Meijer: April 18-24, 2010


These deal matchups were calculated by Bargains to Bounty using a Meijer Ad for Detroit Area Stores. Metro Detroit Meijer stores double 2 identical coupons up to $0.50 per transaction. I’ll continue to edit this list with UPDATES throughout the week (and deals change often!) so remember to check here again before you shop! 

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Please note: These matchups are not allowed to be published (in part or in whole) on any other website without written permission. If you would like to feature portions of this post on your blog (or if you see this content posted on another site without a link back), please contact me. 

$1.00 Chex Mix – traditional, cheddar, honey nut, peanut lover’s, sour cream & onion or BBQ varieties
-$0.50/1 printable coupon (previously available) or $0.50/2 coupon (from 4-18 SS)
FREE or $0.50 each after coupon 

$8.99 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer *NEW* (price may vary by location)
-$5.00/1 coupon from (4-11 SS), use 2
Pay $7.98 for 2 sprayers
Bonus: When you buy 2 in one transaction, you’ll receive TWO $3.00 checkout coupons and ONE $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order ($8.00 total to spend)!
FREE when you buy 2 with coupons after checkout coupon savings (but remember you’ll pay tax on the $8.99 purchase price)

$1.00-$1.19 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Cups, single serving (regular price – may vary by location)
-B1G1 printable coupon (print 2 per computer), use 2
$0.50 each when you buy 4 with 2 coupons
Bonus: Buy 4 in one transaction, get a $1.50 checkout coupon valid on your next order
Final cost: $0.13 each after checkout coupon savings! THROUGH SUNDAY ONLY!

$0.40 Beech Nut Stage 2 Baby Food, 4 oz jar
-$2.00/16 coupon (from 1-3 SS)
$0.28 each when you buy 16 with coupon 

 $0.89 Campbell’s Healthy Request Chunky Soup (LIMIT 12)
-$0.50/2 coupon (from 2-7 SS)
$0.39 each when you buy 2 with coupon – Thanks, Jamie! Great charity donation!

$0.40 Meijer Macaroni & Cheese, original or shapes 

$1.29 Betty Crocker Frosting, 12-16 oz
-$0.40/1 printable coupon
$0.49 after coupon
Note: This coupon is marked “do not double” and may be restricted by your cashier.
Also available: $1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox coupon. Combine with 3 printable coupons (if you’re able to print from 2 computers) and pay $0.29 each. 

$2.50 Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, 16 oz
-$2.00/1 Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals coupon (from 3-14 SS), confirmed as part of sale
*Buy 2 Hidden Valley dressings, get 1 head of lettuce FREE instantly at register (maximum $1.29 value)*
$0.50 after coupon (plus free lettuce if you buy 2 with 2 coupons!) 

$0.50 StarKist Chunk Light Tuna, 5 oz can in water or oil 

$0.89 Campbell’s Chunky Soup (LIMIT 12) (Save $1.04 on each!)
-$1.00/3 printable coupon or $0.50/4 coupon (from 3-7 SS, expires 4-18!)
$0.56 or $0.74 each after coupon 

$1.25 Totino’s Party Pizza, 9.8-11.5 oz
-$0.50/3 coupon (from 4-18 SS), use 2
Bonus: Buy 6 in one transaction, get a checkout coupon for $2.00 off your next order.
$0.58 each when you buy 6 with 2 coupons 

$1.59 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers with Sauce – red potato, broccoli & cheese, broccoli, carrot, cheesy rice broccoli or sweet corn butter (price drop through Apr 25)
-$0.50/1 printable coupon
$0.59 after coupon

$1.67 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, 15.2-19.6 oz
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 3-28 SS)
$0.67 after coupon 

$0.67 Meijer Pasta, 12-16 oz, select varieties 

$1.29 Aunt Millie’s Healthy Goodness Bread, 16-20 oz loaf
-$0.55/1 coupon (from 1-10 RP)
$0.74 after coupon 

$2.29 Shout Stain Remover (price drop through May 9) *NEW*
-$0.55/1 coupon (from 3-21 SS)
Bonus: For every Shout purchased, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Thanks, Kristen!
$0.74 after coupon and checkout coupon savings

$1.29 Aunt Millie’s Deluxe Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns, 8 ct
-$0.55/1 coupon (from 4-18 RP)
$0.74 after coupon 

$1.69 Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Roll-Ups, or Gushers, select varieties
-$0.50/2 coupon (from 3-7 SS or printable), use 2
-$1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon, use 1

$0.94 each when you buy 4 with coupons 

$1.99 Bisquick Baking or Reduced Fat Baking Mix, 40 oz
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 3-28 SS)
$0.99 after coupon* 

$1.99 Fiber One Chewy Bars, 7 oz box select varieties
-$0.50/2 coupon (from 3-7 or 4-18 SS) or $0.50/1 Fiber One 90 Calorie Bars coupon (from 3-7 SS), if included in sale
$0.99 or $1.49 after coupon 

$2.00 New York Garlic Toast – Texas, Lite or Breadsticks (price drop through Apr 25)
-$0.50/1 printable coupon
$1.00 after coupon

$2.00 Nature Valley Granola Bars, 7.4-8.94 oz
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 3-7 or 4-18 SS or  printable)
$1.20 after coupon* 

$2.00 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, 10-11.5 oz, asstd varieties
$0.55/2 Toaster Strudel coupon (from 2-7 GM or 3-7 SS or printable)
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$1.23 each when you buy 2 with coupons 

$2.39 Dawn Ultra Liquid Dish Soap, 19-24 oz Original 19 oz or Direct Foam *NEW*
-$0.50/1 Dawn Dish Soap coupon (from 4-4PG)
$1.39 after coupon*

$2.00 Maxwell House Coffee, 10.5-11.5 oz select varieties
-$1.00/2 coupon (from 3-21 SS)
$1.50 each when you buy 2 with coupon 

$2.50 Kashi Cereal, 10.4-17.5 oz select varieties
-$1.00/1 Kashi Organic Promise printable coupon, if included in sale
$1.50 after coupon 

Buy 2, Get 3 FREE – 6 pk bottles of 7-Up, Sunkist, Diet Rite or Vernors (reg. est price $3.99 ea) *NEW*
$1.60 each when you buy 5 on sale  (limit 1 offer per transaction)

$1.67 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers or Cookies, select varieties 

$2.67 Windex Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner, 26 oz *NEW*
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 3-21 SS or printable)
$1.67 after coupon
Bonus (unconfirmed): Buy 2, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. As low as $0.67 each!

$2.99 Macaroni Grill Dinners or Wanchai Ferry Dinners (shelf-stable, not frozen)
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 3-7 SS)
$1.99 after coupon 

$3.00 Welch’s 100% Juice or Calcium Fortified, 64 oz all varieties
-$1.00/1 printable coupon or coupon (from 2-7 SS)
$2.00 after coupon 

$2.50 7-Up 12 Pack Cans, plus deposit (limit 4)
-$1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
$2.17 each when you buy 3 with coupon 

$2.50 Frito Lay Sun Chips, 10.5 oz 

$3.99 Freschetta Pizza, 12.6-28 oz
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 3-7 SS or printable)
$2.99 after coupon 

$3.99 Fast Fixin’ Chicken, 26-36 oz assorted varieties
-$1.00/1 printable coupon (when you become a Fanatic)
$2.99 after coupon 

$2.99 Glazed Yeast Raised Donuts, 12 ct (baked fresh) 

25% OFF Filippo Berio Olive Oil, 17-101 oz all varieties (reg $5.99-25.99)
-$1.00/1 printable coupon
Final price will vary ($3.49-$18.49 after sale and coupon)

$5.99 Wanchai Ferry Frozen Meals, 24 oz
-$1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
-$1.50/1 Wanchai Ferry coupon (from 3-7 or 4-11 SS)
$3.49 after coupons 

20% OFF GreenWorks Laundry and Cleaning Products, all varieties
-$1.50/1 Laundry Detergent coupon (from 4-18 SS) or $0.50/1 Any product coupon (from 4-18 SS) or $1.00/1 Wipes  printable coupon ,use 2
-$1.00/2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
*Buy 2 GreenWorks products in one transaction, get $2 OFF instantly at the register. (Limit 1 offer per transaction).*
Final price will vary – save at least $2.50-$3.50 on each with coupons and instant savings 
Some reported sale prices:

  • $2.14 GreenWorks Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • $2.35 GreenWorks Liquid Cleaner Refill
  • $2.58 GreenWorks All-Purpose Spray Cleaner
  • $2.58 GreenWorks Wipes, 30 ct
  • $4.79 GreenWorks Wipes, 62 ct
  • $6.23 GreenWorks Laundry Detergent

$15.49 Brita Classic Pitcher
-$4.00/1 Brita product printable coupon
-$1.00/1 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon
*Buy 2 Clorox GreenWorks or Brita products, get $2 instantly at checkout (limit 1 offer per transaction).*
$10.49 after coupons (or less, if you purchase wth one GreenWorks product) 
Note: The $1.00/2 Mealbox coupon may not be deducting properly due to poor coding. If your subtotal doesn’t reduce when the coupon is scanned, alert your cashier to enter it manually.

BUY $10 of any General Mills Cereal, Betty Crocker or Nature Valley Products, get $3 OFF or BUY $20 of any General Mills Cereal, Betty Crocker or Nature Valley Products, get $8 OFF your next shopping trip
When purchased in a single transaction. Checkout coupon will print at register; limit one coupon per transaction. Note that $20 value appears to be calculated BEFORE any coupons are deducted (Mealbox coupons included). Latest update: Bisquick should work, but some varieties of BC Muffins may not be coded correctly to be included in the deal. I’ll keep you posted!

$1.29 Betty Crocker Frosting, 12-16 oz
-$0.40/1 printable coupon
$0.49 after coupon 

$1.67 Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, 15.2-19.6 oz
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 3-28 SS)
$0.67 after coupon 

$1.69 Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot, Roll-Ups, or Gushers, select varieties
-$0.50/2 coupon (from 3-7 SS or printable), use 2
-$1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon, use 1

$0.94 each when you buy 4 with coupons 

$0.99 Betty Crocker Cake Mix

$2.00 Nature Valley Granola Bars, 7.4-8.94 oz 
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 3-7 or 4-18 SS or  printable)
$1.20 after coupon* 

If you have a participating item or scenario to add, please leave a comment on this post! I’m still trying to work up a good one!


$1.00 Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles, single serve (regular price – may vary by location)
Bonus: Buy 3 or more in one transaction, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. (through May 15)
FREE after checkout coupon savings!
Note: This checkout coupon offer will not roll. If you use your $3.00 checkout coupon to purchase 3 more Cottage Doubles, a new $3.00 coupon will not print. For best results, purchase 3 per transaction and use your $3.00 coupon to buy other items.

$2.00 Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Bites (price drop) *NEW*
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 3-21 SS)
$1.00 after coupon – Thanks, Stacey!
Bonus: Buy 3 or more Kraft 100 Calorie Bites or Cottage Doubles in one transaction, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. This Catalina will not “roll” – and since it’s the same offer as the Cottage Doubles listed above, be careful not to combine it. Limit 1 offer per transaction.
FREE after checkout coupon savings (when you buy a combination of 3 100 Cal bites and/or Cottage Doubles)!

$0.99 Smart Balance Sour Cream (price drop through Apr 18)
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 3-21 RP)
FREE after coupon
Recipes: Sour Cream Blueberry Bread, Easy Cheesy Bean Dip

$0.99 Heluva Good Dip, 12 oz (price drop through Apr 18)
-$0.50/1 printable coupon
FREE after coupon

$0.40 Yoplait Yogurt, 4 oz Whips or 6 oz cups
-$0.50/6 printable coupon (NEW link) or $0.40/6 coupon (from 3-21 or 4-18 SS)
$0.23 or $0.27 each when you buy 6 with coupon*
Bonus: Buy 20 Yoplait yogurt in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order.
Note: Printable coupon is marked “do not double” and may be restricted by your cashier. 

$0.99 Yoplait Greek Yogurt, 6 oz cups
-$0.30/1 coupon (from 3-28 SS or printable)
$0.39 after coupon* 

$1.50 Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter with Canola Oil, 8 oz tub asstd vareties *NEW*
-$0.40/1 coupon (from 3-14 SS)
$0.70 after coupons

$1.50 International Delight Coffee Creamer, 16 oz (pint)
-$0.55/1 coupon (from 3-7 SS)
$0.95 after coupon 

$0.99 Meijer Sour Cream, 16 oz 

$1.99 Yoplait Delights Parfait Yogurt, 4 ct (price drop through May 10)
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 3-21 SS)
$0.99 after coupon* 

$2.00 Yoplait Yo-Plus or Fiber One Yogurt, 4 ct (price drop – no rainchecks)
-$0.50 Yo-Plus coupon (from 3-21 or 4-18 SS) or Fiber One coupon (from 3-21 SS)
$1.00 after coupon* 

$2.00 Dannon Dan-o-Nino Multipack Yogurt (price drop through May 10)
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 3-28 SS or printable coupon)
$1.00 after coupon 

$2.00 Sargento Shredded Cheese, 8 oz all varieties
-$0.55/2 coupon (from 1-31 SS) or $0.75/1 Low Sodium printable coupon, if included in sale
$1.25 or $1.73 each when you buy 2 with coupon 

$2.00 Kraft Cheese Singles, 10-12 oz or Singles Melt Downs, 8 oz pizza or nacho
Note: If you recently purchased 3 Kraft products in one transaction, you should have received a $1.00/1 Melt Downs coupon at the register. 

$2.00 Meijer Gallon Milk, all varieties excluding chocolate/organic (LIMIT 4) 

$1.69/lb Center Cut Half Boneless Pork Loin (sliced/wrapped free)
Recipe: Saucy Stir-Fried Pork
$1.79/lb Angus Ground Beef from Chuck 

$3.99 Jennie-O Turkey Breast or Armour Deli Ham (everyday best price) 

$1.67 Ball Park Meat Franks, 16 oz (excludes beef, turkey or Grillmasters)
-$0.75/2 coupon (from 3-14 RP)
$1.30 each when you buy 2 with coupon 

$1.00 Mangos
$1.33 California Artichokes or Greenhouse Cucumbers
$1.33 Flat or Curly Leaf Spinach, 10 oz bag
$1.50 Strawberries, 1 lb ($2.50 Organic Strawberries, 1 lb)
$1.50 Large Canteloupe
$1.67 Dole Salad Blends, 5-12 oz 
$1.69/lb Tomatoes on the Vine
$2.00 Michigan Ida Red, Red Delicious or Jonathan Apples, 3 lb bag 


$1.99 Boudreaux’s Baby Kisses Lip Balm (price drop through May 16) *NEW*
-$2.00/1 coupon (from 4-11 SS)
FREE after coupon (located in baby section)

$1.09 Curad Gauze Pads
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 4-18 SS)
$0.09 after coupon – Thanks, Makin’ It in MI!

 B1G1 (identical items) Ban Invisible Solid, Clear Gel or Roll-On *NEW*
-$1.00/1 coupon (from 4-18 SS), use 2 if allowed

$2.00 Huggies Wipes Tub, 64-72 ct  *NEW*
-$0.50/1 coupon (from 4-18 SS)
$1.00 after coupon

$4.50 Bic Men’s Hybrid Razor (6 ct), Flex 4 (3 ct) or C3 Advance (4 ct) *NEW*
-$3.00/1 coupon (from 4-18 SS)
$1.50 after coupon
Plus Upromise e-coupons (load to your credit card) can earn your $1.00-$1.50 toward college!

B1G1 (identical items) Osteo Bi-Flex Supplements *NEW*
-$5.00/1 coupon (from 4-11 RP)

B1G1 (identical items) Schiff Move Free, 80-120 ct or MegaRed Krill Oil, 60 ct *NEW*
-$3.00/1 coupon (from 2-7 SS)


Buy any 3 packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese (8 oz or larger), get a $0.75 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 4, get $1.00; buy 5 or more, get $1.50. (3/22-4/18). Thanks, Stacey! 

Buy 2 Velveeta Shells and Cheese Cups in one transaction, get a $0.50 checkout coupon valid on our next order. Buy 3, get $1.00; buy 4 or more, get $1.50. (3/22 – 4/18) 

Buy any 4 Pillsbury Refrigerated Baked Goods in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 5, get $3.00; buy 6, get $4.00. (3/22-4/18). 

Buy 2 (10 ct.) Capri Sun products & 1 Nabisco 12-pack, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. (3/21-4/24). Thanks, Stacey! 

Buy 2 or more Philadelphia Cream Cheese Minis (4 ct.) in one transaction, get a custom coupon for 1 FREE package of refrigerated Lender’s Bagels (6-count only, maximum value $2.09), valid on your next purchase. (3/28-4/24). Thanks, Stacey!  

Buy 3 or more Crystal Light Drink Mixes (On the Go 7-10 ct or 8 qt canister) in one transaction, get a checkout coupon
valid for FREE Nabisco Snack Crackers or 100 Calorie Pack 4-10 oz (max value $3.29). (3/28-4/24). 

Buy 2 or 3 Starbucks (12 oz), Seattles Best (12 oz), General Foods International Coffee or Tazo Filtering Tea (20 ct) in one transaction, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 4, get $4.00. (4/4-5/1). 

Buy 3 or more of the following in a single transaction: Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs (5-12 ct), South Beach Living bars, Kraft 100 Calorie Pack Cheese Bites (5 ct), Jell-O Pudding & Gelatin Snacks (6 ct), Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese (4 ct), or Breakstone’s Cottage Doubles, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order (4/11-5/15). Thanks, Stacey! 

Buy 3 boxes of Velveeta Shells & Cheese, Kraft Deluxe, or Kraft Homestyle Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese Dinners, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order.  Buy 4 boxes, get $3.00; buy 5 or more, get $4.00.  Thanks, Stacey! (4/19-5/16)

Buy 2 South Beach Living Fiber Fit Bars, Protein Fit Bars or 100 Calorie Snack Bars in one transaction, get a $1.50 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 3 get $3.00; buy 4 or more get $4.00. Thanks, Shelly! (4/23-5/16)

Buy 2 Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs (3.7 oz or larger) in one transaction, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 3, get $2.00; Buy 4 or more, get $3.00. Thanks, Shelly! (4/23-5/16) 

Buy 4 Post Cereal (10 oz or larger) in one transaction, get a $3.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 5 or more, get $4.00. Thanks, Shelly! (4/23-5/16)

Buy 2 different Scott product categories in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 3, get $3.00; Buy 4, get $5.00.  Product categories include Scott bath tissue, paper towels, napkins or flushable wipes. Thanks, Shelly! (4/23-5/16)

Buy 2 Totino’s Pizza Rolls Snacks (excluding 15 count) any flavor, any variety in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 3, get $3.50; buy 4 or more get $5.00. Thanks, Shelly!(4/19-5/30)

Buy any 3 Kellogg’s Cereals (8 oz or larger) in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 4, get $3.00; buy 5 or more, get $4.00. (4/24-5/6).

 *DOUBLE COUPONS – This deal requires a coupon to DOUBLE at Meijer. Note that Metro Detroit Meijer stores will double only 2 identical coupons (up to $0.50) per transaction. See additional notes below. 


View Meijer’s official coupon policy online here. 

  • Metro Detroit Meijer stores will double manufacturer coupons up to $0.50, but no more than 2 identical coupons per transaction. Additional identical coupons and any store coupons will be redeemed at face value. You may want to call your location before shopping to verify. For best savings on multiple items with coupons that will double, divide your order into multiple transactions (this is most easily done at the U-scan).
  • You can print 2 copies of each printable coupon per computer, with some exceptions. Use your back button and refresh the screen if necessary or return to the original coupon link. There is no limit on the amount of Meijer Mealbox store coupons you may print.
  • When a particular advertised sale item is out of stock, be sure to ask your cashier or a customer service assistant for a raincheck.


You may want to print a copy of the Meijer Mealbox store policy and keep it with your shopping list to show your cashier (in case they aren’t familiar with corporate policy): 

 1.) Mealbox coupons may be used in addition to manufacturer coupons. 

2.) Mealbox coupons may be used each time a condition is met, which could be multiple times per transaction. (For example: a coupon for $1.00 off 2 soups can be used multiple times if you have a coupon printed and the number of soups purchased matches, i.e. 2 coupons = 4 soups.) 

3.) Mealbox coupons cannot be doubled or tripled at any time. 

4.) Stores have the right to limit the quantity of items to normal retail purchases per transaction. 


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  1. 1

    Crystal says

    Sorry for being a dummy …

    But I noticed these aren’t color-coded like normal. Is that .40 for macaroni n cheese a good deal? Are any of these stock-up prices? I know you said you’re still working on the match-up, so I don’t know if that’s something that needs to be worked on or if it’s going to be a TERRIBLE week at meijer! LOL Sorry, I’m terribly bad at knowing if something is a good price unless I’m told.

    Thanks so much!

    • 2


      We’re all learning here! I just haven’t taken the time to color-code yet….it’ll come. :) It’s also not going to be a terrific week at Meijer. Everyone’s been shopping like crazy this week and needs a break now!

      But, because I know Aldi always sells their macaroni and cheese for $0.35/box (and it tastes just like Kraft), I’m not sure that I’d put Meijer mac & cheese in green at $0.40. You can actually get the Kraft brand for $0.38/box in a multipack through Saturday (and possibly free Capri Sun with it), so that’s a far better deal for a name brand.

      • 3

        Terri says

        @Jolyn, FYI, my family prefers Meijer brand mac n cheese over Kraft because it is saltier. If you like salty mac n cheese, meijers is the best. I agree that Aldis tastes like kraft.

  2. 4

    ashley says

    Haha! I can’t help but notice the first comment is about the lack of green and red. That was my first thought too! Looks like a slow week. Thanks for everything – your matchups on Friday are something I ALWAYS look forward to.

  3. 6

    LeAnn says

    I have 3 catalinas for Kraft melts so will try them too. Also I picked up some smartsource coupons at Krogers awhile ago for $1/4 starkist so it is definately stock up time for me.

    • 7

      Chris says


      Taking a sneak peak at the MidAtlantic Kroger ad, it looks like we can get more free BumbleBee tuna, if you have any coupons left 😉

  4. 8

    Chris says

    In the GR area ad, Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing 16oz is 2/$5 + buy 2, get a free head of lettuce (up to $1.29) FREE.

    Use 2 of the $2/1 Hidden Valley Ranch coupons from 3/14SS and you end up with 2 bottles of dressing + head of lettuce for $1.

    The buy $20 of ANY General Mills Cereal, Betty Crocker or Nature’s Valley Products and get $8 ONYO CAT looks like it could work out to some nearly free stuff if you line your coupons up right. I played around with possible shopping list a little and got it down to around $2-3oop and most of it was using IP coupons.

  5. 11

    Tashena Lynette Gonzales says

    I definitely need a break this week. In fact still need two more stores to hit up!

  6. 12

    Christina says

    I need to go back to mEIJER today because last night they were sold out of quite a few things I want to buy (the 5-pack of mac n’ cheese) They are building a Meijer a mile from my house. It should be opening soon, I’m really excited! Oh, I was going to metion: at the Meijer in Rochester Hills, at around 9 p.m. every night, the deli throws a bunch of deli meat packages up on top of the counter for over 50% off. Last night I got 4 packages of roast beef @ $1 a pound. They also had ham & chicken breast. They also mark down the rotisserie chickens around that time too. The Lapeer Meijer I was told marks theirs down at around 8 p.m. so you might want to check with your local Meijer. I will never buy deli meat for full price again. We freeze about 6 packages to last us a couple weeks and I go back when we’re almost out.

  7. 14

    Patrick says

    Meijer Meal Box has $1.00 off of 3 Betty Crocker Frosting’s, which would bring the price down to $0.16 per frosting. You don’t have to dig for it, it is the Featured Coupon of the Week, at least today it still is.

  8. 15

    Allison says

    Can someone explain the Meijer mealbox coupons. Do you have to print them or are they automically deducted at the register? Thanks.

    • 16


      You’ll need to print them (from the links above or from They will deduct at the register, but on your receipt they’ll appear underneath each line item. They may appear to scan at $0.00 at the register, but your subtotal should reduce by $1 (or the coupon value) for each Mealbox coupon scanned.

  9. 17

    stacy says

    Meijer lunchbox coupon for $1 off 3 containers of Velveta single cups, should make these FREE + overage, I think!?

  10. 20

    Chris says

    If you use a lot of cake mixes & frosting or even for a food pantry donation, you can get them free with the ONYO deal…or mix it up with the BC fruit snacks & its still a MM 😉

    9x BC Cake Mixes @ $0.99 = $8.91
    9x BC Frostings @ $1.29 = $11.61
    Total =$20.52
    9x $0.75/2 for BC cake mix + frosting= -$6.75
    6x $1/3 MMBQ off BC cake mix or frosting = -$6.00
    After coupons total: $7.77
    Get $8wyb$20 CAT -$8.00
    Makes a $0.13 MM for 9 cake mixes + frosting

    Use 2 IP $0.50/both BC cake mix & frosting at stores that double and you end up with a $0.63 MM

    Or Buy~
    6x BC Cake Mixes @ $0.99 = $5.94
    6x BC Frostings @ $1.29 = $7.74
    Total =$13.68
    4x $0.75/2 for BC cake mix + frosting (3/28SS)= -$4.50
    2x $0.50/2 for BC cake mix + frosting IP noted above = -$2.00 (@ stores that double)
    4x $1/3 MMBQ off BC cake mix or frosting = -$4.00
    4x BC fruit snacks @ $1.69 = $7.63
    2x$0.50/2 coupon (from 3-7 SS or printable)= -2.00
    1x $1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon = -$1.00
    Total before coupons=21.31
    Coupons total= -$13.50
    Total cost = $7.81
    8ONYO= $0.19MM

    4X Nature Valley Granola Bars @ $2.00 = $8.00
    2x $0.40/1 (3/7SS, 4/18SS or IP) = -$1.60 (doubled)
    1x $1/1 IP from Nature Valley Site = -$1.00
    1x $1/3 MMBQ = -$1.00
    3x BC frosting @ $1.29 = $3.87
    1x BC cake mix @ $0.99= $0.99
    2x $0.40/1 IP = -$1.60 (doubled)
    1x $0.75/2 both frosting &cake mix (3/28SS)= -$0.75
    1x $1.00/1 MMBQ for frosting & cake mix = -$1.00
    4x BC fruit snacks @ $1.69 = $7.63
    2x$0.50/2 coupon (from 3-7 SS or printable)= -2.00
    1x $1.00/3 Meijer Mealbox printable coupon = -$1.00
    Total before coupons = $20.49
    Coupons = -$9.95
    Total cost = $10.54
    -$8ONYO= $2.54…not a money maker, but still a good deal for a lot of snacks

  11. 22

    kristen says

    Does anyone know if the wanchai ferry frozen meals are as good as their boxed items?

    Also – my mom tried the $8 back on $20 and spent over $20 before coupons but not after and only got the $3. I know that the MMB coupons come off the price on the item line and wonder if that makes a difference.

    • 23

      Christina says

      @kristen, I spent $20.00 in betty crocker items and did receive the $8.00 cpn and used a bunch of cpns with them. I wonder if something wasnt a participating item. If it screwed up I’d take it to customer service since its a printed catalina advertisement in their paper.

    • 24


      I asked on FB – and there are lots of positive comments on the boxed Wanchai Ferry meals, but not as many on the frozen. Apparently, everything is separate and it’s a little different.

      • 25

        kristen says

        thanks. I bought a couple of the boxed ones. They had $1/1 peelies. Some had $1/2 peelies.

    • 26

      Michelle says

      @kristen, I went to Meijer on Sunday night to do 2 $20 transactions for the $8 cat. I wanted to use these cats later in the week.
      The 1st transation was fine & I got my $8 cat. The 2nd transaction I had Bisquick (2 boxes) and my total was $22.06. I only got a $3 cat becasue Bisquick is not a general mill, betty crocker, or nature valley product. I wa bummed out…. so learn from my mistake. :)

      • 27

        liz says

        I would go to customer service. Meijer always trys to rip people off, but when challanged will make things right. Bisquick is infact made by Betty Crocker.

    • 28

      Vicki says

      @kristen, I was told by Meijer that the mealbox coupons do count against the $20 total. I thought I had enough to get the $8 catalina yesterday, but only rec’d the $3. Customer Service said it was because the Mealbox coupon that I had used reduced the total to under $20. I had to go back into the store, grab another frosting, and purchase it at the cust. service desk to get over the $20. They gave me another $5 off my next order. Still not sure that’s legitimate, but that’s how my local Meijer is handling it (Owosso).

      • 29

        Christina says

        @Vicki, I dont think thats correct because I used my mealbox coupons and reg coupons with my total bringing it to 13.00 and I got the 8.00 coupon

  12. 31

    Roberta says

    The “floor sticker” at my Meijer states that the Pilsbury catalina deal goes until 4-28.

  13. 32

    Jennifer says

    I’d like to make a suggestion…
    When shopping I make a list and get rain-checks for products that were on a good sale and they are out of even if I wasn’t necessarily on my grocery list that week especially if it’s something that I would normally buy, but I’m already stocked up on! If I don’t use them, I don’t use them, but I still have the option to get them at a good price another day and I don’t have to rush back to get them before the sale is over! =o]

  14. 33

    LeAnn says

    I have a coupon for 60 cents off 6 of the banquet tv dinners. Can I use that on the buy 5 tv dinners and get 1 free or would that count as only buying 5?

  15. 36

    LeAnn says

    do you know if the hidden valley ranch dressing 2 for $5 with free lettuce could be done 2 times in 1 transaction?

  16. 37

    liz says

    Just an FYI, at Dayton Ohio Meijer Kraft 5 pack mac n cheese is 2.29. There are peelies on it for a free Roarin Waters Capri Sun. There is also a Meijer Mealbox Q for 1.00 off the mac. making a grand total of 1.29 for 5 boxes of mac and 12 pouches of capri sun.

    • 38

      Jennifer says

      If the sale is still on (I did this Saturday!)
      I bought 2 packs of Mac-n-cheese $2.89 on sale -$1/1MM coupon
      So my total was $1.89 x 2 = $3.79
      I used 2 peelies and got 2 capri suns for free
      When I “bought” 2 capri suns and the nabisco 12 pack ($4) I got a catalina coupon for $3 off my next order!!
      PLUS, I bought a box of Cheese Nips ($1.50) so I could use the $1/2 Nabisco Snack Cracker MM coupon!
      So my total was $8.28 out of pocket plus a $3 catalina
      So $5.28 for all of this stuff!
      I did this twice! =o]

    • 40


      @liz, I bought the Fraft Mac-n-cheese 5-pk, but didn’t notice the free Capri Sun coupon until after reading this post. Can I still use it even though it says free when you buy this 5-pack (that I already bought)?

      • 41

        Amy says

        @Jenny, Yes, I did. The meijer where I bought the mac n cheese was out of the capri sun for the coupon, so I went to another one and bought the capri sun with the coupon without any problem what so ever.

  17. 43

    Jennifer says

    I have been waiting for the Yoplait to go on sale – but don’t see the .50 printable on my

    Thanks. Jennifer

    • 44

      Stacey says


      If you can’t see that IP on your (the print limit may have been reached already), try The $0.50/6 coupon is available there as well. If I remember right, it doesn’t have a Target logo or anything, it’s just an e-centives manufacturer Q.

  18. 46

    Jennifer says

    I just wasnto say thanks again for all of your hard work!!
    I found a few Meijer Mealbox q’s that will work with the above sales match ups!

    Wanchai Ferry Complete Meals 24 oz. ($1 Off 1 coupon)
    Betty Crocker Frosting and Cake Mix, all varieties ($1 Off 3 coupon)
    Nature Valley Granola Bars 6 ct. ($1 Off 3 coupon)
    Fruit Gushers 6 ct., Fruit by the Foot 6 ct., Fruit Roll Up’s 8 – 18 ct. ($1 Off 3 coupon)

    Thanks again!~

  19. 47

    Rachel says

    I didn’t see this coupon listed in the matchups….. (maybe it ‘s there and I just didn’t see it). There is a $1 off 1 coupon for the Green Works cleaning wipes here: You need to sign up for the newsletter to get it. Mine printed twice.

  20. 48

    Pam says

    Has anyone done this? Is the total $20.00 before or after the MMB coupons? I’ve seen it listed differently on different sites. I understand that manufacturer coupons won’t effect the Catalina, but the MMB coupons come off of the actual price of the items.

    • 49


      I now believe the total for the Catalina is BEFORE all coupons, Mealbox included. Participating products are tricky, however. Bisquick, for example, wasn’t included and could have caused the issue…

      • 50

        Chris says


        Pretty tricky of them, considering they put the Bisquick with the Better Crocker Fiber One Muffin mix in the ad together and all on the same page as the ONYO deal. Then you add in the Bisquick is technically under the Betty Crocker brand, to the point the Bisquick Complete pouches have the Better Crocker logo on them it makes it even worse. Hopefully Meijer will correct its mistake or at least put up signs near the Biquick to let people know.

        • 51

          Kristen says

          @Chris, I sent Meijer an email about how disappointed I was in there advertising. We’ll see if they get back to me at all. I TOTALLY agree with you.

      • 52

        Chris says

        BTW…I just check the sale/price cut database at and Bisquick does come up when you search for Betty Crocker 😉

        Also, Betty Crocker Potato Pouches are on TPC for $0.85 through May 16, which with the $0.25/1mq (3/28SS) will make for a cheap ‘filler’ to help get to the $20 total for the $8ONYO.

        Nautre Valley 12 ct Granola Bars are on Temp Price Cut for $3.69, reg $5.59 through May 9. That actually works out cheaper then the 6ct boxes that are on sale for 2/$4 before coupons.

  21. 56

    anna says

    I’m not sure if this was a mistake or not, or a true Catalina deal?
    On Sunday, I purchased four of the Oscar Meyer lunchable subs (the ones that were free at Meijer about a month or so ago w/coupons). They are on sale 4/$5. Normally I don’t buy them at this price w/out coupons, but I’m going out of town and thought that they would make easy lunches for the kids when DH was on his own.
    When I checked out, I received 4 $1 off Catalina’s courtesy of Oscar Meijer (these were the OM products I purchased), making them 0.25 each. Has anyone else purchased these this week?

    • 57

      Eric says

      I did the same thing except I used a coupon for $1 off so I got paid 75c to take them! GREAT DEAL!

  22. 58


    Hey Jolyn,
    I’ve been up late trying to work out the best scenarios and my eyes are burning and my head is muddy, but here is what I came up with for the $3 and $8 cats for Betty Crocker items. Let me know if I made a math mistake- I wouldn’t be surprised, I’m so tired!
    From my post here:

    BUY $10 of any General Mills Cereal, Betty Crocker or Nature Valley Products, get a $3 catalina for oyno. Buy $20 of any General Mills Cereal, Betty Crocker or Nature Valley Products, get an $8 catalina for oyno. Must purchase in one transaction.

    Deal Idea to get the $3 catalina: (you can tweak this depending on which items you need)
    -Buy 3 Cake Mixes $0.99 each
    -Buy 3 Frostings $1.29
    use (2) $0.40/1 frosting printable coupons
    use (1) $0.50/2 wyb Mix and Frosting coupon Here
    use (2) $1/3 Meijer Mealbox Coupon
    -Buy 2 Muffin Mixes $1.67
    use (2) $0.50/1 coupons from the 3/28 SS
    Total: $10.18 before coupons
    Final cost after coupons and $3 catalina: $0.58 for everything!!

    Deal idea to get the $8 catalina:
    -Buy 3 Cake Mixes $0.99 each
    -Buy 3 Frostings $1.29 each
    use (2) $0.40/1 frosting printable coupons
    use (1) $0.50/2 wyb Mix and Frosting coupon Here
    use (2) $1/3 Meijer Mealbox Coupon
    -Buy 2 Muffin Mixes $1.67 each
    use (2) $0.50/1 coupons from the 3/28 SS
    -Buy 6 Betty Crocker snacks $1.69 each
    use (3) $0.50/2 coupon from Here, Here, and Here or from the 3/7 SS (only 2 coupons will double)
    use (2) $1/3 Meijer Mealbox Coupon
    Total: $20.32
    Final cost after coupons and $8 catalina: $1.22 for everything!!

  23. 60

    Ashley says

    I did the Betty Crocker deal yesterday and had no problems as long as it was $20 BEFORE MFC but still $20 AFTER MMBQ, so I made sure to spend around $24 just to make sure. So the examples on the previous post will work but you need to grab a couple of filler items to make up for the $2 in MMBQ (on example #2)

    I needed mulch so I went through and bought everything that was going to give me a $ off coupon OYNO…so I ended up getting $15 in coupons from my grocery bill that I took outside and bought mulch with…win win to me! :)

  24. 62

    Ashley says

    I also have a question….is the $3/$8 deal only on general mills cereal or do the cereal bars count also?

    • 63


      The ad states General Mills cereals – and I haven’t heard anyone that’s tried the cereal bars yet. Hoping to do additional research on this today…

  25. 64

    shawn says

    I did the $20 GM deal 2x today (used no Meal Box coupons) but purchased Bisquick on both receipts. It worked each time (I did purchase some regular and some Heartsmart). Also, the 40oz Heartsmart Bisquick is on sale for $1.99 and some had $1/1 peelies good on either the Heartsmart or the Regular. I bought 9 boxes and 2 muffins and got all 11 items for $3.45 after my $8 cat. (there are no doubles here out west – GR/Holland area).

  26. 65

    shawn says

    Oops – also, one of my purchases included the fiber-one bars (the 90 calorie were on sale for $1.99 also) and they worked as well – my store even had the hang-tag on the shelf indicating it was a participating product.

  27. 66

    dawn says

    I went tonight and the Bisquick worked for me. I did ask an employee and she said she was fairly sure that the MMB coupons do count against your total, especially since it comes off the price in the line on your receipt not the bottom.

    And my Meijer’s used to mark down the Deli meats after they closed the Deli, but I have noticed that last few time I went in that they weren’t doing that anymore:(

  28. 67

    Debra says

    Regarding the $2.00 Kraft 100 Calorie Cheese Bites (price drop) *NEW*
    FREE after checkout coupon savings (when you buy a combination of 3 100 Cal bites and/or Cottage Doubles)

    I just tried this at Meijer and this is what happened: I bought 3 cottage doubles and 3 Kraft 100 Calorie cheese bites in one transaction. I thought I would get two checkout coupons, but I only got one. So be sure to buy them in separate orders. Good Luck!

    • 69


      The Meijer Super Sale items just add more sale items to the weekly sale – it’s a wonderful thing! And I’m REALLY excited about some of the deals coming on Friday and Saturday!!!

  29. 70


    I have a question, I am very new to this. When you get the OYNO coupon you can use it for anything in the store? I thought it had to be used to purchase the same item that you originally received the OYNO for?

    • 71


      Some Catalina (checkout coupons or OYNO coupons) have in the fine print (but these are the only major restrictions):
      Offer excludes: Alcohol, Tobacco, Prescriptions, Gift Cards, Lottery, Postage, Park/Entertainment Tickets, In-Store Businesses, Gas Stations, C-Stops, Taxes, On-Line Purchases, Licenses, Meijer Prepaid MasterCard and any previous purchases.

      You’ll actually want to avoid using it on the item that you originally purchased to earn it – becuase usually if you do, a new checkout coupon will not print for you.

  30. 72

    Ashley says

    Cindy- no you don’t need to purchase it for the same item..unless the coupons states specifically what the item is for. All the $ off coupons we are talking about (ex. $8 OYNO) can be used on pretty much I posted earlier I got a bunch that printed off and used them all in one transaction on mulch, I think I had like 4 of them that I used all in one order.

    Shawn- thanks for the info about the fiber bars. I wanted to get those but wasn’t sure if they were included. Getting my “round 2” list around! :)

    • 73


      Thank you Ashley very much. I am sure I will have more questions as i am learning. I can not believe how much I have already saved in the last 2 weeks. Have a great day!

  31. 74

    LeAnn says

    Thank you Debra for your note on the Kraft 100 calorie crackers and the Breakstone cottage doublers. I would have purchased both in the same transaction and would have been disappointed to only get one $3 catalina.

  32. 75

    mandi says

    If you are including any general mills cereals in the $3 and $8 cat deal – there is also a deal on where you can mail in the form and get 5 bonus boxtops for your school. you can also print coupons from the site for nature valley, b.c. fruit snacks, general mills cereals, bisquick, and frosting.

  33. 76

    Stefanie says

    puchased 2 philadelphia minis cream cheese on sale for 2/$3. Used 2 .50 off 1 coupon. Paid $1.00 and got a coupon for free lenders bagels.

  34. 77

    Colleen says

    As part of the BC deal, I got the banana nut muffins. I had no problems at all getting my catalina using cake, frosting, banana nut muffins and granola bars

  35. 78

    LeAnn says

    I went last night to the Maumee Meijer and the Kraft 100 calorie cheese bites are $2.79 so no deal there for me. Lots of other great deals though so well worth the trip. Thank you again Jolyn!

  36. 79

    Tashena Lynette Gonzales says

    Whats the details on the scrubbing bubbles deal and how many catalinas do you get if you just buy one?

    • 80


      For every power sprayer purchased: $3.00 checkout coupon
      For every power sprayer refill purchased: $1.00 checkout coupon
      For Scrubbing Bubbles products in the same transaction: $2.00 when you buy 2, $3.00 when you buy 3 OR $4.00 when you buy 4

  37. 82

    April says

    Here is my BC deal…. bought 8 BC cake mix @ .99 & 10 BC Frosting @ 1.29, used 8 – $.75 of cake & frosting & 1 – $1.00/2 Frosting (home mailer) also used 6 – $1/3 MMB. Total OOP $7.70 got back $8.00! I’m set for my daughter’s B-day in June!

    I also met another one of your readers at the Meijer in Lima, Ohio! Great to know that I’m not the only smart shopper around Lima! :)

  38. 83

    Tashena Lynette Gonzales says

    Thanks Jolyn I used up the scrubbing bubbles at Target last week but it was an awesome transaction and worth it. I’ll the the power sprayer and refill. I got a $6 off $60 coupon and was worried how I was going to get up to that but with all these catalinas I think I might not have a problem and it will be worth it!

  39. 84

    Stacey says

    Saw a floor sticker for this cat deal today…

    Buy any 3 Ole El Paso items in one transaction, get a $1.00 checkout coupon valid on your next purchase of beef or chicken. Buy 6 items, get $3.00. (4/18-5/16)

    Obviously hoping for a sale to stack with this, but regular prices at Hall/Schoenherr were seasoning ($0.89), shells ($1.55), and kits ($2.49).

  40. 86

    Stacey says

    The Benadryl itch sticks are $2.59 (at Hall/Schoenherr). Use the $5/2 coupon (from 4-11 RP) to get them for $0.09 each. Not as good as FREE at Target, but not a bad deal if you’re not planning a Target trip! 😉

  41. 87

    todd says

    Does anyone know if the Betty Crocker Warm Delights are coded for the catalina deal?


  42. 88


    I have another newbie question please. If I buy lets say a box of cheerios and I have 2 coupons that are the same, I can use them both for that one box of cheerios? Thanks in advance.

    • 89


      You are allowed to use ONE manufacturer coupon per item (whether it’s identical or not). To use 2 coupons, you’d need to purchase 2 boxes of cereal. No exceptions.

      As a rule, you’re allowed to combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon for the same item, if you had one.