MyPoints: Earn Rewards for Reading Emails!


I’ve mentioned MyPoints in some of my presentations (as a way to earn free gift cards), but I realized that I haven’t ever described it to the rest of you! Here’s the scoop:

I joined my points in 2004 (yes, it’s been THAT long!) and have enjoyed the rewards ever since. My husband and I each have an account and we use it to earn about 2 $25 gift cards each year (4 cards between the 2 of us). We like to choose restaurant gift cards (Panera and Olive Garden are favorites!) and use them for free date nights, but there are plenty of reward choices (Kohl’s, Old Navy, CVS, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Pottery Barn, Home Depot, iTunes, & Starbucks, just to name a few)! You can use them as gifts or special treats for yourself!

MyPoints will reward you for:

  • Clicking on links sent to you in emails
    You’ll get a few emails sent to your inbox daily. I find I like these sent to my primary email address so I can click on the link and delete the emails immediately (they cluttered up my backup address and I would often forget to read them before they expired). You’ll get 5 points per email and 10 points per survey attempted (50 points if you qualify for the survey).   

  • Shopping online through the MyPoints website
    You’ll be rewarded in points depending on the amount you spend. (I find that I get a better cash return through Ebates and Cashbaq, however).    

  • Printing and redeeming coupons
    MyPoints partners with both and Smartsource printable sites. You’ll have to actually redeem the coupons to get the credit, however, and I’ve never seen the credit update in my account, so I’m a little hesitant to recommend it. Plus, when you print these same coupons from Bargains to Bounty, you’re helping to support the site (as well as my time and effort) – and I really appreciate that!

That being said, here’s my personal recommendation to make the most of a MyPoints account:

  • Sign up for a MyPoints account. It’s easy and free (and as long as you can restrain yourself from the ads, you’ll come out with a little free spending money).
  • Click on the daily emails as they arrive. Delete them afterward. Watch your points slowly add up. Be patient – it WILL take time, but you’re only spending a few seconds each day on this.
  • Visit the MyPoints website occasionally and click on Easy Points. You’ll get 5 points for each ad/question you participate in.
  • Shop through MyPoints only when Ebates or Cashbaq isn’t offering a better reward.

CLICK ON THE BUTTON below to check out MyPoints and sign up for an account!
And let us know if you’re already being rewarded by MyPoints – how do you like the program?

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  1. 1

    Tashena Lynette Gonzales says

    I love it. It takes a while but I have gotten a $25 Applebee’s card before. I actually print coupons from there once and a while and because I clip all my coupons including printables I have seen my credit appear several times just randomly. I don’t even try to purposely print from there.

  2. 2

    Chris says

    I’ve been with Mypoints since 1998 :). Over the years, I think I’ve gotten a few hundred dollars in gift cards (in the early years it was more lucrative, but it’s still OK). I tried printing using several coupons from there once and it never showed up on my account. My last reward was a $25 HSN gift card that I used to get a nice portable pantry shelving unit. I have no pantry in my condo and the cupboards are odd sizes and high so I can’t store much in them. The shelving unit is very nice, and it’s sturdy (it was a little expensive, but I didn’t want to get plastic that sagged in six months). I might get another one someday if my stockpile warrants it.

  3. 3

    Jill says

    I almost gave up once but realized that by clicking on the emails that my points would add up. I usually get a ten dollar gift certificate to Panera’s take a day off from work and take my daughter out to lunch. She loves it.

  4. 4

    Rita Collins says

    I have been with MyPoints since 1999. The coupons do get credited to your account. However, it generally takes about 90 days or so. I asked about it, they said they have to wait to get confirmation from

    Also, they used to have much better rewards. However, I still like it for the Walmart gift cards.

  5. 5



    Thanks for mentioning Cashbaq. There are different types of shoppers so it is good that there are different types of sites to meet their needs. If you want to get cash back, you know where to go. We pay by check or Paypal every month and have a $5 sign up bonus. Plus, you can save on over 3,000 online stores and services with Cashbaq.

    Happy shopping!


  6. 6

    Nora Cash says

    I love Mypoints. I can usually get about $100 worth of gift cards a year. I get a lot of the points for doing thier surveys. I also do Ipsos I-say surveys (which I originally signed up for via one of thier bonus mail emails), and those earn me both Ipsos rewards and Mypoints. Perhaps my favorite way to earn Mypoints though is through Buzzagent. Buzz agent is a great program where you get to try out products (almost always for free) and tell people what you think of them and then report back what you have said. Currently I’m participating in the Loreal Paris Collegen Micro Pulse campaign, the Got2be Smooth Operator haircare campaign, and a Michelin Tire campaign. Most of the time you get an actual product to try and coupons to hand out, but it varies slightly from campaign to campaign (I was hoping for a set of tires, but with that particular campaign I would have to win them). Anyone who is interested can check it out at

  7. 7

    Corrine says

    how do you get credit at mypoints for doing ipsos surveys? i do the opsos surveys but do not get credit in both places. thanks for the info! my favorite survey site is opinion outpost. they pay fast and are great to do surveys for:
    thanks for a great site! love your meijer matchups!

  8. 8

    Anna S. says

    Hello, I just signed up for my points through your button that says sign up, earn 100 points. It did not give me 100 points.

    • 9


      While I can’t be sure (since it’s been years since I signed up), it does sometimes take a day or two for points to appear in your account. They may wait until you confirm your email address, etc. If those points still don’t appear after that time, be sure to contact MyPoints. The 100 points offer is still valid and should be applied to your account.