you’ll be directed to the coupons available for “clipping.” The $5 off $5 coupon is there in the middle of them on pg 1.

  6. 21

    LaTasha says

    I just returned from meijer and the $5 coupon mperk coupon worked!!! Thank you so much. all you do is (if using u-scan) scan the items, then down below it has the option such as mperks. You type in your 10 digit cell number, then your coupon will deduct right off. I like the mperks ideal! Ill see if i can use my hubby’s $5 mperk coupon :)

    • 23

      Dee says

      Did you have to clip the digital coupon before hand? I’ve created an account, received text messages from mperks saying that my zip code has been confirmed, but when I got to the website enter my number and password, it doesn’t recognize my number.

      • 24


        Did you enter the confirmation code texted to your phone? Your account isn’t finalized until you do that. You’ll be able to clip the digital coupon after you’re approved.

        • 25

          Dee says

          My text gave me the choice of entering the activation code or texting back JOIN. I texted back JOIN and then that’s when I received the text that my zip code has been confirmed. Rats! Thanks for your help.

          • 26


            Hmmmm…that should work, though. The mPerks site has gotten a fair share of traffic today. Maybe if you give it time to take effect, you should be able to login with your cell number an pin online.

          • 27

            Jennifer says

            If you go to the activation screen where it is asking for the confirmation code there is a little gray line where it says ” If you activated by replying with your mobile phone: Click here” You should be able to click there and be all set.

          • 29

            Dee says

            Yes, thanks, Jennifer! Unfortunately, I navigated away from that page long ago!! I’ll give it some time and revisit.

  7. 32

    ashley says

    So, I entered my stuff then it sent me TWO text with two different codes to activate it. I tried entering it online but it wouldn’t let me, so I just replied to the text. Then they responded saying welcome. so four text for me – hopefully no more text!

    • 34


      As far as I know (after scouring all the info on the site, including the FAQs), no restrictions like that are given. They should be able to combine in the same way that you can use a store/Meijer Mealbox coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

      • 35

        Ashley says

        I went to the Shields Meijer yesterday and asked the chasier and she said yes, they are kind of like a MMBQ.

        I also asked her about the program and she got out her email to verify dates and it isn’t even supposed to start for the public until the 29th but mine did work. She was kind of suprised because technically only Meijer employees should be able to use it until that date.

  8. 36

    Kristie says

    Thanks Jolyn!
    Now the question is, can these mPerks be combined with MMB and/or manufacturer coupons?

  9. 37

    Julie says

    I just called Customer Service because my activation code was never sent. They said that a lot of people have recently signed up and it is backing their system up so it might take an hour or so. So only send an activation code once. Just wanted to let you guys know if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

  10. 38

    Stacey says

    Hmm. The website says that it’s unavailable (been trying on & off for the last hour). When I tried to just reply to the text message, it gave me cryptic error messages. I’m guessing they’ve been slammed and can’t handle all of the traffic. But then I just tried loggging in, and it showed me the coupons. So I guess something worked along the way…

  11. 39

    Jennifer says

    I tried to join and it gave me an error message. I called the customer service number listed after three tries. The person I spoke to said the mperks was only available to employees until August 29th. Do all of you work for Meijer that signed on already?

    • 40


      While it was previously only available to employees (to test the program), it’s now open to anyone on the website. I don’t think any of us work for Meijer. :)

    • 41

      Shannon says

      I got the same response from Customer Service! A little confusing…..Guess I may try to go to Meijer anyway to see if the $5 coupon will show up when I check out.

  12. 42

    kristen says

    I entered my info and got a text sent to me. I can’t figure out what to do now!?! When I go back to sign in it doesn’t give me a place to enter the activation code. I entered my info again and all it did was send me another text. I don’t have a text plan and pretty soon this isn’t going to be worth it. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  13. 45

    Pam says

    The message I just got from the 800# was that they were aware of the issue and were working to resolve. I was like “that’s all I called for?” For you to read me the website error? I told him to tell them to fix the error message but from the person I spoke with, it just wasn’t that deep.

  14. 46

    Melissa says

    I signed up and had to reply to the activation code that was texted to me because of their system being down. Now it says i am active but when I sign in it doesn’t recognize my number !

  15. 47

    Tammy says

    I called them with the same problems mentioned above. They said someone from IT will get back to me. When this was in trial with employees, they did not offer a lot of coupons, hopefully this time will be different.

  16. 48

    Rhonda says

    Hey wahooo I loaded Meijer Perks tonight just before I went to Meijer and guess what. It worked!!!! I found a anchor hocking 9x 13 glass baking dish for 4.69 and my orbit bubble mint gum 1.99 and meijer pop 2.48 and 8 cans of Progresso soup $10. I used 4 .50 on 2 soup mq and 4 $1 on 2 and paid $5.91 and got back $3 on my next order and $3.50 off next order of $70 and someone left 1.50 off $10 on meat that someone left in the catalina. This is great!!!

  17. 49

    Marie says

    I clicked on your link and followed the steps to join just now (10:10 pm), and it could not have been easier. My activation code was sent to me immediately and I was able to clip my coupons right away. No problems experienced at all. Thanks!!!

  18. 50

    Karen says

    I signed up and clipped the $5 with no problem at 4am. I think their site was just overwhelmed.

  19. 53

    Tammy says

    Just received a phone call from Meijer. You CAN NOT sign up for Perks unless you are a team member until August 29th or after. Even if you received an activation code it is not valid. I guess many people were able to clip the coupons as said above and went to Meijer and thought they got the $5.00 off, when indeed they did not. Meijer is working out the kinks so go back after August 29 to sign up for Meijer Perks!!

  20. 54

    DaNay says

    My question in now that I have some coupons “clipped” from the mperks site can I use those with MQ and MB coupons? Not sure that they will ever overlap mperks with MB but I wonder how that works? I guessing that this will be a wait and see type of thing- I excited for more ways to save!!

  21. 55


    I don’t see how it wasn’t supopsed to go public until August 29th when the $5/5 coupon expires on the 28th. I think the CSRs have been misinformed.

  22. 56

    ChristinaN says

    I am not an employee and signed up yesterday again even though i was a previous member and received texts. I used my 5.00 off cpn tonight with no problems. I scanned a few items,hit the button,entered my cell number and it appeared.

  23. 57

    Tammy says

    were you a previous member of the Meijer text alerts or of the perks? They are 2 separate things? All I know is I received a phone call from a Meijer representative telling me they have received hundreds of problems because it does not open to the public until August 29 . If you were able to do so then that is great for you!!

  24. 58

    Tammy says

    I figured I would try again although I registered earlier this week and it did not work. IT DID!!! Although I got that phone call telling me it did not open to the public until Aug 29, it worked as well. They definitely DO NOT have the kinks worked out.

    • 59

      ChristinaN says

      I know they are seperate things. I dont think that person knew what they were talking about because I got a text and phone call telling me to sign up yesterday. I knew there would be issues. Theres issues whenever these companies try to start things like this. Look at all the rite aid UP issues.

  25. 60

    junesummer21 says

    Just returned from meijers. The mperks didn’t work. i called the 800 # (woke someone up I think) she told me it was only for team members until the 29th of Aug. I explained to her that I was able to sign up got an e-mail that I received a $5 off of $5 that expires on the 28th. Didn’t get anywhere with her, asked to speak with someone else, who also informed me that there was nothing that they could do but apologize. What a scam! I told them I was informing all the blogs that I go to (and that is alot) of this “glich” as she called it.

  26. 61

    Rita says

    loving $5 came off after I entered my phone number before entering my credit info…super easy.:)

  27. 62

    htorzewski says

    Beware of kinks in the system! I signed up, clipped the $5 coupon and then shopped today. I entered my phone number in, as instructed, then it didn’t take my $5 off. The cashier knew NOTHING about this new program- looked at me like I was crazy! Anyway, I had to get the manager called over, and he just entered in the $5 off because I pushed the issue. He said that the m-perk coupons were only working on the u-scans. This was at the Commerce Twp., store.

  28. 63

    Casey says

    I used mPerks today at Meijer and was successful with the $5 off $5 or more purchase and I found a matchup to share. Because the coupons you “clip” to add to your mPerks “account” (is that the right word? because there isn’t a card involved) are considered Meijer coupons you can combine them with manufactures coupons, so… The Met-Rx bars (they are protein type bars found near the pharmacy) have coupon to be clipped to mPerks BOGO free, plus from a 8-15 RedPlum there was a BOGO free coupon, which I combined today and recieved 2 free Met-Rx bars. They ring up coupons first, then enter your mPerks number and that gives you the other one free. I’ve never tried these things and WOW they have a lot of calories! But can’t pass up free! Perhaps eat half and save the other half for later :) I think they are ment as an after workout type thing or perhaps a meal replacement bar?

  29. 64


    It didn’t work for me in store today….I was told it’s because I’m not an employee. Though it should work starting Sunday….

  30. 65

    christina says

    I went to Meijer today, entered my MPerks number at checkout and it says on my receipt MPerks # and then lists my MPerks number… but my $5 discount did NOT come off. I am bummed..

  31. 70

    DanDaMan says

    I pay 20¢ per text message on my plan, which means that I’m a cheapskate. I also do NOT want text messages unless it’s an emergency; I have FAR too many interruptions in my day as it is.

    I looked into getting a web-based phone number, like from Gmail, for which I could use to sign up to mPerks, get the confirmation code, and then not have to worry about being $texted to death on my cell phone by Meijer, but for some reason, Meijer states that mPerks works with only some cell phone carriers, so it stands to reason that this idea won’t work. (I’m guessing they have to email the text messages, so they need to use the style email address, and maybe some carriers don’t support that?)

    It grates me that Meijer wants my cell phone number in order to take advantage of this. Since they’re likely sending an email (per above), why don’t they cut the crud and just allow email addresses? (And, yes, I just emailed them about this; waiting for a response.)